Bailarina, gimnasta y ex animadora de los Dallas Cowboys te enseña los mejores estiramientos para Splits.
♥ Mira el curso completo de escultura de cuerpo de ballet:

Kat diseñó este Ballet Booty Blast para levantar y tonificar los glúteos. Estos ejercicios también recortarán los muslos internos y ayudarán a fortalecer las piernas.

♥ Mira el curso completo de escultura de cuerpo de ballet:

♥ El curso de Kat también está disponible en WellnessPlus:
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love klm

aju joh-a   l love  you

annette Lucio

Omg i was close and i did it but it hurts sooooooow much

david morgan

Re. You Tube- Is is helpful to you for me to view every day? I have your sequence internally, but will play if it helps you.


I hope this works 🙂

Max B.

Admit it, you didn't search for this.

But there's one guy in the reply section that did.

Finding Uyu

Great routine; HOWEVER, she mentions a couple time that you should just endure the pain. Please DO NOT.

Yes, it should feel uncomfortable but you should not be feeling any sharp pains. If you push through that pain, you risk injuring yourself!!

С ней бы камасутрой заняться

Телочка что надо

UCC 930ml

What are you fighting?

Wayne Newton

Beautiful ❣️❤️ Beautiful 💞❤️😍❣️ Beautiful 💞😍❣️❤️ And Nice Very Very Nice please please please 😇🙏 Send More Videos to Email 🙏😇🙏😇…………………………………


“Stretch your leg to your nose” *(Me not even able to reach my leg)

Terry I

7:14 is when I discovered my immense hatred for the dude she's with

Lucy The Leviathan

She could be my mommy if she wants.

Anna O’Loan

Thank you so much for this video it really helped me 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😀😀😀😀

Kaye Dizon

It works 🙂

Ran Singh

Doing splits in 10 minutes is not possible
Because the type of workout she had shown requires about 2-3 days if we want to do them perfectly!!!

Samuel Valerio

Your hip is suppose to be straight not twisted


I tried this and my dad came in he thought I was doing some demonic ritual

Omg this helped me i can do a split thanks so much
im going to show my friends it 🙂 and they are going to watch this video
and they are going to be flexible like me

Aki CoOkies

I want to ballet but my mom doesn’t allow me to 🙁 😢


Correction: how to break your bones in 11:04

Preeti Patil

wow your so flexible

Une Swart

Her: put your head on your ankle
Me: i dont have the facilities for that big man


I was just trying to learn how to get more flexible for lifting purposes and you through this milf at me like im supposed to focus.


I love this😂😂😂😂😂I was laughing and screaming "YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT!?!?" 10 MINUTES A DAY…I'll try it. Give it to the end of February, they hurt so I must be doing something right😂