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Solo por diversión: Loki pelea con un limón, ve su reflejo por primera vez, hace "yoga" y burpees. Loki como cachorro, Loki hoy (casi 2 años).
Nuevo video de entrenamiento el lunes, ¡prepárate! .

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Keeping the House

That was adorable! He’s so cute!


Omgggggg he reminds me of my 19 year old lab that passed!

Bangtan TXT

Is Loki doing well? I need to know ❣️ btw A new fan. Been doing you workout since last week

Kalyani Kadam

He is so adorable


oh my gosh loki was sooooo small! he is adorable, thank you guys so much for sharing this with us haha


Where’s Thor?

Barbara Dalma


Michelle Lilo

he can talk!! hahaha… so cute~

Deepshikha Punj

Loki needs a separate channel!

Sankhalika Mukherjee

OH, BABY LOKI IS ADORABLE <3 Lots of love to him <3


Oh my god, Loki's so cute! Best video to watch after a workout, while lying like an old sack of potatoes on the ground.

Time to make Changes

Great dog.


sooooooo cute!

[Suicide] ! Shuzen


Sueyen Trevisan

love your puppyyyy !!

Susan Suzart

Best channel eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer


I'm watching this instead of doing some workouts :')

Gopika Reddy

He's so so so cute..

may loveslife

Now, I want to get a dog!

[GD] Heath

the puppy said lol

Asleah Palawan

yoga killed me! lol he's so cuuuuute, more please

Abigail Whitaker

It's funny when lemons make dogs playful!

Don't worry, Loki. I react the same way to a slice of lemon…

That is the greatest dog ever haha