Yoga para nadadores es una práctica excelente para los hombros, el pecho, la columna vertebral, las piernas y el núcleo. ¡Perfecto para cualquiera que se prepare para el verano! Conecte la mente y el cuerpo para que pueda mantenerse libre de lesiones, alineado y equilibrado.

Concéntrese en la sensación sobre la forma. Tome su tiempo. Explora y guía con tu aliento. Controla tu respiración y controla tu vida. Literalmente.


¡Hazme saber cómo va abajo!

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Richard Rilling

I have a weak back. It happened about a week back.

Marjolein van Deurzen

Have been swimming 3 days a week for nearly a month now, so I'm happy this video exists. Generally a big fan of your yoga routines 🙂


This outfit is everthing!!!!

Robert Harrison

Got some big races (swimming) this weekend and my approach has been much more mindset based and this video has done wonders. Thank you so much from someone who is completely new to yoga. 🙂

Kristen Polzien

Thank you! Definitely gonna share this with my 12-yr old nephew. I'm not a swimmer but who know's I may be invited into the water this year. And I'll say ok universe 😉

Alison VanVorst

You've fixed me one again Adriene! My shoulder has been bugging me for a few days from a swim and now it feels amazing! Such a good opener, my shoulders feel two inches wider right now 😊


Would love a yoga class for tennis players 🎾☺️ I play tennis and as it is an intense sport I always feel like stretching my body that’s been challenged during the game.

Antigoni K.

I was so sore after swim practise today, so this was veeeery helpful😍


We need more yoga for swimmers please

aladdin 1

Day 231🙏🏾

Kari Lodrup

Loved this one. Short, simple and felt so sweet. The best quick chest opening sequence ive done so far.

Yussri Omar

Hi, is this something I can do before a morning 2-3km swim?

Sol Seeker

That outfit makes you look really tall!

Marie-Louise Sessions

Really enjoyed the flow through this practice and definitely can relate to the sensation over pose reality check. Thx Adriene B-)

Kristen Yonke

Thank you Adriene!! Loved it!

Paul Kelly

What happened to Benjis tail?

Kristyne Valentine

Where is your top from? It is beautiful!


Another jewel found!Thank you guapa!Enjoy fellow yogies!

Liz Beardmore

Great stretches in this practice! I am a would be active swimmer who doesn't get to the pool nearly as much as I would like. Thank you Adriene xx Namaste 💟💟