VERDADERO – Día 19 – Pensamiento.

Hoy ejercitamos un conjunto diferente de músculos.

Una práctica de yoga para tu mente.

La sesión de hoy te invita a considerar cómo tus pensamientos crean tu realidad.

La mayoría tiende a conocer el poder de la mente …

Sin embargo, carecemos de la práctica consciente de aprovechar ese poder para nuestro propio bien.

La práctica HANDS FREE de hoy equilibrará el trabajo que ha estado haciendo con su cuerpo y lo ayudará a sentirse bien.

Seguramente también lo ayudará a reenfocarse, reagruparse y comenzar.

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Yoga With Adriene
3 months ago

The way we perceive is everything.

I am donning my “fwfg ninja outfit” today to remind you…

**Where attention goes energy flows.**

HAPPY DAY 19 you guys!

Rosa Encarnaion
3 months ago

I was able to balance better on one side than the other. The important thing is that I BALANCED! LOL I really love True. Thanks Adriene. 🙂

Lauren Kenes
3 months ago

Thank you!

ashley Purple
3 months ago

I have attempted to do one of adriene's 30 day yoga journeys many times and always would get off track by either forgetting or becoming unmotivated. I have finally made it to day 19 on True! Thank you Adriene! I truly love yoga because of YOU!

rehab riad
3 months ago

thank you Adriene love you

Sal Gordillo
3 months ago

I love you with all my heart adriene my buddy Benji love always true❤❤❤

Mike Burns
3 months ago

I love the theme song so much. It starts out all chill and inspirational, and you're like yeah, sweet I'm digging this. Then the subtle bass line hits, and you're oh yeahhh, hell yeah. Next thing you know the bass line starts ramping up, "oh shit son, somethings about to happen, what is it??" Then the bass line peaks and BOOM, the drop hits you hard and what's waiting for you? Peace and harmony, bitches.

Love your work Adriene!

Jules Thomas
3 months ago

Thank you for reminding me about positive thoughts and not allowing any negative thoughts to take over. Everyday you are an inspiration thank you xx

Defne N
3 months ago

i dont know how to thank you enough for these beautiful practices 🙂 -namaste!

Sue McLean
3 months ago

This was just the practice I needed today, both for my body and my head. Thank you!

William B
3 months ago

Day 19! Not my usual time. 11pm came and I felt, oh, we could skip and practice in the morning. But I thought NO and came to the mat. So glad I did.

Margarete Kromar
3 months ago

Day 19 awesome! Thank you 🙏 Namaste 🙏 yes positive thoughts 💭

Sal Gordillo
3 months ago

Each and every day really doing yoga and listening to my guardian angel Adriene my girl and my buddy Benji God bless God dear father God 🙏🏾🌹💍

Mitch Brown
3 months ago

Thank you 🙂

3 months ago

Today I was a little numb in my head and body. I really saw black and stars and almost fell over. That was new. Furthermore, I was better off standing on 1 leg and accomplishing everything. I often lost my balance in previous 1 leg exercises. Now also something but much less. Old wounds seem to be able to recover better. Since I do yoga every day, I really look forward to it every morning. Although the world is literally on fire, I feel good to grab this moment. It is really a moment that I spend entirely for myself.… Read more »

Francesca Simonato
3 months ago

my throat has been hurting for 8 hours now because of something I ate and it's making me feel worried and nervous. I really needed this practice today, thank you. Namaste🙏🏻

Kaytlin Carey
3 months ago

I had a hard morning and kept pushing my practice time back in the day. I finally got to my mat and am so happy I did. I feel so much better. I truly needed this practice! Thank you!

HIIT Girl Wonder
3 months ago

Yessss! Loved this practice! I always like practicing eagle pose. How to I get my feet to wrap around my 🦵. And every time you say look at the reflection in the pond I think of the Mulan song Reflection…. “when will my reflection show who I am inside?” Perfect song/mantra for this 30 day workshop 😃😍

Murmurs of Blaustein
3 months ago

For me recently it's all about the voices that guide you. As your body is made of all the food you ever ate and forgot about or not – your soul, your beliefs, your opinions are made of all the voices you ever heard or listened to – and too often forgot about. And I am grateful to have your voice in my life, to deliberately listen to it, to make everything what's good about it part of myself. Now it's beginning to sound messed up, but it isn't meant thay way… ugh.

H8BingLied2 Greg
3 months ago

Oh my gosh…my balance sucks! 😁
I have extremely tight tendons and can’t come close to touching my heels to the ground in the squat position. Will someone like me ever be able to touch the heels to the ground? 😐

Monise Desirée
3 months ago

Today's practice was challenging. When I got distracted with my thoughts I appreciated the acknowledgment of the distraction and put myself back on the practice. What do you do when you realize you've got distracted during the practice?
Thank you for the practice, Adriene!

Remy Graham
3 months ago

You are an amazing teacher ❤

3 months ago

So Adriene says "notice how you feel now" after some exercise. I say I feel usually pain in some muscles 😀 Is that ok? 🙂 And my self talk is usually not very loving… but that's because of my anxiety.

Adriana Montagna
3 months ago

I’ve missed a few days of yoga… This is a perfect session! Your hair looks beautiful! Namaste……🙏🏻👍🏼💪🏼♥️

Nightingale Marie
3 months ago

* Namaste " thanks for your time *

3 months ago

Grateful for these videos.

Valerie James
3 months ago

💕💕💕 I made myself into a pretzel today!!!

Doe Savage
3 months ago

Greetings Adriene 🙏Just finished day 19😊and looking forward to tomorrows asana!! Wishing you a blessed day!Namaste 🙏💖💖

Fanfan MentalistFictions

I'm currently kind of person who tends to give energy towards those negative possibilities. I admit it's grueling. My space mental is big for negativity. But thanks to your practices like that one, I can gain more balanced thoughts. They was untroubled. My mind was focused very well, thinking of nothing. This session gave me the power of mind. Namaste Adriene.

Rahul Malik
3 months ago

day 19 in books….n u r young….

Cyd Foley
3 months ago

OMG!! After doing your videos daily since Jan 2 today I was able to balance a little on each foot!!! And in some crazy cross your ankle over your other leg while already on one foot pose!! I swear 5 days ago I was still on a toe and having difficulty staying upright. The good part about doing this every single morning for the last 90+ days is the family no longer asks "Are you going to do that yoga today" LOL Now they ask, "Have you finished yoga yet?" which means if I haven't trained myself yet, I have… Read more »

Emelia Söderlund
3 months ago

Today my balance was really off. I did learn how to reach my knuckles up to the sky during the wide legged forward fold though, something I haven't felt during my 5 years of yoga. And I mean there're stars outside my window. Ups and downs but I'm alive and that's pretty awesome. Thanks Adriene!

Karen billinger
3 months ago

Feeling FANTASTIC after this yoga practice.Thank you Adriene. ♥️🙏🌼💕🦋

Kellie Paterson
3 months ago

Just found your website….and your gifts keep getting better and better…nameste Adriene from Aussieland

3 months ago

Lovely practice as always!^^

3 months ago

So exellently challenging and illuminating! I felt so good when it was time to windshield wipe… that I stuck with the eagle poses and showed myself such strength… then was met by the thought, well what if I was weak today and didn't show up in this way? Would I still feel this self love? —-my self love on the real is growing heaps and heaps heartily nourished garden.