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El yoga es acerca de la unión. No división.
Mi alma honra tu alma, al ver la luz y la energía dentro de ti, reconozco que también está dentro de mí, y en esto somos lo mismo. Somos uno. Namaste

Dentro o fuera de nuestras colchonetas de yoga, todos y cada uno de nosotros estamos en nuestro viaje personal especial. El yoga puede ser una herramienta increíble para impulsar nuestro crecimiento personal. En todas sus formas, puede ayudarnos a encontrar una conexión más profunda, sin importar el "método" o "estilo" que practiquemos. Con la reciente popularización del yoga en todo el oeste y muchas personas, incluyéndonos a nosotros, incorporándolo a nuestro propio sustento personal, provoca mucha negatividad de las personas que creen que es "su camino o la autopista". Queremos compartir nuestra opinión sobre los llamados "guerreros de la justicia del yoga" que se sienten bien para expulsar su negatividad y división en los demás.



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Boho Beautiful es un canal de estilo de vida de yoga que está creando contenido positivo para su cuerpo, mente y la tierra. ¡Yoga, Wanderlust, Fitness, comida vegana, vida consciente y meditación!

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Misty Kae Coaching

Very well articulated ❤️Nashville has the most beautiful sweet yoga practitioners! I’ve never encountered anything but love. Now spin instructors that’s a different convo!

Stefanie Hinrichs

You two are so beautiful, please never stop I feel your energy and it’s just pure love, your videos are my daily practice
Sending you much love and light

hæppy änna

You are just amazing, both of you. Everytime I watch your vlog or follow your classes I feel gratitude and awe youre actually living that live and share this great content for free, motivation and hope that I‘ll be as unbounded. And, thruthfully, sometimes on bad days even envy and anger because it seems unreachable. Nevertheless Ive been following you for five years now and even though the process is waaaaaaay slower than I‘d ever hoped or wished for, there IS process and I simply wanna hug and squeeze both of you and all the dogs for being an authentic,… Read more »

Katie Davis

Love you guys

Ava Yu

I totally agree. I did not get to my own “enlightenment” until 8 years into my 15 plus year practice! Keep up the great energy flow!
I love your yoga vlogs because it is very inspiring! ***Side note Bikram was the joke….

Michelle Todd

Okay, this has helped. I started looking into yoga because of my multiple sclerosis. Started coming across video's saying it eas demonic and you were opening yourself. Freaked me out. My daughter said nah, just trolls.

Jungle Queen

I got dogpiled on facebook by my yoga teacher's minions when I disagreed with my teacher's political opinion. They descended on me like a mob and informed me that "Conservative values are not aligned with yoga." I told them that people from all political backgrounds are united in yoga and if they try to exclude conservatives, they are a cult. They told me to go form my own conservative yoga community, totally missing the point.

Julie Merrell

Julianna you look beautiful and healthy by the way. So many people love your videos! Some people just love to attack others about everything and judge everyone. What you do is beautiful and helps so many people. Please don’t stop. You are an inspiration!

Aleksandra Đukić


I love your channel I'm in my ascension process right now I just had a kundalini awakening the other day and I usually just do meditation I really didn't find any videos I liked on yoga until I came across your channel thankyou for so much for your positive energy love and light

sarahyang yijing

Absolutely agree with you. Thanks for making such video. Love love

Aimee Hardwicke

Ahhh you guys are so beautiful! Loved your description of the deeper connection within! Love ya both! and sending lots of protection positive vibes from your Yoga Trolls haha XX MUCHO LOVE-OH

Patrica Beven

Well said!! The very meaning of the word "yoga" is "to unite" – so ignore all of the nay-sayers!! You guys are uniting an international community in love and wellbeing!! Keep up the great work!!

garbree loytre

My life, my journey, my right, my yoga practice I choose to follow you as I felt a beautiful energy within and I was on a high vibration and choose to stay on that frequency.
Just 1 day I changed my diet, stopped drinking coffee, stopped eating bread, now I listen too jazz.
Feel beautiful within thank you

I always appreciate your information to promote our health and wellbeing😊💛💛 I recently purchased your meditation videoes from Boho Beautiful Store and Today is Day 2. I am really looking forward to finishing all the class. Thank you for giving me positive power every day. I love you and I always pray for both of you😶🌼 PSPlease please don't delete your past videos, because I love all your wonderful yoga classes and still use them to learn many things 😶💕thank you for all your efforts to make good videoes. I still remember when you married together and cooperate to give… Read more »

Stephanie Levine

Please don't feel embarrassed about any videos that you have made. You are on a beautiful journey, and it shows in all of your videos. I honestly really enjoy your earlier work, as well as your current work. Yoga is not about being perfect, and you have said that yourselves, so please remember that. I used to be into photography, and I look back at my earlier works. I feel embarrassed about my earlier works as well, but then I have fond memories of how I started on my journey, and I can see how much I progressed over time!… Read more »

Tabitha Punger

You guys are so sweet and genuine!!! Thank you so much for all your work to educate and spread authentic love and light in this world.

the free assange shirt❤

Misty Gillaspy

Love your energy. You have a beautiful soul and light. Please don't delete your videos. They are very educational. I love how calm they are it speaks to my soul. Thank you for your inspiration and the time and effort you put into these videos.

Somos AUM

My first yoga class was with you… It's been almost 3 years now, only with you. I just don't know how to express my gratitude. I kept doing it everyday, getting better and better. One day a woman who owns a studio called me to teach yoga classes there. But this was not even the best. The best part was that with your classes and videos, and your YOGA, I could set up a light inside me that I didn't know before. I'm a new person today. I changed so much and I'm so proud of me. And so thankful… Read more »


OMG!! Totally ! about the "Yoga Trolls " Im a Kundalini Yoga teacher , and I had to step out of the community cuz it was so clicky , I now have other practices such as tarot therapy that I combined with Yoga , and Yoga is truly all about our body , minds and soul and connection to the divine that is so grounding . Thank you for making this video . I have been following you both for a really long time , I've seen you grow so much together . yes it is about the journey or… Read more »

Mandizzl MyNizzl

& is there any yoga you do that is also okay for pregnant women? If so, would you care to do a video on that? Just asking..

Mandizzl MyNizzl

Is that teami stuff safe for pregnant or nursing women?

Mindy Wilson

Unity=Love. Great perspective Mark and Juliana. I love this channel!

Sacred Wanderer

thank you both so deeply for this video. i felt your energy heavily in the pit of my soul because you have just spoke the words from my soul my mouth couldn't yet express. i have a lot of reflecting to do, this journey is infinite, but all i can say is wow. thank you so much for impeccably showing up for yourselves first, and then us. it shows through your humility and passion what your true intentions are. thank you again. all of my love..

Viktoria Vazorka

Hi Guys, Rocket is what you call Arugula in The US and probably Canada as well. Australians call it Rocket. I know it's a weird name 🙂

Beth Casement

You have such a beautiful message and practice. Your videos help me through difficult days. They've made a huge difference in my life thank you! And don't forget if it weren't for your very first videos you wouldn't be where you are today.

Selina Chrosciel

Thank you so much for this! You reminded me why I really just started doing Yoga again. To experience the oneness of all that is and spend more and more moments in the now. Love and blessings to you.

Jagruthi Subramanian

I've been doing traditional hatha yoga in India for long..but also following you guys had taken my practices to whole another level.. ❤️
Super grateful for what you guys do.. It would be nice to know more about your healing journey.. 🙏🏻 trying to recover from a spine injury.. A bulging's so frustrating..but even you guys said how getting back on the mat really helped.. Man! Something clicked..I realize that's exactly what I need to do..💕💕 would love to know more about your personal healing journey..

Britney Jolie

I love your channel. Found you guys around 2017 I think. Awesome videos. Trolls probably just jealous. Even the early videos are super. Love your workouts and video artistry.

Dis Ablevet

Exactly, you would'nt know the ying without the yang.

Dawson Daniels

My heart is full

Trisha Weilert

It’s so crazy how different the styles of yoga can be from one another. If someone experiences only one kind of it, that’s their perception of how yoga should be, and it can influence their perception forever.

Candice Provincial

My experience is if you address the trolls they get worse.

Cho Oyu Vel Laurisilva

Thank you so much!!!

Um actually

Gatekeepers is what they're called… and they're everywhere! It's truly crazy how people will take a unifying, positive concept (yoga, spirituality, veganism, sustainability, equality/feminism, etc) and pervert it to crazy extremes. Suddenly you're not part of the conversation because you have your own way of practicing and thinking which doesnt involve rules and hierarchies, if you're not going hard enough you might as well not even be able to use the title. I love discussion videos like these and I'm happy to see this channel including more of them! (: your videos help countless people. (And please dont ever delete… Read more »


Def. Agree!! Not enough union in what is supposed to unify!


I am new to your channel and this only supports more why I am so drawn to you. Such a beautiful conversation! Love 💗 how you want to unite us rather then devide. 🙏 ✌️

Paul Newman

People will always complain about something, as long as there living in the Ego…. There is always going to be haters. It’s just the way it is.
You can be Jesus and they will complain that your not doing enough.

Justin Shupe

Mark your shirt is #TRUTH

Marie Skornik

Never be ashamed for your old you. Be proud of it, it shows how far you’ve come! You were perfect just as you were. Same as you are now! ♥️

Aline Rodriguez

Hi Guys well done with that speech I agree with that and I'd like to say thanks for continuing being an inspiration of many people. Lots of love. Thanks to share.

kraig jillson

i don’t get it. are ppl actually trolling your sellout or what ?