La oferta especial ha finalizado, pero el programa ahora está disponible a un precio regular (¡barato!) @

Nuestros programas de 8 semanas son detallados, planes de entrenamiento día a día que le dicen exactamente cuándo hacer qué videos de ejercicios de Fitness Blender. Combinamos planes de entrenamiento diarios: HIIT, entrenamiento de fuerza, yoga, Pilates, ejercicios pliométricos, cardio de bajo impacto y más, en la combinación más ideal para lograr resultados de forma rápida y segura. No se trata solo de pérdida de peso o grasa, aunque muchas personas pierden hasta 16-24 libras en los dos meses de este programa: también tonificará, desarrollará masa muscular, se volverá más flexible, más fuerte y mejorará sus niveles de energía y resistencia. También hay un resumen general breve pero completo sobre cómo comer para obtener los mejores resultados. Todavía estará trabajando para obtener los mismos videos gratuitos de Fitness Blender que están disponibles en línea (aún necesitará una conexión a Internet para usar este programa), pero tendrá un plan a seguir que ha sido elaborado por un equipo de personal experimentado. entrenadores. .

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TAS corruption

Starting this in Monday?!


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Evil Mona

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Evil Mona

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Kurt Ramon

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Randomest Subscriber

I'm not alone! 😀


There were a few emails that bounced back – You should have received it within 12 hours -Please use the contact button on our website to reach us, or message us on facebook and I will send it to you again.

sharna Burgess

Hi guys, I love your videos and I sent a donation two weeks ago via paypal and never received an email (even looked in my spam). Any help would be great.

Christian Eich

In most of the workouts you are able to controll the intensity by yourself because there are x seconds work and y seconds rest – it depends on you how many reps you will do in the working phase.
Just try it out!

Christian Eich

First 2 weeks….done!
It´s really an amazing program – every day a little bit harder – I can feel the belly fat melting away 😉
I´m curious about the result after my second round doing week 1 & 2 again.
I´ll do this second round with the beginner alternative plus optional workouts hoping to get fit for a third round of the 2 weeks for the regular alternative.
I hope this procedure will make sense to increase my fitness level?

Christian Eich

Day 10…and still smileing, because my face is the only part of my body which doesn´t hurt …."lift like you mean it!" 😉

TV Shows

Oh man i just bout v.2 and i cant wait to start. After that ill buy v.3. My goal is to fit into a slim fit tuxedo lol Wish me luck!

david bautista

Can i do the 8week program while doing IF ive done IF for 6months i really like it????

david bautista

kind hard but hey go for it 1.25 best deal ever!!!!!!!

Christian Eich

OMG – first 5 days done! They cost me my first kg 😉

Lenora Dorsey

I do want to lose weight. How intense is the program?


QUESTION!! I'm pretty thin and would loooove to wear a bikini this summer but sadly am very embarresed cuz I have alot of cellulite right on my tummy …. How could I get rid of this??


I am currently studying in Indonesia. But that does not stop me from doing a fitness blender.

Kelly Day

D'oh. With a bit of searching, I've just answered my own question: Fitness-Blenders-8-Week-Body-Makeover-Boot-Camp-Functional-Strength-Training-Program

Kelly Day

Wooaahh, I've only just bought Round 2 – you guys are on the ball! Quick question, as someone who lives in a 2nd floor flat, I have to do most of my cardio in the park & my strength training at home. Do any of your 3 routines have more of a focus on strength training? If not,do you guys have anything like a strength program? (As if you haven't done enough for us already…) Thanks for everything.

Margaret Keller

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Susan Nagarkoti

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