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Made it to the first round of shouldering… further next time.

Avinandan Bhadra

Your sandbag workouts are brutal but at the same time absolutely worth it kicked my ass but after completing the workout I was feeling awesome so I hope you guys will be uploading more sandbag workouts in the future

Chief_ Trukalot

How long is your ssndbag

Fredrik Bentesjö

The absolute best way to train at home as a begging when i have been of on training for 6 months and resent become a dad.

Brendon Scott

Looks awesome… can't wait to kill it… or it kills me… we'll see…


it looks like a workout for people who want to dispose of a dead body lol

David Rogers

I do 3 reps of 15 doing a dead lift to work my abs but have had slight pain in my stomach recently? Is this muscle pain or the fact im quite dehydrated


Is this workout good for bulking?

Ivan Johnson

Excellent workout. I've seen on the channel for years and finally did it. My back is burning! Haha. I learned that I can't do a Turkish getup with 35kg of weight on my shoulder….. yet. Felt like something was gonna pop out of place, so I stopped. Anyway, great work.

stuart smith

Too much momentum in the routines, and poor form. Think bag too heavy for you but, principal good. Form is paramout in any varied workout!!!! I don't think there is enough potential for slow/fast twitch stress 'micro tear' on muscles. Just my opinion. Thanks for the video though. Interesting.

Mariana Velasco

Which part of the body are you working with those exercises?

Felix Manuel Delgado Cesani

muchos problemas como eso.

Knowledge Reyes

Awesome! 😀

Francis Ray V.

I don't know if it's my sandbag is hard or this whole workout is hard, I can't do turkish getup just yet!


your lunge game is terrible

Urban Neptune

lost 60lbs in 82 days 1.5yr ago doing this workout and keto only. I still don't know why this burns just as much calories as the 40min version and Advance version but hey…it works either way.

roush ford

If you wanna throw up you can do max burpees during that 20sec break 😎


Is it normal to not feel the same type of soreness the next day as you get with traditional weight lifting or even calisthenic workouts?
I just did this whole routine yesterday with a 40lb bag. First time working out in nearly two years so Im very out of shape. It felt pretty challenging as I was doing it but I dont feel super sore today. My biceps, shoulders, and quads are the most sore and the rest of my body has hardly any soreness at all. Just not sure if I actually accomplished anything with the workout.

Leonard DaCruz

Might be good to add some jump roping during the 20 second break

No name

I hate and love this at the same time

Felix Manuel Delgado Cesani

se ve muy incómodo.

Flávio Sousa

Thank God! Was just looking for something like this!