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Nuala Martyn

Really like this Upper Body workout, doing it twice a week, found it hard to find any Upper Body workouts, but this is is perfect, thank you : ) Big fan of yours, do the 37 minute workout all the time and the Ad workouts and others also, keep it up!! (Fan from West of Ireland)


workout complete 18.11.2019 – 7.51 AM.


My dance coach forced me to do these everyday. Fuck

Eva Swan

What's the weight she is using? I used 2lbs on each hand and didn't feel the workout

Ivalina Passe

Keeping Fit Awesome daily routine!!!

yosef roba


Vyara Harizanov

fitnesblender I'm having no soreness at all whats happening??

Zay Zay

Another awesome training video. I like that I could increase weight or reps along the way making this workout a really great starting point for getting into shape. Thanks Sensei Kelli. You are the best! ( Performs dogeza)

Payal Naresh Doshi

Thank You FitnessBlender, for the wonderful upper body workout. I try to do this workout routine three times a week to gain some muscles and strength in the upper region, and I have seen the wonderful results in 2 weeks. It is a perfect workout with stretching in the end.
Can you please make a video on a workout routine with a diet plan for reducing a "Pear Shaped" figure.
Thank you!


I have scoliosis so I had to take a break after each exercise to check in with my body, but it seems to have went okay! 🙂

Marina Mori

Thank you for the great workout. Jun 22, 2017

CrystalA M

3/28/17…workout complete!

Garlic Girl

I liked this I guess because straightforward. I used heavier DBs then 3 lbs. I think this is HILARIOUS knowing how we know Kelli now…she smiles, chats and is involved with you now…growth. She is LIVELY now! LOL! 😀

Ashley Gwynn

This was fantastic you guys!!

Ieuan Wills

What size weights are you using?

Sara Kjeldsen

Very good workout for upper body toning. I can already do pushups easier and this is my second time. 🙂


what can you use other than a dumbell?

Joanne Crowe

I am a runner with a sore foot… can't walk very far… I have been searching the net and found this group of videos for upper body.. Great workout.. Thanks


This had me fooled. Its deceiving. I thought it was gonna be a breeze. Got my ass kicked. Loved it though.

Rachana Kataram

My left shoulder keeps popping when I do overhead presses…it doesn't hurt, but should I be worried? Thank you!

Farhana Rupa

Its really a nice easy and effective workout.

Michelle Carney

Nice workout to begin my day.

Timothy Jacques

it works a lot

Genesia Bush

I did bad on this exercise got to do better

cork screw

I don't want to buy dumbbells if I already have sand bags and cinder blocks