¡Aprende la pose de yoga Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I) con Adriene! Esto es parte de nuestra serie de Fundamentos de Yoga adecuada para principiantes y excelente para cualquiera que intente volver a una práctica o profundizar una práctica actual. Guerrero I construye fuerza, alarga y da forma a las piernas. Abre los hombros y el pecho y fortalece los músculos de la espalda. Tiene muchos beneficios terapéuticos cuando se practica regularmente y es una asana común en la clase pública. Más información sobre la alineación del Guerrero 1, así como la charla de Adriene sobre ser un "Guerrero espiritual" (¿Qué?) En http://yogawithadriene.com/warrior-i-pose/

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Agnes O

Is the back foot meant to be parallel to the front?

Jill R

Love G. Rodrigue’s Blue Dog 💙


outer edge of the back foot / spread to the pinky toe!

Jay-Ram Rajendra

I didn't realize how powerful Warrior 1 and 2 can be until I did a bunch of them this weekend. The flow I did in class this weekend had a lot of Warrior asanas, and combined with the practice I did with you that morning (Awaken Home Day-3), it woke up a lot of dormant energy that allowed me make some really courageous decision. I finally got a Yoga journal so that I don't keep bothering you with all these random thoughts (lol), but even in the journals I couldn't explain why or what I was feeling. And of course… Read more »

McPhee Clan

This too was good, gotta say not my favorite pose, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Namaste🙏🏻


Glad to back to basics and this was a great stretch. Jai Namaste 🙏🏽

Jesse H

I have super super tight calves so this stretch was amazing :00

Thera Slayton

me as literal Jell-O after following along with this whole video on each leg

Puppet Game Crazy

Solid vid

Leroy Yoann

One more video for today. Great posture. Namaste.

Olive & Eunice

This is fkn hard…..?

Rio Mae Blanco

I feel like a warrior now ready to conquer anything 😁 Namaste 🙏🏻


Thanks for the video! My knees always hurt in this posture, I think from the angle of the back foot on the ground plus the straightening of the back knee… Seems to put strain on it. Any suggestions?


Zain Azhar

Great routine for falling asleep.

Laura Rodriguez

I assume we do the same movements on each side to do a complete Warrior One pose?

Nicole Mostofa

even better a second time

Nicole Mostofa

now i gotta watch it again for the other side yo 😛

The girl huda

Amaaaazing, broke a sweat with rhis video on both sides (my feet is burning right now) thanks adriene

Beth Slykeson

Hi Adrienne, namaste. I've followed your foundations series after finding your channel, your first 30 days of yoga series specifically, through a YT search for "yoga day 1". I appreciate your humor and fun while practicing and your regular discussion of what we should be noticing as beginners and how to modify for greater or less difficulty. This video felt a bit out of flow with the rest of the foundation videos. The beginning started rapidly and without the tranquil attentiveness that was evident in the rest of the series. I love it still and will just rewatch and rewind… Read more »

Brianna B

Does your back heel/ankle have to be inline with the front heel through all the warrior poses? The only thing that changes (looking at the feet) is that you pivot on the heel (so it stays in the same place) to change the angle of your foot when transitioning from warrior 1 to 2 or vice versa?

Διο of earth

🕉️🕉️🕉️you are a wonderful soul Adriene