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Acid Wolf

Yess. I am gonna get that booty for my future bf to squeeze it.

Ashley O'Brien

How many reps?

Very good. 💋

Stop the Insanity!

how many repetitions?

Emerita Ramos

My trainer❤

Tonantzin Orozco

Can this get rid of a thigh gap

Katie Clark

Straight to the damn point, thank you! When looking for a tutorial before starting a work out, I like a video that is snappy and hits the nail straight on the head rather than listening to someone talk for several minutes. Thank you!

Dr. Gitanjali Verma

I am having really lean and thin legs. I have weak lower body as compared to my upper body. It really look odd. Will this experience work in gaining perfect thighs. Please suggest me this also that do i need to repeat this exercise daily or at alternate days? Tell me no. Of squats and repeatations also


Will this helps to get my side split?

Teddy Bear

If you do this at this pace for one minute how many sumo squats is that?

Mgt Mtg

من اللي جاي من نوف فاشن

Anumika Bahukhandi

Is it for toning the hips ?

Lashaun Hayes

Just curious, does this exercise help to widen your hips??

Meghan Davis


Basma Ab


Adriana Lazar

what is (if there is any) the difference between plie squat and sumo. thank you

Maria Ruphina