¡Por demanda popular, aquí hay una secuencia suave de yoga matutino de 20 minutos para comenzar el día!

¡Elegir movernos y conectarnos por la mañana es una de las mejores cosas que podemos hacer por nosotros mismos! Este video es una práctica suave para todos los niveles, una buena manera de conectarse con los músculos y las articulaciones y despejar los canales mentales y emocionales para el día que viene. Tómese su tiempo y conéctese a la respiración. ¡Observa cómo te sientes y disfruta el arte de notar! ¡Déjame saber cómo va y que tengas un día increíble!

Nutritiva y revitalizante: Morning Yoga es la manera perfecta de despertar la mente y el cuerpo, ¡para que puedas comenzar de nuevo desde cero! Para que más yoga comience su día, consulte nuestra lista de reproducción de yoga de la mañana completa: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLui6Eyny-UzxMFVoPmxcPX1MOeLyV5uKQ

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Para más videos de yoga gratis, ve a http://yogawithadriene.com

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¡Música de introducción de mi amiga Shakey Graves! Míralo aquí: http://shakeygraves.com .

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tracy White

Thank you! My R.A. Makes mornings so painful..this was perfect for me!

Lee M

Easy, quick morning stretch to wake up the body. I'm trying to find my home practice again. #covid19 #stayathome

Dorina Mladonyiczki

I think this was my favourite so far. Great inspiration!

FairIsFair Yessiree

Wow, my body feels really good after this. I normally do your videos at night except for once a week when I go to a 1-1/2 hour class in my gym. Well, now that the gyms are closed (COVID-19) and I couldn't go to the class, I had planned to do one of your hour-long videos last night. Alas, I was so wiped out, I only did a 20 min video last night, so I thought I would try some morning yoga and this was perfect! My body feels relaxed and integrated. Now to do my usual back and abs… Read more »

Mary Nardozzi

That was great. I am new to this and enjoyed it very much thank you.


Thus is the sweetest practice, and I come back to it often 🌷. Thank you 💕.

Rebuild The World

Thank you; you’re a blessing!

Jenn Rogers

I had bariatric surgery and have lost 130 LBS in 12 months.
This practice is really helping me get in touch with the NEW me 😁

Thank you so much for making these videos 😘😘


It was such a grey rainy morning, my neck stuck, muscle pain all over my upper back, and after doing this soft and gentle session I feel ready and open, loving myself. Thanks Adriene

Francesca Simonato

Good morning Adriene!🧡This practice is gentle, awakening and relaxing and I feel very good now. Namaste🙏🏻

Sam R

I loved this gentle morning routine! I was actually 5 minutes in to the third session of a new yoga program (Audible’s morning yoga flow), and it was turning out to be a very aggressive start to the day! Decided to come back to Yoga with Adrienne and wasn’t disappointed!

Ps. You should totally do a meditation audiobook and yoga audio book! I would definitely get it!


I absolutely love this video. I yoga’d along with Adriene so many times. Love love love!!!!! Love your look, channel and perfect voice tone.


There really needs to be a button for repeated, emphatic, 'LIKE' comments!


Day 11! This practice got my neck, lower back, and right shoulder to pop. Like, in a good way, not the normal creaky cracky way my body usually does. lol This is such a soothing practice!

John Durante

YouTube suggested this one today. I love seeing Adriene for 7 years ago. After completing Home, i am having fun with an assortment of mixed classes. Thank you! Namaste

Magda Madsen

This is exactly what I needed this morning to gently decompress my body after a hard cardio workout yesterday and resistance training the day before. I've been out of yoga for a long time and your simple short videos are perfect, as I slowly get back into it. Thank you 🙂

Teodora Dimovska

Another wonderful video for morning yoga. My body is grateful for these exercises, and I'm grateful for your videos 🙏 keep it up

Clan Yogis

Lovely introduction and lovely soft words.Beautiful practice.

Gill Smith

This replaced my Day 11 of home 😢 I have a very bad head cold 🤧🤒 I hope back to HOME tomorrow 🤞. 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

isra el-nachar

I do this even at night sometimes, this is a really beautiful and honestly gentle practice that i can come back to. Sometimes when i feel that im just out of breath, this is a good practice to do.

Rebecca Hurford

My body was not keen to be moving and stretching this morning, but my mind feels so much better knowing I did it anyway, and I feel so loose and comfortable sitting down to work now 🙂


This is a lovely session for those mornings when we don’t want to do anything, but know we should do something. Grateful 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Denise Leora Madre

(December 2019) What a lovely way to start the morning. As I've said on previous videos, I LOVE how you emphasize that we are having an experience with our bodies and need to feel what's organic to us rather than try to perfect certain poses. I was sluggish and tight when I woke up, but now I feel loose and light and ready to take on this day. Thank you so much!

Margarete Kromar

Good morning! Love this gentle start! Namaste 🙏


I broke my femur a few years ago and haven't been able to do yoga because of the differences in muscle between my legs, and this is easy and doable and I think it's going to be a great beginning place for my yoga/spiritual journey! Thank you! Have a beautiful day!

The Angelica Galaxy

This video is the best medicine for non-morning people! The title says 'for beginners' but I have been doing yoga for 14 years and I have this one bookmarked for mornings when I wake up feeling like crap and can't get going, with that non-morning-person headache….its magical! I always feel completely better afterwards and sometimes I am able to follow it with one of Adriene's more fiery morning videos. THIS VIDEO IS BETTER THAN COFFEE!