Únete a mí para Yoga para personas que corren riesgos, ¡te reto! Esta sesión de 26 minutos tiene que ver con la expansión y la base en honor de promover el coraje y el equilibrio para que estemos mejor preparados para asumir riesgos y "ir por el oro".

Mueva un poco de energía y salga de su propio camino para reiniciar y centrarse en lo que más importa. Esta sesión lo invita a trabajar desde una base honesta, física y mentalmente, para todo lo que estamos desarrollando, tanto en nuestra práctica de yoga como en la vida.

Se necesita valentía para expandirse y tomar riesgos, su colchoneta de yoga está de espaldas. ¡Y yo también!

¡Déjame saber cómo te va en la sección de comentarios a continuación!


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Yoga With Adriene
3 months ago

What kind of risk taker will you be today?
A playful one? A curious one?

Be kind, stay safe.

But darling,

Go for it.

Meghan Adorno
3 months ago

I did it…I got into crow pose for the first time and for one whole breath cycle before I got too excited and came out of it!!! Ah, I'm on cloud 9!! Thank you Adriene!!!! 🙏

Angela Apicelli
3 months ago

This was exactly what I needed. …perfect time to reflect with Mercury going direct and the Full Moon tomorrow.  
I'm ready.

Thank you

Nan Potrer
3 months ago

It's the 4th day of Create, 2020, and I just did my first full crow pose today!! For almost 2 seconds! Can't stop smiling! Great practice, Adriene, thank you so much ❤

Barbara Pearl
3 months ago

I'm from home 2020, this was great, feeling so much better now! Thank youuuuuuuuu 💚

Lisa Gehl
3 months ago

I have always struggled with crow pose. However, I've been following the 30 days since the beginning of the year almost every day and it has really helped with my strength and confidence. So I'm happy to report I held the crow pose for 10 seconds! Yay! It takes time and I didn't give up on it. I'm not a lightweight either. 😊

Liliane Graham
3 months ago

thank you Adriene, from Nevada, MO

Nicole Scholmann
3 months ago

Der Baum ist am Morgen ziemlich hart… Danke für diese Einheit!!!

Shana Page
3 months ago

I love this one. Thanks Adriene. I know that one day I will get my crow to fly!

Denise Helmers
3 months ago

This was perfect today. I couldn't do tree, which I have in the past but I think it was a reflection of all the directions I am going at work. So I just played with crow. I laughed at Benji on the mat and nearly cried at the end of the video, I feel great and aware! Have a great day everyone!

J. Clock
3 months ago

A second day in a row with this. Interesting to play with how a warmer body changes the experience. Love it.

Itchy Feet Media
3 months ago

I've been doing yoga with you for 11 months now and I'm getting better at crow and can hold it for 2 seconds now. Thanks Adriene! I'm missing my cattle dog Muster as I'm away filming House Hunters International at Ocean Grove, Australia and seeing Benji was awesome! xx

Ronda D'Oliveira
3 months ago

I adore you! This is a go to for me. As I sighed, I opened my eyes to see my dog looking at me like 🥺. Too funny!

Hello Kello
3 months ago

Best practice!!!

Nicole Butler
3 months ago

I love seeing Benji and how amazing Adrienne is with him, it sounds weird but it makes me feel calm and helps bring out the inner smile.

3 months ago

Did anyone experience a little tweak of low back discomfort trying to do the crow pose? Am I doing something wrong? I probably need to strengthen my core…haha. But I did my tree pose only falling a couple of times which made me feel good!

Julia K.
3 months ago

Feel like this video reeeaaally helped me with crow pose! Only ever managed to lift my feet up for a split second before, today I managed for a full second and felt so incredibly proud! Tried a few times more and at some point literally fell over and flat on my face… I was a little startled for a moment, not gonna lie, but made a point to keep trying. Sometimes you need to take risks in order to make progress, right? 😉
Thanks for another great practice!

Kristin Havelka
3 months ago

Awesome practice, I felt so connected. You even said don’t fidget at the very moment I was fidgeting (which I rarely do on the mat!). I tingled with awareness. I loved this one, thank you.

Deidra Roberts
3 months ago

I got the crow pos down! So proud of myself 💕🤗

J. Clock
3 months ago

Thank you for another wonderful practice, for being so consistent with your messaging about being free to do what makes me feel good and pay attention to what my body is saying!

Marie Reed
3 months ago

Create day 4

I have a lot of balance to gain before I can get crow pose to work. But I was able to get my knees positioned, so I'm so much closer than I was before!

Lindsey Harris
3 months ago

LOL during the last breath in the forward fold i noticed a little frog hopping across the living room and onto my yoga mat! by the time I caught it and put it outside Adriene was in frog pose when I got back to the mat. it cracked me up!

Boo Songz
3 months ago

I finally got my knees to my armpits, well around that area. When I first saw you do this pose I was so confused but now I am one step closer to it. #ywacreate day 4

Iliana Herrera
3 months ago

Doing CREATE… this was an amazing session for me! this is the nearest I´ve been to crow pose!
I feel so proud of my self!
Still way down the road, but I´ll get there some day!
I love you and, my beautiful friend, and sweet Benji! (I hope he´s doing better after surgery)

Michelle Goldman
3 months ago

My risks are more rewarding as a designer. Social risks are more distracting to my inner peace, so as I try to balance in tree pose I'm reminded that the distractions are meaningless if I build strength from the roots and keep my focus in my core. Namaste🙏

Vanessa Morris
3 months ago

I do not know maybe it's hope I skipped a couple of practices previously or I am just tired from daily grind but I am really finding it hard to settle into my practice lately but I will stick with it and try to practice turning the day time and see if it just a mood thing, all in all I am grateful and content so thank you Adriene for this incredible practice and much love to you all, Namaste Everyone and goodnight 💞💗💓💖❤🙏

Sarah Kilgallon
3 months ago

This idea of risks and having faith that taking risks to voice and express myself is a focus for me today. Thanks for the serendipity ❤️

Jo Bee
3 months ago

Visualizing the group breathing together I heard a (silent) aum with a thousand harmonies. So powerful. 🙏

Sam Smith
3 months ago

Many of the messages in this practice resonated with me today x

3 months ago

beautiful beautiful practice

Lina Adwan
3 months ago

This was awesome I did this in June and was not even close to crow, but today I did it! 🥁 My first ever crow pose for a second! Thank you Adriene for this beautiful journey of creation 😘❤️

Agnieszka Glysz
3 months ago

March practice <3 I took the risk and today I did my first bakasana, I'm so proud of myself, thank you Adrienne for these wonderful viedos ^^

3 months ago

Today I was a tree under storm, a crow with shaky legs, but I laugh and felt so relax at the end of that practice that I would take that risk all over again. Starting yoga in 2020 was the best resolution. Thank you Adriene and so thankful to be part of this beautiful community 🙂

Nadia Nanette
3 months ago

Reading old comments from myself is so fulfilling to see how far I’ve come. Thank you so much Adrienne. You are the best. Namaste 🙏🏻

Nadia Nanette
3 months ago

That went by so quickly!!

Cheri L Atkinson
3 months ago

Heading into this session, I knew something was off and even struggled to balance in the postures more than I usually do. Within a few minutes of focusing, I discovered why. Then it took half the practice to not be carried away by it… but that's just where I am. 😉 Thank you, Adriene, for being you. Your guidance comes through like gold. Love!