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Tutorial de masaje de pies y piernas para aliviar el dolor y relajarse | Tutorial de masaje de pies HD con Jade

Jade Nelson, LMT, enseña cómo dar un masaje de pies desde una posición prono (boca abajo) para una relajación profunda y alivio del dolor. Alivie la tensión en todo el cuerpo con estas técnicas para pies y piernas.

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queen paradise


M Saeed Ather

Please baby massage par bi video banay

nancy Jain

Are yoy jain pota

Fumiya fuse

Looks i want a massage right now. Im very stress these past few days


her soles look so perfect 😍😍

Duke of Norfolk

Jade, I love watching you work and learning from you. I’m very impressed with you, I think you’re amazing!🌹

Michael Lindsay

Thank god for people like u people s feets take real beating every day

Tina Vandyke

Come do me


Without SPA and relaxing live loses meaning.

genrev gallarin

i want to smell her beautiful sole feet!!



Juana Vargas

Watching these are so relaxing.
And there are times when my feet or back hurt when I watch these, and for some reason the pain or soreness goes away and is replaced with me feeling so relaxed and sleepy.
I love these videos!


A very accurate work. Next time don't forget to work each single toe, the ankle and the Achille's tendon too.

Maksud Rifat
Alexis Kraus

I love those pants!

Ty Morton

Omg yass!!

chad borowiak

Well done! Relaxing, and a very informative video! Makes me sleepy watching this.

Confederate Texas

wheres athena and jenn?

a d

You have the best job in the world

Melissa Clayton

I like those leggings

Dekilah Divine

This reminds me that I really need to find a place to get a foot massage 😉


My foot fetish just hit level 110


It looks so relaxing!

Jagdish Bhatt

that's helpful for knee pain?

Neha BC

Nice video

Gev Gev

Where my boy Ron Vaughn at tho?

Carl Keller

I get so relaxed and sleepy when i watch a PsycheTruth foot massage. I can only imagine how relaxed I would be if those were my feet. I think I would drink a Redbull so I didn't fall asleep and miss any of it. 😛


Those feet are well cared for. Nice!!


You do on the second leg what you do on the first… Nobody compares to Athena Jezik; these are amateurs whom not only get the physiology & anatomy incorrect yet are less professional, informative & not as relaxing nor better of an ASMR experience. Athena was The Original ASMR before ASMR was a “thing” or trend.


I'm next in line !!!!! 🙂


I would die on the table if I ever got this massage.
My feet would feel so good lol.

Jay Valentine

How come you don't put models name in description




What kinda lotion/oil does she use?

Mahogany Myers

This was such a helpful video! Thank you so much 🙂

eric brown

Mmm women feet


can you come to my house pleassssseeeee my feet need your hands. 8-12 hrs, 6-7 days a week in steel toed shoes, as a textile machine operator, my feet are killing me, a limp has developed now. i make fairly decent money but i swear i'm ready to quit cuz the shoes kill my feet. i practially live at the podiatrist not fun. very nice work