¿Buscas una clase de yoga completa que fortalezca y tonifique el cuerpo pero que te haga sentir estirado y más enamorado de tu verdadero yo?

No busquen más, mis amigos. Súbete a algo cómodo y comprometámonos con tu relación contigo mismo para que puedas sentirte fuerte, apoyado y sí … amado. Te lo mereces. Y cuando te sientas conectado, fuerte, flexible y amado, tendrás la energía para servir a los demás y manifestar tus sueños más salvajes. ¡Arre! Yoga completo con Adriene ¡LA PRÓXIMA AMOR es la práctica aquí! Cometer.

¡Hazme saber cómo va abajo!

Esparce amor.

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Yoga With Adriene

“Self-care is never a selfish act – it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer others. Anytime we can listen to true self and give the care it requires, we do it not only for ourselves, but for the many others whose lives we touch.” – Parker Palmer

Danielle John

Completed your beautiful kind video within the walls of a mental health hospital. I shall continue to practice self love. God bless you ✨😘 Thank you


Practicing in my living room, with my dog Thunder, here in Belgrade; it's rainy outside and the floor is cold, but I've made it to the "namaste" part and it felt so good ♥
Thank you Adriene ♥

Amy Cuaresma

12:15 are you hAppy to see us or is that a banana 🍌in your pocket?

Rachel Taylor

Daffodils are out and the trees are blossoming here in the UK – its spring thank goodness. Love this full yoga class. Try it if you haven't already it makes you feel alive and happy 🙂 thank you Adriene xxx

Marloes Wanrooij

Lots of love from London. I resisted yoga for years, and now I have been doing it almost every day for a few weeks and it feels so good. I’m so grateful for finding you, Adrienne! ❤️

Kiruthika Balachandran

I am so grateful for you. Thank you so much for everything.💟

Ryan K

your dog is all nice and calm… my cat paws at my face in downward dog and claws at the mat 🙂

Emelia Söderlund

Namaste x

Dylan Koczwara

what yoga pose do i do to look as good as adriene does in this video

Hanna Jonsson

Today I practiced with my partner. In a way, we met because of individual journeys of self love and self exploration. I truly believe our love for each other is amplified through – and because of – our practice of being understanding and compassionate with ourselves. Thank you for today's practice.

Melissa Yin

Hi Adriene, I really like your videos and just finished all the beginner ones. One suggestion: Any chance you can do mirror images, like a lot of other fitness instructors do? I find that a lot easier to follow. Thank you!

Ludwig Schwarzwälder

I consider myself an Adienenist 😀


Thank you 🙂 This was exactly what I needed today. I know the video is not new, but I really loved it. Hugs to Benji <3


It's a Friday evening and I was in a funk earlier. I love to be alone but today it felt lonely and empty. I didn't want to do my daily yoga practice – I was procrastinating and laying on my mat on my phone for a while before I picked a video and got to it. And yet again, Adriene, you bring me comfort and peace. I cried at the beginning and the end of this video. My mind was busy throughout which always frustrates me even though I know it is part of the journey. But as always, when… Read more »


i tend to avoid longer practices because I tell myself I don't have enough time, but i'm so glad i showed up on the mat for this today! reminds me that we have to make the space for self-love in my life; thank you adriene 🙂

Sarah McLin

I have to admit, 50 minutes scared me! I made it through!🥰 Practicing in my RV. It's tight, but worth it!😜 Plus, you have to stay present while practicing yoga in your rv or something/someone is going to get injured! 😏

Alice DN

What a wonderful wonderful practice ! I love how Benji shows up when you slap your thighs and he’s so confused like « who is hitting my master? My master herself?! How can I stop this without hurting her? Why is she doing this to herself?!? »


I was lucky enough to practice this today outdoors in the beautiful sun ❤️🙏🏻☀️thank you Adriene, namaste!

Kiana Heath

Awww you’re my hero. This was a great flow