¿Sientes opresión o dolor en las caderas? ¿Te preguntas cuál es la mejor manera de liberar y abrir esas caderas apretadas? ¿Has estado buscando el flujo de yoga perfecto para la parte inferior de tu cuerpo? Bueno, esta práctica de yoga para principiantes / intermedios de 10 minutos es solo para ti.

Esta rutina para la parte inferior del cuerpo es perfecta para recargarse en cualquier momento del día, pero es especialmente efectiva cuando las caderas te duelen mucho y te matan. En diez minutos planos es la solución perfecta para aliviar la pierna del jet o para hacer en la oficina en un descanso. También es genial después del gimnasio, en casa en un colchón o en una habitación de hotel mientras estás en movimiento y sientes el dolor en las piernas después del entrenamiento o el viaje.

Utilizo este flujo en muchas de mis clases de yoga en Toronto, y los estudiantes siempre se sorprenden después de lo flojos, relajados y flexibles que se sienten. Pruébalo por ti mismo!

besos y abrazos

Disparo en la Villa Xanadu en Cap Estate, Santa Lucía.

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Boho Beautiful

Thank you for all the amazing support and love. You are the reason for everything we create here. Love you guys and thank you so much for your support!! <3
Stay connected with us and check out our DVD program http://www.bohobeautiful.life.

Love and Light*

Juliana and Mark


great video,thanks

Aliaza Luor

I still do this flow all the time 😊

Travel Forever66

I want to do yoga. Now i can do it because of this video. Thank you

hair and knits

Your channel is amazing… Proud and happy to be an indian watching your videos doing beautiful and amazing yoga.. So inspiring. You are inspiring millions, Loads of Love to you.

Pessy Levine

Love you ❤️


Beautiful! I also travel Vlog from japan!!

It's so beautiful. I already love your channel and your voice is a voice of peace and love. It's exactly what I need! Thank you.
Your dear friend Roxy Shines.

Christine Guerrero

Why isn't the thumbnail in the actual practice? My biggest problem is finding yoga that challenges my flexibility, it's normally too easy.

My spine is like twisted sideways into my hip area . i have constant pain in my lower back and hips . severe. I just live with it. Boho beautiful is my only way of dealing.


Your videos are awesome, but the music mix is a little off – would like to hear your voice and cueing more. Keep up the great work!

Michael Hoge

She has the most perfect body I have ever seen!

sky ta

love hipster release videos more please

sky ta

thank you for sharing great yoga videos

Viktor Janickiy

Хи хи ха ха


Tight blonde talking about opening up hips? Why not?

thanks for the video 🙂 i think that you should had mentioned that it is for advanced practioners


just did this class feels great xx



Your Body is flawless. Even the red toes are super cute. Love this video!

Ewa Diakonow Poosi

thank you ! 🙂 <3 🙂

Shiv Sangade

i love your yoga style

Shiv Sangade

great work

as87df lj234jhjk

wow 👅🐚💦 i cant help salivating

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Rebecca Obounou

The exercises are always great but this felt a bit too close to porn for some reason…

Demon Llama

pretty color on toes i like it.