Respira hondo.

Estamos haciendo esto

Comenzamos estableciendo el tono con una práctica gentil y fundamental. Son 24 minutos de configuración sólida para que pueda sumergir los dedos de los pies y aprender a aprender.

Esta serie ofrecerá fuerza y ​​estabilidad como ninguna otra si recuerdas que estás aquí para aprender y amarte a ti mismo.


No hacer ejercicio.

Pero, ¡espera ver la transformación en tu cuerpo! ¡Oh sí, lo harás!

Bienvenido amigo, es el día 1.

El tema de hoy es MOTIVO.

 ~ ¡Comparte con nosotros tu motivo a continuación! ¿Cuál es su razón para comprometerse con VERDADERO?


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Versiones descargables de los videos basadas en donaciones para que pueda practicar en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar:

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Yoga With Adriene

It's Day 1! Welcome everyone. Have I told you how awesome it is for you to say yes and commit to a 30 Day Yoga Journey? Seriously – you are awesome. Today's theme is motive. We often rely on motivation to come from an outside source. But what if you realized that it could come from within? We begin with focusing on motive because aligning with the reason why you are here sets the tone for what you will experience on the journey. If you are here to smell like a fart and feel lousy then you will likely accomplish… Read more »

Antonio de l'Enclos

So many things resonated with me in this one. I'm shook right now.

Samantha O'Dell

I started the year with HOME, and was so proud of myself for finishing that challenge. Daily yoga became a part of my routine, so I set a goal to aim for 100 days of yoga in a row. After HOME, I worked through DEDICATE, and now I’m here at TRUE. This practice is so humbling. I have 62 days of consecutive yoga under my belt, yet I trembled while holding my warriors and needed to take breaks here and there. I am so much stronger than when I started this journey, but on any given day that strength may… Read more »

Taryn Lees

Hey 2020 post Home crew 😁 we made it!! I'm sending you all good energy and love from Japan. I got you have wonderful days!


day 1 done, my motivation is to find my inner peace n be less stressed and to relax whilst taking care of my body.

Sarah Rose

I finished Dedicate yesterday and started True today. Even after 60 days, it's amazing how much I let go of my core, so I'm excited to work on meeting the front and back bodies x

Diana Stanciu

just started my 3rd month of yoga eyooooo

Rhea Nieuwenhuizen

My motive is to embrace my true Self, including my perfect imperfections! Thank you Adriene for guiding us along the way. 🙏💕

Sushma Suresh Babu

Does anyone know how to get the emails for these? I really really love the emails. They set such a great tone for the practice!

Wendy Reeves

Finished Home 2 days ago. Started True today, 2/18/20. ❤️

Layne Kingston

Day 1 is 16th Feb 2020 for me. I couldn't possibly start on the 1st of the month like a normal person, could I? But so excited to start this journey!!


You are doing an amazing job. Keep it up!!!


Inspired by everyone on the 30 day ‘Home’ journey, which I am happy to say I completed, I have decided to start February with the ‘True’ 30 day series. My intention today at least was to sit with my sadness having just spent some time visiting today with my dear friend and neighbor who is 51 and has brain cancer. He’s such a light and love for many. This practice helped me with the heaviness on my heart in knowing that we are losing our beloved David. So grateful to Adrienne to have formed this growing community that help so… Read more »

Charles Arseneau

Thanks for being a positive energy to our planet

Clare Barton

Finished Hone, starting True. Anyone else with me?

Rosa Encarnaion

Awesome practice. Back on the mat after following doctors orders. I will start Home again after True. As you say Adriene what's important is to come back to the mat! Thanks!

Rosemary Staley

Here February 1, 2020. Just finished Home yesterday.

Mark Gordon

Have just come off HOME which was great, missed this one early days so away we go for another 30. Adriene your voice seems different two years ago?

Lilli Apollo

Love this so much. I am going to do this TRUE journey now that I have completed the journey “home”. Thank you so much Adriene for these amazing series. Doing yoga with you and all the wonderful people around the world has helped me so much 💕💕🌹🌹

hadas zayada

Thank you so much, Adrian! this content is SAVAGE!!!

Amber Hernandez

I am at 19:18 and I just had to pause the video and say I am very grateful for your videos and commentary. Changing your lifestyle is always hard, but changing it to yoga and sharing it with you and the people watching it, makes it a lot easier! Thanks everyone! Cheers and going to reply to this on day Day 30 🙂

Colleen Pagnani