En esta serie de videos, Emmy le mostrará cómo dar un gran masaje a sus amigos, seres queridos o pareja.
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#Terapia de Masajes


Cuerpo completo # Terapia de masaje # Técnicas Parte 4, Piernas y muslos

En esta serie de video Emmy, un terapeuta de masaje retirado le mostrará cómo dar un gran masaje a sus amigos, seres queridos o pareja. Los diferentes videos de esta serie se centrarán en diferentes partes del cuerpo, como la parte superior de la espalda, la parte inferior de la espalda, los brazos, las piernas, los muslos, los pies, las manos y la cara. Además, se demostrarán diferentes tipos de técnicas de masaje, como el masaje sueco, el masaje deportivo, el masaje de tejido profundo, la hidroterapia, el masaje tailandés, etc. Estos videos son lecciones tutoriales de terapia de masaje 101 escolares y están diseñados para que pueda seguir la demostración para ambos hombres y mujeres.

Estos son videos gratuitos que no son como los clips médicos de masaje de espalda de Jeff Dunham para promocionar sus DVD.

Este video fue producido por Psychetruth

Música de Jimmy Gelhaar

Psychetruth es potenciada por TubeMogul

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Durga sing Sundhi

Good massage

Durga sing Sundhi


Eye Don No

Where can I find more of her ?!

Mike B

That was close! I was about to bust a nut. But I'm keeping my seed! NOFAP!

Quinn Bae

It is not advisable to wear any Accesories while doing massage. Esp. Ring

Jose Gonzalez

Holly cow that looks good I need one!

Ravi K

Thanks to this video I learned so teqnicas

Jila Abdullah

Why are you fisting with ring on though?


( . ) ( . )

Roel Bacus

Wow beautiful massage

Cici`s Spielewelt

Emmy Robbin was born on May 18, 1982 in Silverspring, Maryland, USA as Emeline Ann Robbin. She is an actress and producer, known for Machete Kills (2013), Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For (2014) and Billy Bates (2013). She is a retired massage therapist.


And here I am again


She would make a great lingerie model

Jms Fabrication

I'm going to go home and slap my Wife!

Chase Mathes

Well. Most women are stay at home and dont work while we do. We come home tired and the least they can do is have the WOMEN massage us.

Siriwan Kirkland


NakmarenSore ID

Thanks = 1 Like

Ford Thompson

Hot woman getting a sexy message

Hugo Baltazar

no bolster/ calves shortened , using arms motion instead of body movement … I like most psychetruth videos but some are just bad examples for practitioners .


Oh sweet Jesus

Patrick P

She could massage me anywhere 😏


I don't think that wearing that kind of top is a good idea. it attracts the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of people. I sometimes think tha women don't think wisely about there attire when doing these videos . was there really any need to wear a tight low cut top and tight trousers to do a massage video ? I have seen many professional lady masseurs doing videos on here and they have either loose fitting and comfortable clothes on . or a tunic. she seems competent .and very nice .but not a wise choice in… Read more »

Oscar Martinez

So I’m the only one that came to watch her technique? 😂😂


Just found your video…for some refresher ideas since I am back massaging throught the app SOOTHE as well as my personal clientele. I like your straightforward approach as well as the techniques you demonstrated. I will be checking out your other vids. Namaste.


its confirmed, Ive been cheated, and prolly divorced soon if my wife sees this

Mr Dottle

Wow, those titties can talk!


2 sexy sluts 😉

Meghan s

Bad body mechanics.


Gran patana la massaggiatrice

Biggus Dickus

Is this a massage video or a miracle cure for erectile dysfunction?

declan gibo

i would love one of her .tho id have to keep belly down ahahah she is bloody lovely lol


holy cleavage !!!! oh yea I'm supposed to be watching the massage…….

andrew graham

These videos are great. Instead of scratching someone’s back and whispering ‘tingles, tingles, tingles’, this actually shows you how to and where to rub. Great work.


Ridiculously hot. I didn't learn a thing 😂

Borko Borkovic

Is she massaging an ostrich?


Emmy Robbin

TonyR619 Breaks

I have two words to describe Emmy: Wife Material….

shrawan kumar

I want to massage her breasts


when will the massaging titty video be released?

John Smith


Jim Bowie

Can't find part 3 … what happened to it?

Michael Lindsay

U can be me partner my boo too


her voices triggers my asmr. her physique is just a bonus. god bless you, emmy, wherever you are.

nica vergara

Yea if she don't show she dont sale.

Bam Bam