Este yoga de 15 minutos es la combinación perfecta de yoga y ejercicios básicos que te quemarán los abdominales. La combinación perfecta para aumentar su ritmo cardíaco, estirar los músculos tensos y tonificar cada área de su cintura.

Si te gusta este ejercicio de yoga, prueba estos videos a continuación:

Entrenamiento de yoga para el núcleo:

Reto de entrenamiento de yoga:

Entrenamiento de yoga para la parte inferior del cuerpo:



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The Academy

WOW amazing! Thank you so much.


You remind me of Phoebe 😛 *(from Friends)

sportymum 76

Время от времени возвращаюсь к этой тренировке и каждый раз очень тяжело . Класс !

Janice Alderson

Can't lift that leg sideways or do the bow as knee won't allow so back to the others!

Paola Piazza



i always imagine all the random people nearby watching as you film your video like "ok yeah, shes pretty hot. doin yoga.typical..wait…what the fuck…this bitch must be a titan!"

but real talk you are so ethereal and tough and unfailingly cheery. probably a pleiadian! i would love to do your natal chart.


This is so difficult..

Paula Paula

Wow! This is sooooo getting added to my workout tomorrow

Jacqueline Van Bierk

Love this one! Short and super intense! Thank you 😉


Ahh! My abs are ALIVE! Thanks love you guys! Great workout

lisset gomez

I love you so much thank you every time I do your workouts it really feels like an amazing workout thank you so much you are awesome


My God ! Wonderful but still difficult for me but I will continue to practice to get better. Thank you so much ! Love from France

Health Glows

I love this beautiful flow. THANK YOU

ICSS 113

Another amazing workout. I like coming to your VDOs for more challenging workouts especially at the intermediate/advanced level. You ruin me for others and now I can't really work out with other trainers anymore. 🙂 Your VDOs get better throughout the years and so does your body.

william ewing

Super awesome thanks,with love to u. N yours ☮️ tiger.😂🤔😋🤣😂😎

Ahmed Khattech


Thanh Huong Nguyen

Những bài tập của bạn thật là tuyệt vời nhưng làm sao để hiểu tiếng của bạn bây giờ hu hu

Sue O'hara


Jamie Town

Really loved this one! It was so much fun haha!

Rose Ladd

🙏🤗I am feeling much better about doing all these moves even though I have to modify the side plank I plan on getting better and gainingig flexibility! I wonder how long it will take me? Juliana do you have any videos on how to build up strength for like following up on this challenge? I am sure all are good! I do have a question if you should start it over after you finish the 14 days? I would like to hear anyones suggestions! This is my first time of doing a pilates challenge and combining it together with Yoga!

Sherryl Keith

I am sure you can learn more on Unflexal page. Best workouts ebooks on net.

David Murphy

This is another hard workout, we did our best and really like it.

Hana Christiansen

Great workout! Really worked the core for sure 🙂

Emmy McKee

I just love everything about your yoga videos. I’m traveling the US in an RV with my fiancé and your videos help me stay in shape. Challenging, concise and effective. Thank you for what you do, you’re an inspiration for all of us.

Chiara Carissimi

Your body 💕

Michael Reynolds

Perfect everything background, this is first class.

well forgotten video ..
just what I was looking for. <3 pretty hard 🙂 exciting .. as a fun boating trip. thank you 🙂 Namaste

Elizabeth Torp

That's definitely the hardest workout I've ever attempted. I couldn't do most of it but I felt the workout more than attempting a "beginner" workout and I feel more motivated to work at it this way.


Juliana is the best !!!!!!!!!!!! I love you !!!

The Valley

Boho beautiful is m ABSOLUTE favorite yoga channel. I do her flows every day, and they have drastically helped my back pain!!! *subbed! I hope you support back!! ❤️❤️ PLUR

Ahed Nofal

Namaste شكرا

When i first started following your videos i remember trying this and could barely last 3 minutes, that is no understatment, you have completley changed my life! Your the only tutorial around, (and i have tried many) that engages me, and im actually bouncing out of bed before my kids wake up so i can see how many videos i can fit it before all hell breaks loose! I dont know what i would do without you. For anyone wondering, i can do this video any pretty much all the others too, my body looks amazing, and most importantly im… Read more »

omphile direro

This is so calming. I love you!!

Cindy Rossat

It was a wonderfull workout. Thank you so much.

Jody Stark

Am I the only one that waves back to her at the end of every video?


U r amazing, im so glad i stumbled on yr channel, keep em coming !

Yenan Hu

Love it!


Thank you so much! Namaste.