Yoga para bajar de peso y entrenamiento para quemar grasa – Clase de flexibilidad para principiantes de 30 minutos – Día 2
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#Yoga para #WeightLoss & Fat Burning #Workout – Clase de flexibilidad para principiantes de 30 minutos – Día 2

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En este video entrenamiento de yoga Día 2, Courtney Bell comparte una clase básica de yoga para bajar de peso que se enfoca tanto en la quema de grasa como en la flexibilidad. Este Yoga para bajar de peso es yoga para principiantes. Los principiantes de yoga mejorarán la flexibilidad. Siga con esta rutina de fusión de yoga para bajar de peso. Esta es una clase de ejercicios de larga duración, que puedes hacer en casa.

Courtney Bell enseña clases en Austin, Texas.

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carolina cerda

I did day 2 and I might go back to day 1 lol. Very nice feeling through the body. But day 2 I felt unease on my back. Thanks !! Day 2 outfit was my favorite

Djurdjica Ivkovic

Nice 👍

Kiruthika Murugesan

Love the dual colour scheme!❤️

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Nancy Collazo

They are both nice 👍

Beth Andrus

how often should I do these sessions in order for it to start having an effect? Its been my goal to do it every other day but I don't want to over do it, but at the same time, I don't want to not do it enough ya know?

Janice Ruiz

Very BEST beginner yoga lesson Thank you for this series. Wonderful


I enjoyed this experience.

sabahat guyot

I wish you talk less . You are so irritating.

Ana Briseño

YAY! Been following these awesome yoga videos! 🙌 I have not been doing these for 7 days straight now and am already feeling stronger. 💕

Jaz Musique

Di chro!

Chris Burnsed

Can you bend over like that again please? Thanks 😬👍

Ann G

I am told due to my age "52" and going through menopause I need to start lifting weights to build stronger bones to help prevent osteoporosis. Does Yoga build strong bones just as well or do I need to do both weight training and yoga?

Laura Mayo

This is my second day and I jumped from the first video to the second video – I was surprised at the difference in intensity, but I feel so relaxed and I can feel my blood circulating through my legs for the first time in a long time. I love these! An your outfit was cute!~

Laura Taylor

So I like the duo color. Couldn't say why.

What I would like to see in the video is adaptations for hmmm…a more abundant person who's curves might get in the way, or someone who might have had a knee injury or carpal tunnel and has difficulty supporting oneself on handd or twisting legs in a certain ways. I could just choose not to do the moves that cause pain or tingling, but then what should I be doing instead?

angel herrera

i love your music ths
thanks relaxed im

zeal rajee

It look simple
But when u do u can feel ur body on fire


okay i cant find day three and when i click on it from the video it sends m back to day two so if someone could share the link for day 3 it would be gladly appericiated.

Dania Alayoubi

hi i have desk in my bottom spyn can i do all this video or some i did it this video twice i lose maybe 1kilo and i did th first one 4 times it's really good

Igor Faslyev

don't worry about your outfits, you look great in any and all of them…

Dania Alayoubi

this is my fifth yoga lesson with u

Dania Alayoubi

great job this cloth are good

Christopher Miller


Fatma Alam

blue… monocolour

Sue n Rodger Bouche

Love the 2 tone outfit. Keep it up