Únete a Adriene para esta práctica de yoga suave. Yoga consciente Higiene energética! Practica el cuidado personal, el amor propio y tómate un tiempo para ti. Conéctese a su respiración y cuerpo y libérese de su energía de estrés, preocupaciones y cargas. Con un enfoque en la acción, la alineación y la respiración, esta práctica presenta un buen ritmo para encontrar lo que se siente bien y escuchar al cuerpo. Esta secuencia es fácil para las muñecas y excelente para la columna vertebral. Una buena práctica para los principiantes en el yoga, también ideal para yoguis de ritmo rápido que desean mantener una práctica de yoga saludable y bien equilibrada. ¡Disfrutar!

Nutritiva y revitalizante: Morning Yoga es la manera perfecta de despertar la mente y el cuerpo, ¡para que puedas comenzar de nuevo desde cero! Para que más yoga comience su día, consulte nuestra lista de reproducción de yoga de la mañana completa: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLui6Eyny-UzxMFVoPmxcPX1MOeLyV5uKQ

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Emelia Söderlund

Perfect for my sore body after picking up running again and in general to stay healty (both body and mind) in these times. Namaste yogis x

Archana Arya

Thank you so much for today's practice Adriene, it was exactly what my body needed, because I did some 7-8 minutes HIIT yesterday and now I have pain everywhere in my body. So thanks for this gentle yoga.

Eliza Tipping

This was lovely! Love the outdoor setting. Thank you Adriene

I came here today to find goodness and calm. A sweet and gentle practice. A wholesome way to escape the madness we are surrounded by. I give thanks for the time and space to practice yoga every day, for the wonderful yoga community you have created Adriene and your beautiful style of teaching. Stay safe and strong in heart and mind 😊 💕💓💕

Jake Lichter

perfect for quarantine monday 🙂

Martin Bauman

Thanks again 🙏🏻 MNM

Magdalena Karakaya

Soo relaxing practise. Thank you! <3

Gabriel Chagas


Daisy Dillon

Bliss… I am a month behind as didn't find Home till February & now following Kiss, but I am enjoying this journey regardless.. And today this Gentle morning sequence was just what I needed. Nameste & Happy Monday to all who is also like me, following this Calender. 💕

Annabelle Wooldridge

Really enjoyed that, thanks! X

Nabajyoti Mohanty

Did it nowww 🙂

duncan emery

wheres my mate big benji

Arivaldo Souza

Posições simples e poderosas.

Arivaldo Souza


Ella Preuss

Such a great way to start a new day, I love gentle yoga for my mornings 😊♥️


It feels so good 😊 Namaste 🙏🏼

aladdin 1

Day 398🍄

Micky McCurry

Thank you Adriene 💜

Liz Beardmore

Decided to catch up on videos earlier on the calendar that I missed because I was still on Home. This was the morning start that my body needed! Thank you Adriene xx Namaste 💟💟

So nice to come back to the older practices. This one is really sweet with the sound of birds and general hubbub. Especially on a cold wet day. Hurry up Spring!! Have a beautiful day 😊 💕💓💕

Margarete Kromar

Sweet and gentle! Thank you 🙏

Kimberly Corona

Love this class and the setting is beautiful too! Thanks! Can you tell me about your t-shirt too? I just love it as well! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!

L. Burris

Just what I needed this Saturday morning. Lots of love to all!


Thank you for this gentle, morning practice. Namaste 🙏🏼

Taylor Mata

is it normal for my wrists and shoulders to feel swollen and instantly in pain???

Mindful Bodyworks

Love the scenery! So relaxing

Dawn Rorem

Namaste' everyone, thanks ever so much Adriene for sharing your gift of yoga and shining your light!!! 🧘‍♀️👌

Rianne Cabanier

Really enjoyed those nature noises while practicing 💙 I am feeling a bit under the weather today. Sore throat and tiredness, but I'm glad I came on the mat, nonetheless. This completes fourty days of yoga in a row ! I'm so proud of myself and this community 💙

Sarah Blossom

Thank you Adriene, lovely guidance xx

TMNTsamurai 84

This is my day 3 for February Kiss 2020.

Lemons LRG

Im cooking Sous Vide!!


Adriene, I have been overcome by grief. My friend and next-door neighbor took her life at home the other day. I was home and had no idea, but was worried when police cars showed up and she wasn't replying to my text. I have been grappling with guilt and waves of sobbing with retching have been hitting me. This morning was the first time I got out of bed and opened my blinds to let the sun in, and I rolled my mat out. I know this sounds so odd since I don't know you but I feel like you… Read more »

Haley McKinney

That practice felt GREAT! I also laughed quite a bit at Adriene's "heyooo!"

Jessica Powell

Nice shirt. ❤️❤️

Mohit Saini

Nice ma'm

Stay Blessed

I really enjoyed this one ☝️ i just do the videos I haven’t got around to do any of the challenges yet but that is okay in time thank you

Jessie Taylor

A great routine Yoga With Adriene!

Sage Leonel

Oml I have no idea why and I'm sure yuu get this all the time, but I LOVE YOUR INTRO SM, I get so excited to do yoga with you once I start hearing that texas Music playing, it makes me feel at peace 🙂 Thank you Adriene I hope to meet you one day because I just moved to Austin ! Truly inspiring thank you sm for all that you do 🙂

Katherine Baumann

A couple of days behind, but enjoying the KISS series, and getting lots of kisses from my dog Bella, who loves hanging out with me and Adriene and Benji!

Tonia Creative Earth

Beautiful and gentle… Thank you… 🙏💜

Steppie M

Thank you so much! So happy I did this yoga session with you. Admire how it’s not rushed, and pure. Feeling a whole lot better. Best way to start my day. 💓🙏🤞🏼