¡Aprende la pose de yoga Warrior 2, o Virabhadrasana II, mientras continúa nuestra serie de Fundamentos de Yoga! Warrior II es una postura de pie que lo alienta a construir equilibrio y estabilidad en el cuerpo. Tiene una gran cantidad de beneficios y es una gran herramienta para enfocar la mente y conectarse a su centro. Visitar http://yogawithadriene.com/warrior-ii-pose/ para más consejos, modificaciones y otros detalles jugosos.

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Sarah A

These videos are very helpful 🙂 thanks.
What do you recommend that those with tibial torsion ( when the shin bone is twisted so knees and toes dont line up) do though? I cant get my knees and toes to line up

Rhonda Manning

Side lunge asana pose

Katrina Black

What is that doll behind you??


Coronation street sent me here….. Honestly it did

Jay-Ram Rajendra

Hiii 👋 Stopping by for some more midnight foundations practice tonight 🙂 I finally built up the courage to go to a live Yoga class at my gym and it was a really cool experience. Putting in the extra work to learn these foundations over the weeks, and doing the 30 Day Challenges as consistently as possible really prepped me well for the class. In class, I learned that hard floor is quite intense (and not anything like carpet at home), so ouchy knees. Lol. But I was able to find my own flow with the instructor and often didn't… Read more »

Bellie Beads

Hello Adriene. I love your tutorials, very easy to understand. I am knew to all this and in school to become a teacher. For my homework I am to instruct a Warrior 2 pose from Tadasana and than getting out of it? Any advice? THank you

daniel villanueva

Hi, Adriene! I love your videos. A question: You are saying that we have to "tuck the pelvis", why? AI send you a hug from Argentina 🙂

A Rogers

What should I do if I hurt myself doing this lol i stopped after that for a week but want to start again.


Fantastic, I even snook in reverse warrior on each side and was sure to keep my rib cage lifted. Jai Namaste 🙏🏽


I’ve been practicing yoga for a few months now, and this pose is so hard for me. My back leg feels uncomfortable and twisted, bordering on pain. And my front knee gives out and tries to straighten. I hope with continued practice I can get it better.

Nicole H

Hi, Adriene! Long-ish time follower… Thanks for posting these for those of us who are unable/unwilling to go to a gym!

sujith yeturu

Thanks for the video. I workout regularly with heavy weights and my back is pretty strong. I was asked to Cobra pose when there was a subtle pain the back. Physio could explain why this pose works but could not explain how to get into the pose. I always wondered why it felt so painful and hard. It's just like you said. I was using all the strength in my arms to get into that pose. I tried it the way you explained and it was a smooth and nice stretch. Thanks for the video Adrienne :).

Ana Marina

Hello Adriene! Thank you so much for your videos, I started a few weeks ago and I really like your way of working with the idea of "find what feels good". Maybe you said that here and I didn't get it, but I'm not sure which leg should carry the weight of the body in this pose (in my case I find I'm mostly using the front leg). Thank you again, and greetings from Barcelona, Spain 🙂

Rio Mae Blanco

I am strong 💪🏻 Thank you Adriene and namaste 🙏🏻

Gabrielle Rousseau

I have been doing yoga for years, but for some reasons, warrior 2 is killing the outside of my ankles on the back leg. Any idea why?

Evgeni Nanev



Hey Adriene,

My guru says my hands and legs are hyperextended in Warrior 2 and Trikonasana, how do I correct it? Please help.🌹

Charlotte Miles

ive watched warrior 1 & 2 foundations and for some reason, both poses are hurting my knees. Mainly my back knee, but the front one a little as well. Do you know why that could be? My knee doesn't go over my toe, and I do ski a lot, which is waring on knees.

sharmi krishnamoorthy

my hand hurts so much while doing this pose

Susan Hurll-Bastian

Which lineage turns the back foot inward on warrior 2? I have never seen this before in any lineage. The back foot should be parallel to the back of the mat with energy coming down through the small toes and grounding. Warrior I will turn the toes in but the stance is slightly smaller. Both poses keep the heels in one line. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.