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Yoga para el dolor de espalda, estiramientos del dolor lumbar para principiantes, alivio de la ciática

En este ejercicio en casa, Meera Hoffman lo guía a través del yoga relajante para aliviar la mochila. Esta serie cubrirá el dolor de espalda superior e inferior; Este video se centra en la espalda baja.

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Lista de reproducción de Yoga con Meera y Katrina:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list

Meera también es masajista y ofrece servicios en varias ciudades de Texas.

Serie de Yoga para el dolor de espalda de Meera:

Parte 1: Yoga para el dolor de espalda, estiramientos del dolor lumbar para principiantes, alivio de la ciática

Parte 2: Estiramientos fáciles para el dolor lumbar, dolor de espalda Ejercicios de yoga Alivio de la ciática amigable para principiantes

Parte 3: Ejercicios y estiramientos fáciles para el cuello y la espalda, rutina de yoga para principiantes de 10 minutos

Parte 4:
Yoga para principiantes para el dolor de espalda, rutina de estiramiento de 10 minutos para la espalda baja, ejercicios fáciles en el hogar

Parte 5:
Yoga para el dolor de espalda, principiantes caseros Estiramientos de 10 minutos para el cuello y la parte superior de la espalda, parte 5

Lista completa de videos de Meera:

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Dave Shafer

How do you get your leg way up in the air like that? I can't do that on a good day much less with back pain. 8" off the ground max for me.

Khurty Ramudu

This was just perfect. Thank you, Meera.


This video was great, and I was pleased to see I was the one thousandth like for it! Thank you!!

Debora Smith

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kaseas lasa

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Shelley Buchholtz

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Kristine Rodriguez

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Jame Andy

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Markus Lucas

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kaseas lasa

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Darren W

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Utilized this back pain guide, "Bαkοnοz Kοnο" (Google it) 2 days ago and already experiencing the changes. This is a strongly suggested choice to keep lower back pain from going back. It was as expected. I have only used it several times however appears to do what it`s meant to..

Lize Du Plessis

I've been struggling with chronic back, spinal, shoulder and neck pain for seven months now. A lot has changed in my life since December, and I genuinely thought I was coping well with all my emotions. This is my first real attempt at doing yoga at home and just after I opened up my hips, I felt an intense feeling of release and promptly burst into tears! After some research, I see that this is quite normal, and I'm surprised that those emotions surfaced so automatically. THANK YOU for taking the time to make these videos. For the first time… Read more »

Julie Little

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Where did you get those TIGHTS!!

ha truong

Exerllence yoga for back pain /sciatica releief ! I much love it! Thank you !

iZKy Khan

you r love

Mz nubia

so, where are videos 2 thru 5????


how much time of doing this will you see the change for the back pain to go away


Hey, The best success that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (just google it) Without a doubt the most useful diet that I have ever tried.


Thank you! I'm a nurse and work on my feet for long hours and I'm finding consistent use of these stretched is making me feel 10 years younger 🙂

Ken Ives Darbuka

Thanks Meera! I have a herniated disc in my back which radiates pain into my left hip and by practicing your routine daily it's been helping so much with my back and hip pain! Also those sexy yoga pants are an incentive to not miss a day!

Michael Parker

this the best video!..my back feels great.thank you..

Ruth Nelson

Typical misstep that a lot of obese individuals slip up while they attempt to drop some pounds is to follow generic diet advice without consideration. They then recognize no matter how hard they fight, the result they're seeking won't show up.


This felt great!

Michael Noonan

Quit talking about her feet, it really creepy.


I love those tights. Where did you get those?!


I shared on pinterest.

Souhir Zerelli

So good for spririt and back


where are courtney, donnie, and erica at? not sure I like the new direction and cast on this channel.

ragonbolt chi

do you got an ig

Jaelyn Ayala

Are you flexible?


when i do the first exercise i get like a click in my hip area… any thoughts?


Thanks Meera. You showed me some new poses.

You are a beautiful woman.


I am so grateful for these videos. Thank you! The one for neck pain truly worked for me, so I'm excited to do this. 🙂

Butterfly Queen

I need to do this everyday.

alina love

I literally just came back from medi centre for this and saw it in my feeds lol thank u

Rhea D

This is exactly what I have been looking for.

Lord Brain

Am I doing wrong? When I stretch my legs (I want to get a split!) I do it every day but if I have to much "pain" in my muscles I wait to the next day instead and stretch then. In that way I get more flexible (it feels like it) should I continue to do this or should I do it every day, no matter what?

(Sorry for my English but I'm from Sweden so I'm not so god, in gramma)