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Willis Jordan

What is this calorie count 110-230. Plzzzzz someone elevorate that

Liz Kranz

Loved it. thanks so much. I only had to modify the squat jumps. I eliminated the jump but added weights. (FYI: I am 67)

Felicity Dargis

I’ve been doing this for the last couple weeks abt 4-5 days a week. I remember that when I started out it was very difficult and I was pretty much dying at the end. Now I can do it without getting too exhausted, and my thighs and butt are looking more toned. Keep it up you guys, after just a couple weeks of commitment you’ll see big results!

BeeliAleex GILS

I have been doing for 3 years and I can tell that my body has changed a lot I would never think that lower body could look that nice , thank you fitness blender

bootziie velazquez

Oooh my I do them 2 rounds with weights & omg im so dead lol

Kerry Larue

I am 58 1/2 years old and have been through many u-tube exercise videos and Im in ok shape. I love this one can't do it all in one day yet but it is my goal. Thank you 🙂


so adorable when she forgot the pulses because she was talking (to us) 😂😂😂 i can't feel my legs this was awesome!! I still have a fb pilates workout to do 🤟🏻

Przemyslal Witkiewicz

Fadne masz lgnsy

Angie Schneider


Dalia Muñoz

that is a fantastic routine, i am exhausted… but i feel so great!

Elena Guilmette

this workout has saved my life its so effective!! thank you!❤️

Kristen Aubin

What the heck is the difference between a curtsy squat and a curtsy lunge? They look pretty much the same to me… 🤔

Kayla Mello

Jump squats are the wooorrrsssttt



Sara Wissam

Honestly,l been exercising from last year, every time, I am feeling strong, healthier thanks from my heart ❤️


I do this workout alternating between holding 8 and 11 pound weights for the first half (whatever I can handle lol). This is one of my FAVORITE workouts, it should say "for people who get bored easily" because there aren't any repeats. 🙂

Aubrey aguilar

Im doing this 2020 started today I’m gonna come back for results in a month👍🏽

Anna Brewer

First half was INTENSE! second half a easier but after that first half…

Kerry Hoyt

Love this one. I have a shoulder injury so I'm limited in terms of workouts. This was perfect for me!

rina trianawati

Oooh…my god, i hate jump even just for while

Brenda Cleveland


Barbara Meza

You didn't mention the blackout 10 min into the exercise.

Tooba Rahman Khan

I have super lean legs. I am trying to gain some fat on my thies. I don't like my chicken legs. Is this workout helpful?

Danielle Cordova

My first workout of 2020! Challenging myself to do Fitness Blender the whole month of January.

Rym Okur

Day 01: ✓
Day 02 : ✓

Belyna K.

Kelly thank you I like your workout very much. Greeting from Croatia <3

Noor Arif

this was my very first FitnessBlender workout that I did two years ago, and I've stuck with them ever since 🙂

Katy Waldrop

Oh. The. Burn.

S. Bron

Great lower body workout! I did this with a 15 pound kettlebell and strong resistance booty band's 😊

Michelle J

This was horrible on my sore legs


i have been doing this for one week and already i have noticed a big difference! my butt is so much bigger so thank you!

Hanan Fatani

I'm sooooo So tired 😤🤯


Love this video! I need new workouts to get out of my plateau ♥️


Great workout! Thank u!

Best workouts ever!!

Angie Schneider


Kelly Deen

Beautiful, sexy n powerfull 😍🔥 so good

Letisha Elliott

Great workout!! As can be expected from fitnessblender.

Kali Kali

I totally forgot how this look very easy but is so crazy Love ya thou you have had give me nice body thank you now is time to get back to it hooo God is crazy thou

ninew boontugs

Thank you 🙏🏻

Julia Zackova

Please help
When im doing the squats and squat lunges i feel burn in my front tighs, not in my butt. I dont know if im doing it right, but please tell me
thank you <3

Reds Anderson

I need to get the exercise in bed

Samantha Tatman

Oof. I haven't done fitness blender exercises in awhile. This is both my cardio and strength training.

panda love

How many calories do we burn in this full workout? Please let me know


Guys I have been doing this for 2 weeks now and the results are AMAZING It's really difficult at the beginning but it's worth the pain!
I would definitely recommend to anyone who's trying to get their booty in shape✔✔✔


Man, first time working out in a VERY very long time; almost 2-3 years. My legs started shaking already at 6:51 oof