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Kreskartika Dini

I'm survive only 49 minute (T_T)

Viola Lin

Done ✅

Maya Jummanova

can't believe I did this. sometimes had to modify though

super netto

I do that workout every day for 2 weeks and i burned 12 lb

Jessica Cherry

I need some advice, I have been doing squats but my right butt cheek is getting better but my left has hardly changed, anyone know how to fix this??


Is this the right place to start?😂 too many options idk where to start

Sherry Gould

I like these videos because they constantly remind you to breath and they give you time to hydrate. I think that is one of the reasons that I didn't feel rubbery after them

Hanane Demircan

This workout is complet 🥰🤗

April Ching

This is my first time again and i did it.. I already burn 277 calories

Androniki T.

I freaking DID IT! I’m so proud of myself! I lost 900 calories and it felt really good!

Chillchill Chi

love you, thank you

Chillchill Chi


Jen nifer

Yall trying to kill me

Valeria Bottura

I’m going in bois! Wish me luck 😭

Lorena C Sandoval

Very very very hard on the knees so be careful!

sznero u

That was totally awesome! I'm pretty sure I sweated my soul out lol. My mat is so slippery :"D

Anna Ashcraft

Hi! I'd like to give a shout-out to y'all on my blog; would you mind?


"You really wanna kill yourself after this and have absolutely nothing left in the tank."

another hour of workout left

Alexandra Ciacîru

I used to do this 6 years ago, but today I did it again, I am so proud! Thx a lot Fitness Blender! Love u guys ♡♡♡♡

Rosa Fleur

Nice workout

Liliana Villamil

Kidding me!!!???? Sweating 😓

Natalie's Life

I love your workouts! Thank you!(:

Lorena C Sandoval

This workout is bad for the knees, for people with knee problems like myself. OUCH!

Wandering Angel

Tracked with fitbit and only burned 341 kcals

Tsumugi Shirogane

How? Why? Who?

lil Fire hydrant

Is this actually losing 1000 calories

Autumn Garsez

what's the difference between "low" and "high" in the calorie loss count?

Matt Mc

Oh nice, 1,000 calorie workout. All you have to do is do HIIT for an hour and half straight. PIECE OF CAKE

ytwatcher 01

this is my second 1000 calories workout, i have to say that they are helping me to realize that i cannot hope to lose weight by doing ten minutes workouts! i am obsessed with this video, thanks!