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Bienvenido de nuevo, chicas! Espero que les guste mi primer video de preguntas y respuestas. ¡Gracias por todas las preguntas! Asegúrate de darle un visto bueno a este video si lo haces .. xo


Arriba: Lululemon pero suuuuuper viejo

Delineador de labios Kylie Cosmetics Expose con brillo literalmente en la parte superior


♡ Panqueques de proteína Kodiak – CHOCOLATE OSCURO

♡ Panqueques de proteína Kodiak

♡ Bandas de resistencia Skillz

♡ 100% de proteína de suero:

♡ Proteína favorita TODO EL TIEMPO – ¡el mejor sabor!

♡ Pre-Entrenamiento actual y mi OG:

♡ BCAA's que estoy usando – SABOR TAN BUENO

♡ Cámara que uso:

♡ Auriculares inalámbricos que uso:


♡ Twitter:
♡ Sitio web:
https://whitsbringingfit.com/ .

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Look at you now! Love your TARTE collab! 🏋💕💄

Chi Makwa

I 💗 how you call em out when they 😳 You rock Whit 💃🏼💪🏼🙌 I’m 45 and my tatas went south and being overweight doesn’t help either. I’ll be getting them done 🤗

Debra Roth

I could not guess your age when you said 23 and you answered someone question that your 23 I would have never figured that whit

c hart

Omg I love that you said in here how you love Mke up but you didn't know if we wanted to see those videos and now here you are working with tarte . You are goals ♡♡♡♡

Renée Walker

Yes @Whitney Simmons, please do the beauty/makeup/skincare tutorials, would love to watch them.

Krista Sexton

Just make another channel, one that dedicated to other things such as beauty… speaking of which I would love to see it.

Ozley ASMR

Lol “She won’t be successful as a fitness guru if she doesn’t get her boobs done” goes on to be the most successful fitness woman Youtuber of our time

Vanessa Garcia

Oh shit i didnt expect you to be a 93 baby

Sueann Valenzuela

I just started wearing makeup to the gym because I’m a bleach blonde and Irish so if not I look washed out and old ..I look waaay better with makeup lol

Samar Afuni

haha! Whitney I would stare at you if I was at the gym because I'd be thinking ' those are my fitness and body goals!' 🙂

Naomi Laureys

Girl YES, make up tutorial pls. You are stunning. I need that look you know 🙂

Brooke Royce

Beauty video


love ya! and you totally do not need a boob job. fab as you are!

Kaila Duff

Randomly watching your videos while at work and you are truly so inspiring and I will probably be hitting the gym after my shift😊😊😊😊love you!


Please, dont ever get implants of any kind! The fact that you are REAL is exactly why I started following you!! ❤ I've come to rely on your videos when planning my workouts. I was also an athlete growing up (swimmer), then got stuck in a dark place for a few years as an adult, and the gym saved my life so i feel like I can really relate to you. I love your workouts and your tips, and the fact that you really make it about a lifestyle instead of a diet. Thank you for being you!

Morgan Maddox

I would watch anything you put out. U are amazing! I always love ypur fitness tips so I'm sure I would love beauty tips as well 👍btw you dont need fake boobs, u look incredible!!!

Jimena Toledano

Am I the only one who thinks she looks a little like Camila Cabello?

Kristina Przinova

The pooch ! I watched the intro so many times, looks like my baby !

Isabella Güler

Definitely do make up!!

Sha Lashgari

Please do skin care!!!!

Cathleen Armstrong

Love the idea of skin care and makeup videos but please make sure you have a fitness video up to back it! Love the breakdown of what you eat before and after also the helpful workout routine ideas! It helps me understand what I need to fix when I go to the gym! Love you so much girl keep at it!!!

Nadia Harrison

Whatever camera u r using is 💣🙌.


I don't that I could take on faith that your boobs are real. <3 <3

Mariah Lacey

Do some beauty videos and mostly fitness videos because I love them!!!

Christine Jones

I love your fitness but you can show us make up too cause we love to look sexy too

Kylie Skellington

Do you have any advice for stopping emotional eating / binge eating?