YOGA PARA EL DOLOR DE ESPALDA. ¡REGRESO A LO BÁSICO y NUEVA SALA DE YOGA! ¡Hurra! Con tantas solicitudes de alivio de espalda y una gran necesidad de autocuidado y APOYO, ¡hice esta práctica para ayudar! Usa las herramientas del yoga para sanar tu cuerpo y encontrar apoyo todos los días. Conéctate con tu respiración y practica ir con la corriente. Cambiará tu vida.

No te pierdas estos otros videos de yoga para el dolor de espalda:

Yoga para tu espalda:

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¿Lidiando con el dolor de espalda u otros problemas de la columna? Echa un vistazo a nuestra lista de reproducción Yoga For Back Pain. Puede ser justo lo que recetó el médico.

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Meredith Eades

I hurt my back yesterday and I’ve been in pain since. I tried ibuprofen, a heating pad and some bio freeze and nothing really helped. I used to practice yoga about 3 years ago but I moved somewhere that is hard to find a good class. I thought I would try to find a yoga video for back pain and try it today. I came across you and did two of your videos. The pain is almost all gone now. 🙌🏻. I’m glad I found you here. I can’t wait to do other videos of yours. 💜

انتي رئعه وجميله

Patrick T. Randolph

I've practiced this session 6-7 times; it is AMAZING~~!!!! Huge Thanks!!!!!!

Ishwari Deka

I had acute back pain from sitting in my chair and studying the whole day and this has helped me incredibly. Also love your puns hahaha!!

Maria Zhokhova

Dear Adriene, thank you so much for your wonderful videos! I injured my back about 3 years ago and since then i always have some tension or pain. This video really helps me – i started practicing it around 3 months ago once every two weeks – it's amazing! The tension is almost completely gone though i thought that nothing could help me. Kisses and big Thank You from Russia 🙂

Brett Huelsenbeck

I was in pretty bad pain/stiff in my lower back and dealing with severe anxiety issues. I put on this video havin a border line anxiety attack, ended it feelin extremely relaxed and much looser! Made my anxiety disappear! This is so helpful during this corona quarantine! Thank you Adriene! Comin from the least flexible person on the east coast, I’ve tried yoga classes but can never keep up. This really works for me

İrem E.

I've been having lower back pain for almost a week now and I tried to do some strechings that I know to ease it but your videos about back pain relief are amazing. I didn't know much about yoga and how good it makes you feel. I think the pain will be gone in few days if I keep doing these strecthes. Thank you so much.

Julia Wolson

I hand and the whole arm started tingling when I did the seated twists. Can you explain why that is happening?

Jasmin Hae

I have scolioses so i am in constant pain

Ece Üstün

oh my god i feel so relaxed that at the end i was so sleepy lol

Thank you Andriene! My back was in pain from baby lifting and pregnancy. I've been doing yoga with you for one and a half year and I mention you as my yoga teacher to my friends. So thank you for being my best yoga teacher!❤️🙏

Cheryl Carlson

I'm also super grateful that Yoga with Adriene is here during this time when we are more confined to our homes with the coronavirus on the move. I need the regularity of my practice to quiet the stress that all of this induces. Thank you Adriene for doing this so long ago so that we could have this relief today in 2020. xo

reney l

I did this session on 3/14/2020 – the craziness of Coronavirus is just starting. It is very helpful to me to know that no matter what happens in the coming days and weeks that "yoga has my back". Adrienne – you are a true friend. Thank you – stay safe everyone!


"Take it from the center" The 13 year old in me burst out laughing…

Sarrah Conley

My back is killing me. So ready to try this.

Oakley Tapola

Adriene you are a star ! I simply love you

Heather Way

Thank you, Adriene. This was so helpful.😊👍

K. Spooky

Wonderful video! I've done this twice this week for my back pain.

Ayşenur Erolan

How come it made my pain worse?

Sharmila Chakraverty

Always follow you, Adriane. Love your easy and slow and fun approach. Love your new makeup. You look great…😊


When you said you’re own grove thing I like that. I subbed. ❤️😍

Anita Hendricks

Theresa Mazur

I suffer from chronic back pain every single day. I have been practicing yoga every day,twice a day, for the past few years. & unfortunately, I still haven't found a 'miracle' yoga class that can take away my back pain for good. I tried this yoga class & experienced very little comfort or ease to my back pain. My back still hurts afterward. I'll keep looking & keep up my practise.

ihmepoika ihmepoika

I play this on 0.75x so I can follow her instructions xD

Lesa Fowers

I have forgotten how many times I have used this video. Blessed be

Sameer Chadha

What better time than pain and injury to appreciate every part of the spine and related muscles, be nurturing to them and yet be anchored by core strength. The "hug your muscle to your bone" core alignment and movement tips are valuable here and in every practice.

Kirtika Walia

I had sudden back during work. After doing this, I feel alive again ✌️

Corena Elmer

Really relaxing and my lower back feels awesome.
I love your yoga, did a few of your videos and I love the relaxing stretches.😊

Mitch Brown

Thank you 🙂

Undead Saffron

Holy shit I've been looking for this video for a year! I use to do it every day when I was 15/16 and wasn't able to remember what it was when I started losing weight. My night is immediately improved!

Cory Busch

Never thought I'd be one to try yoga but this has helped immensely thank you


Way too slow and boring.

Mohit Saini

Awesome ma'm

Tre molony

I hav sore bacc
n feel tired

now my bacc feel good

adriene u d best