Terapia musical y emociones para problemas de depresión, estrés y salud mental

Hope E. Young, fundadora del Centro para la musicoterapia en Austin, analiza el uso de la musicoterapia como herramienta para manejar los problemas de salud emocional. Ella explica el uso de la musicoterapia y da ejemplos de cómo podría usarse en la sesión de terapia para ayudar a alguien. La musicoterapia se puede utilizar para descargar las emociones negativas y el trauma, la relajación, el alivio del dolor y el alivio del estrés.

Visita el sitio web del Center for Music Therapy en;

Este video fue producido por Psychetruth

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Tabla Radio from India

I am a musician and researcher, am preparing a series of recordings classified as per the varieties of patient's needs. I am looking for the basic criteria (principal variables) to classify the musical types to be produced.

long live Peep and X

I yigh yigh.. Jesus! This bs could push someone off a damn cliff.. Wtf, i mean seriously.. This was supposed to help 😬😹😹


Why don't I hear the music?

chanh Duong

To much talking!

Himanshu Mani

This make me more depressed. I was searching one video for my depressed friend to get over it and this video make me depressed. Thank god, I listen it and not to sent to my friend .


She introduced music therapy as a tool and EXPLAIN the use of music also an EXAMPLE she is not here to play the guitar for you. READ before you JUDGE.

Ravikanth Asokan

Thank you Hope. Very informative.

Syed Imran

Am going more depression 😫 by your speech… please delete this from YouTube..

Scientific research

Listen to this 100% remedy for depression and anxiety must try you feel calm and relaxed

reyes robledo

talk to you would make me angry and aggressive and be filled to the brim with rage but country music is what I listen to

Gonzalo Sosa

Shut up

This video makes you more depressed. 👎

What Ever

Wow. She can sing really good

Anıl Onur

this woman trying to fornicate with my nerves , action speaks louder than whores

Adinda Annisa

Just stop talking and plays the song!

Jessika Danielle

The talking made me feel worse, thanks.

martha borges

I play zumba music and dance when I depressed, then I am tired 🤷🏽‍♀️

JRGOfficial Channel

Why am I on my bed feeling weird but I’m trynna go to sleep like this is not helping 🤦🏽‍♂️

Ada Cline

Way to much talking


I'm a Metal guitarist/vocalist, music really helps me get things out of my system. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you feel empty, angry or just melancholic and just letting it out or listening to an artist who's expressing how you feel is cathartic.

Ian Stephen

But she had a good vibe.

amit sawant

Nonsense video


Help me im Dying… Slowly

sayam dutta

3.55 start

Maths Let's do it

U know what go to hell

Jayden Alonso

Music is nice thats why the average mind would be tricked to believe this makes any sense

IMGN Bikes

15th birthday of nothing, no one notice even family

Ten Dixon

This is what you need for ya mental health to help


Dawntae Freeman

The song actually helped my depression.. I got up every morning coming to this video and I fought it because of her

Matt Potsie

She'd quit her job if she had to deal with me on my worst day

Lanieta Viniasi

A big noo noo noo for me 🤒🤕💩

Star Catcher

This is informative. Blues music feels better when you are down.

PapaWolf Mata

I don't know if this helped I am very depressed everyone is bullying me I hate making friends d's because I can't get any friends because of my anger and depression..

Varuna trooper

That's make me nore depression mss


4:36 was I the only one that thought my phone was glitching??


Just me?


coco gaming

20ll is my birth year yeeet

I need help

Maineiac fishing

Rock only


I thought u gonna just playing ur guitar 😟

Meskine Hocine