El yoga para bajar de peso no se trata solo de trabajar en el infame paquete de seis. Aprenda esta variación gato / vaca que ayudará a tonificar todo el cuerpo.

Esta breve secuencia se puede repetir para desarrollar fuerza en su núcleo consciente y reducir la grasa del vientre. También inspirará la conciencia a través de todo el cuerpo y la columna vertebral, ayudando a aliviar el dolor de espalda y mejorar la postura general y la conciencia del cuerpo. Descansa las rodillas sobre una manta o una toalla si es necesario, ¡y tómate tu tiempo!

Repita esta secuencia tantas veces como desee y asegúrese de descansar en el medio. Para más cosas y pensamientos al azar de mi cerebro de yoga, visite http://yogawithadriene.com.

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Nuestra serie Yoga para bajar de peso es un conjunto de videos completos de ejercicios de yoga diseñados para quemar grasa, ejercitar su núcleo y fortalecer y alargar su cuerpo. Mira la lista de reproducción completa aquí: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLui6Eyny-Uzx2jQYA8MS73ND2kUMHyII8

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Yoga para bajar de peso – Entrenamiento para quemar grasa en 40 minutos

Yoga para bajar de peso – Entrenamiento corporal total

Yoga para bajar de peso – Fortalecer y alargar

Yoga para bajar de peso: abdominales y brazos

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Música de Shakey Graves:

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Yoga With Adriene, LLC recomienda que consulte a su médico sobre la aplicabilidad de cualquier recomendación y siga todas las instrucciones de seguridad antes de comenzar cualquier programa de ejercicio. Al participar en cualquier ejercicio o programa de ejercicios, existe la posibilidad de lesiones físicas. Si participa en este ejercicio o programa de ejercicios, acepta que lo hace bajo su propio riesgo, participa voluntariamente en estas actividades, asume todos los riesgos de lesiones para usted. .

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Molly Grace

This is why I subscribed to you and love your channel so much! Today I tried a different weight loss yoga routine from another YouTuber and it probably is a great workout but there was a timer and the only encouragement was counting down the seconds and that has never worked for me. I just feel pressured/bad if I can't do it in the allotted time frames. I love how calm, serene, and encouraging you are. You let me know it's okay if I'm not perfect at it and I really appreciate the nice environment you create! I'm definitely sticking… Read more »

anna garcia

Anyone else completing Power Series in 2020?! Loved this series <3 What next?!

Lovely Gracy

Great quick work out on core 😍 This is the 4th video in 2 days I have followed❤️ happy .. u r making me inspired & motivated .. Thanks

Victoria Patterson

I had to rest my wrists near the end but i will be back in 5 and after a water break (it's hot in my room)


Still a great practice 7 years later

Jamie Jeans

Hey there, just wanted to say that this channel was suggested to me by a nice lady at a fitness supplements store, as she's a follower, and I'm slowly getting back into yoga as, well, at age 41, I just can't do the stuff I used to do.

I really liked this video and it was a heckavu workout, so I'm looking forward to doing the rest, bit by bit. Thank you.

workout calisthenics


Margarete Kromar

Thank you; difficult! Wow 😮 Namaste 🙏

McPhee Clan

I really enjoyed this workout…I could only do a few on each side though. I’ll get there though lol! Really enjoyed this one!

Sal Gordillo

I love you with all my heart adriene and my dog Benji my buddy Your Man

Kristin B

One or both of these things happen when I’m doing one of your sessions: dogs think I’m getting on the mat to play, or kids make fun of me!

Heidz Panganiban

How many times should I do this routine in a week?

JM Studios

Thank you


Marie-Louise Sessions

Short & sweet – def got me warmed up and you;d have even done another 5 mins!!

No ThisIsPatrick

I didn’t feel like doing a long yoga practice today so I did this but now I’m energised and want to do more haha

aladdin 1

Day 211💚 No doubt this has been my favorite month so far .The journey continues with Reunite🙏🏾

ShaJreen shaikh

Lots of Love ❤️

Vanessa Morris

Wonderful last practice of this month 0f Power yoga and I found mys3lf sweating so I loved it thank you Adriene for this one, here's to a new month of yoga and experience on the mat, love yuh and Namaste Everyone 💕💞💓💗💖❤💪🙏

Eric Allison

July playlist was a blast! See ya next month 🔥💪☺


POWER day 31

Woah, some of the old school 2013 stuff! I can see myself doing this as a morning practice, short and gets the blood flowing.

I can’t wait to see what August has to offer!


Sarah Kilgallon

Here’s to all of us ending the month of Power 2019! And this 11 min ditty is exactly why I love YWA. Not everyday do I need to an hour plus work. I can just do a little everyday! Seriously takes the pressure off and I can enjoy the movement and breath!

Rio Mae Blanco

Always check in with yourself, emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually, and discover how you can improve your whole being without self-judgment and any unloving thoughts about who you are today 😉✨ Second time practicing this core check in and bringing attention to my center as a whole body movement AND experience ☺️💗 Thank you so much Adriene and namaste! 🙏🏻✨


Power this July has been my favourite calendar yet and I'm sad to see it end! (I'm sure next month will be just as incredible.) I really appreciate Adriene's quirky jokes and references, especially in the middle of poses where you might be focusing too much on the shape. Have a laugh! Adriene, you are an artist of the human body. Thank you for everything.

Sharlon Solome

Last day of Power, a sweet little practice to light the fire in the core.
Thank you Adriene for this wonderful playlist 🤗
Returning to the mat tomorrow for Reunite
Namaste 🙏🏾

Pooja Anand

Last day of 'power' and July month and I am still with you u r my inspiration, u have changed my life, mind and the way of thinking.l really love you a lot Adriene! although I never met you but u r my best friend.

Jessica Decker

July 2019 Power Day 31. Yummy core work to finish out this month's calendar! July was amazing looking forward to what adventure and insight the August calendar will bring to my mat and life! Love this channel!!! Namaste!

NevJamGal Brit

Thank you for July's 2019 playlist <3

Marie C

One month of power yoga in the pocket! So proud because it was really challenging this July : a lot of work and a lot sweat (well, the heatwave is also a cause!) Thank you Adriene for making all these awesome never boring videos, You're always so kind, never judgemental, it's litterally impossible to feel bad! On the contrary, I always, now for the past 6 months, feel better, stronger, even great after practicing with you. THANK YOU

Gill Smith

For our last day of Power, back to one of your earlier practices Adriene. Wow 6 years ago ! I was surprised how challenging this 11 mins was, a real little workout ! See you tomorrow on the mat 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞


The wonderful month of July has come to an end! but, I'm still on the mat – ready for August 🙂 – Namaste

мяу мяу

31st day of July! Namaste everyone!

Sarina Reuben

Short but intense x

ShaJreen shaikh

Loads n Loads ❤️

Jazzie L.

Hi! I've been a long time watcher and did the 30 day yoga challenge last year and I felt amazing afterward. Well I stopped doing yoga because of time constraints in the morning. I decided to get back into it and came back to your channel for a little weightloss yoga. Man, I'm a little out of practice but what encourages me to keep going is your little encouragements. In every video, you offer it consistently and you give variations to each pose and you don't make me feel bad if I make a mistake or take a little short… Read more »

Zune Girl

This was only 11 minutes, but WOW those 11 minutes has me sweating. This is better than most workouts out there. Love this channel so much.

Alessia Zorzi

Good Morning Adriene and thank you ♥

Helmi Järvinen

I think this is Adriene's hardest Yoga for Weight Loss video though it's the shortest💪🏻😂 Allows me to work on my side differences in a loving but sweaty way🥰💦

carolyn watt

Wow just saw over 5,000,000 subscribers , massive congratulations Adriene , you really are a wonder child , thankyou for this journey I've been on with ywa for 3 years now , not only life changing but life saving , love from Glasgow 🙏💕