No Fear Yoga! Esta práctica de yoga está diseñada para ayudarlo a mantenerse fuerte y presente en los momentos desafiantes de la vida. Use esta práctica de yoga para conocer su ventaja, darle la vuelta y encontrar apoyo desde adentro. Eres tu mejor animadora y cuando practicamos mindfulness en la estera de yoga, crea una presencia que podemos quitarnos de la estera y ponerla en nuestro día a día. Comenzamos a movernos con más facilidad y confianza.

El miedo es parte de la vida, pero si dejamos que tome el control, a menudo nos puede hacer sentir como si estuviéramos luchando constantemente, adivinando, soltando la pelota, decepcionándonos e indecisos. También puede cultivar un desequilibrio en la energía del cuerpo que puede convertirse rápidamente en ansiedad. Las reglas del yoga, la ansiedad babea. Deja ir lo que no te sirve y entra en tu poder con esta práctica feroz SIN MIEDO.

Ideal para aquellos que quieran recortar y tonificar también. Use su respiración y regrese a esta práctica una y otra vez para ver cómo la mente y el cuerpo trabajan juntos de nuevo, ¡cada día!

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3 months ago

We will get through this pandemic together. So grateful to Adriene, for this amazing video, and for our spectacular community these days. Thank you. Namaste.

Alison Gray
3 months ago

Just did this today for the first time, amazing!!!! Just what I needed, so many new directions, where to go and how to go, what an eye opener, thanks Adriene, as usual, you make my day wonderful.

Patty Blanchard
3 months ago

Surrender for cat, open for cow. 🙂 Thanks for a great practice!

3 months ago

oh wow I really needed that today. Such a powerful practice

Andrew Jacobson
3 months ago

I almost got crow for 1/2 a second. I’ll get there some day. Thank you 🙏 🧘‍♂️

3 months ago

This has been one of my favorite videos of yours for years and has carried me through some very hard times (and is once again). Thank you Adriene!

Emelia Söderlund
3 months ago

I'm doing this practice before a date. Thank you for helping me center! Also went really well together with my mantra of the year, expanding trust. Namaste <3

aladdin 1
3 months ago

Day 298💚

Vanessa Morris
3 months ago

I have to say this practice was much needed by me , just finished it , I feel a little less nervous and i am on to another practice I missed last month Namaste Everyone 💕💞💓💗💖❤🙏

Kat Washburn
3 months ago

hey adriene, just started following and I love your videos. i love how you speak to us and I always, always feel welcome here, no matter what my size or ability 🙂

Milica Stojanovic
3 months ago

I saved this one for the last day of Explore and I must say that balancing postures make me super anxious, even though I do them without falling, I don't know why, I hope I am not the only one.

Marcela Lanz
3 months ago

Cheers to you too Adriene! 🌻🌷Just what I needed! Thank you🙏🏻💗🌟✨💫

Sarah Masterson
3 months ago

After some anxious/panicky days, this was the perfect practice. I avoided it for awhile (I think it was because of the "no fear" title and the unknowns of the practice) but by the time I reached the second Warrior 1 I felt like a new person! Thanks for this practice and the reminder to be present.

Sarah Kilgallon
3 months ago

I love love this practice! I don’t want Explore to end! ❤️

Jenni Bickford
3 months ago

So so so much love for this practice!

3 months ago


Wow the timing couldn’t be better, I am actually feeling low and in a low period of life and not exactly a good one. Tomorrow I have something to do, and this video came to the rescue lol.



January Eliot
3 months ago

A CLASSIC! (and i still always wave back at you in the beginning)

Rio Mae Blanco
3 months ago

Be positive, have patience, and never let fear take you down ☺️ You are awesome! 😉✨ Thank you so much Adriene and namaste 🙏🏻💗

Rasheeda Wilson
3 months ago

I loved the scenery in this video. So beautiful and relaxing <3

Tamiah Johnston
3 months ago

Yes! That was brilliant! I love frog/pigeon but I can't seem to get my feet up in the air on just my hands lol….I will get there! Thank you again! Day #26 of #ywaEXPLORE and Day # 56 of daily practice – woot woot! Love everything about daily yoga….Namaste Adriene ~

Erzsébet Calbo
3 months ago

Thank you Adriene!
Day 26 Explore
Namaste 🙏🏻

3 months ago

Awesome thanks 😍