Yoga para principiantes para perder peso y flexibilidad # 3 Entrenamiento – Quemar grasa Clase de 20 minutos
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# Principiantes #Yoga para #WeightLoss & #Flexibility # 3 Workout – Clase de 20 minutos para quemar grasa

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En este video entrenamiento de yoga Día 3, Courtney Bell comparte una clase básica de yoga para bajar de peso. Este yoga para bajar de peso es yoga para principiantes. Los principiantes de yoga mejorarán la flexibilidad.
Siga con este entrenamiento de 20 minutos para quemar grasa.

Courtney Bell enseña clases en Austin, Texas.

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Sorry dumb question but are you supposed to do the 3 days yoga routine once a week? Or do you do it twice a week? And how long do you need to do this, to actually see results? (Sorry I'm desperate to lose weight, because no diet seems to work 😅)

Deeba Barez

I’m really appreciate it! Your amazing,God bless ❤️
February 2 2020

Reese Archer

how would you describe her personality?

Ana Briseño

Still doing yoga everyday and already feel stronger, though I have a long way to go. Thank you, Courtney! ❤️🙏🏽

gayatri arifin

Could I have performed a wrong movement if I feel pain in my left pinky, when I tried this exercise? Or is it simply a sore muscle?

Arline Seaman

Not for elder folks. Too bad

me yo

make a yoga for weight loss 4 and like in video 1 how will you use your cushion


My body! It hurts so good!!! Hahaha Thank you Courtney. This is my first time doing yoga. 😀

Girl in a Yurt

Hey Courtney, I am LOVING your videos, these three and the yoga for detox and weight loss,ive been doing all 4 for almost two weeks now and can see such a difference in my flexibility, strength and body shape, I think this is the key to my fitness, I enjoy it so much. thankyou and ireally do think it has sped up my weight loss and is totally toning me up 🙂 yay p.s you look great whatever you wear, you have an amazingyoga bod so you can wear anything xx

Isabel Meling

Loved this

M. E. Williams

I love your sessions. I only have 2-5 pounds to loss. I really need to tone up. I am 74 and have been doing yoga for about 7 years off and on. This is the 3rd of your videos I have practiced. Thank you. Namaste.

Nícia Cruz

thank you corrina! i'm loving this. 🙂 do you have any tips for the reverse bridge? i'm having trouble doing it, also i can't seem to be able to put my whole feet into the ground in certain poses. thank you so much! *PsycheTruth

pavu brar

It works great i'm following all the 3 videos and power yoga for total body workout…. thanx 🙂

robin astani

Love your hair up!!! Xo – I'm suffering from plantar fascia – any recommendations?

Sai krishna Kareti

Hello Courtney bell thanks for your yoga class they are really help full for beginners. Keep doing good work.
I like your hair in ponytail and ur blue and blue yoga outfits.


I'm a runner but I broke my toe so, I tried this video series to at least get some exercise in my day. This definitely gets the heart going a bit. Thanks so much for this series. You rock!

geta vreme

I feel so much better psychologically.
Thank you.

claire dunlap

i think you look good in both but better with your hair down

Nurdalila Nadzri

i can't find day 2 video..someone please help~~

Bayleigh Dutter

You're so cute! Love this video

cathlea Castillo

Anyway, you look more gorgeous with your hair down.

cathlea Castillo

Hello, I really enjoy following your videos. Yesterday, I did Vid 1 and 2. Today is my second day and I did Vid 2 and 3. I found myself more energized. Thanks a lot!

alyssa mckenzie

I like your hair both ways but, it looks more natural down 🙂 it looks more "you"

Krista Brackin

should I just do days 1 thru 3 for a while? or progress to others? just finished day 3 and looking for what's next please 🙂

Maria C

how often a week and for how long should we do these?

that bitch tm

I don't normally do workout tutorials, but this is so good I can't help it. I have never done yoga before either and now I feel like I will keep doing it even after the challenge!

Ang Chin Chin

Thank you for these videos! Absolutely love them. I find Day 1 most challenging for some reason.