Técnicas de terapia de masaje de cara y cabeza con aceite; Cómo dar un masaje relajante en el spa
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#Terapia de Masajes


Técnicas de terapia facial y de masaje de cabeza con aceite; Cómo dar un relajante spa #Masaje

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Awesome D2001

My goodness. I feel so chill watching this

LivelyAri 09

Thank you for making this! My dad was having an anxiety attack. This calmed him down. Me (his 10 year old daughter) am grateful you made this. Thanks for helping!

Perrani Bessi

This Video is amazing 😋

Augusta Ojeogwu

This makes me want to sleep

user m

corrina desrves all!!

zoe fofo

That feels good

jj thor

Exquisite !

Sayed Ahmad


Great content

Pedro Alb

I've been investigating how to please him and discovered a fantastic website at Magic tactic formula (look it up on google)


I’d be like pls don’t touch my eyeballs hahaha


Rotating the eyeballs – amazing work by Athena again! Lovely couple demo, perfect for videos. Love your work, Athena!! Xoxo


If I ever win the lottery, I'll fly out to see Athena every week!


Does anyone remember a video from like 2007 or 08 of a red haired lady named Kit who did a face massage on a young lady? It was the best, her voice was great, but the page must've though they could monetize it & put it on their site only viewable if you paid. Anyone? I'd love to find it again, it was my go to relax before asmr was a thing

Me A Pepper

Where r u at state wise


Which song music is in the background of this video

m m

The best ASMR artists have no idea that they are ASMR artists. Athena is the ultimate best. She is the World Champion.

Cool Pitbull

When I have trouble sleeping at night I just watch this and I fall right to sleep

Lavinia Negru

love the soothing voice of the therapist

Raka Q


Dirt Girl

blease no background music

Irish May Sañosa


Whoo Youu

This is The Jezelnik Offensive!

abz ie

looks so nice 💕

Louise C

Her touch is too soft and therefore does not look effective. She's just stroking and poking. I would have asked her to stop lm sorry


the little smile at the end to let us know she is still alive

jennifer chetram

omg I really need this massage. how can I contact u

Roses 21

You should do asmr videos