Bienvenido de nuevo chicas! ¡ESTE VIDEO NO ES PATROCINADO! Sabes que a tu chica le ENCANTA la ropa de gimnasia. ¡Así que aquí está mi unboxing de Fabletics de octubre + tops baratos que he encontrado! xo
♡ ¡Sígueme en Instagram para obtener consejos de ajuste diarios con Whit!

♡ SNAPCHAT: whitneyysimmons

♡ Twitter:

♡ Sitio web:



♡ FABLETICS: obtén tu primer atuendo por $ 25

♡ Sofra Crop $ 10.49 !!!!!!

♡ ¡Cultivo rosado $ 8.50 !!!!!

♡ LIPPIE que llevo puesto:
Kylie Cosmetics Lápiz labial líquido expuesto



♡ Cellucor C4 pre-entrenamiento

♡ Pre-entrenamiento PEScience High Volume

♡ Xtend BCAA's


♡ Muscle Milk 100% proteína de suero

♡ Beverly International Protein



♡ Auriculares inalámbricos:

♡ Bandas de resistencia Skillz:

♡ Panqueques de proteína Kodiak

♡ Panqueques de proteína Kodiak – CHOCOLATE OSCURO

♡ Escala de comida:

♡ Premier Protein

♡ Cámara que uso: .

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Daisy Lourdes Garcia

Ok I know this video is from a while back and I want to get into fabletics! Ok so , your card is charge the 50 ok after that what your your outfit with out paying right that 50 below because they already charge you the 50 or do you still have to for the outfits like in addition

Savanna Banana

You live in Utah?! I do too! I love you and have for a while, I can't believe I never knew this😂 What area of Utah?

Stephanie Grant

I been with fabletics for over a year now…no regrets!!

Delia Mae

do the leggings pass the squat test??

Liz Fontana

Update!!! Please! Whitney, see me! …Ok nvm. Have a nice day

Gloria Garcia

They sell fabletics at Ross dress for less

Danielle Nicolle

Love this video! The green top is so cute girl. Im going to have to get that. Everything looked cute on you.


Hello, I do not know how it will be in the United States but here in Spain that page is a scam. orders that never arrive, credits that do not let you spend and also do not even take the phone to the technical service. I have been following you for a long time but promoting these types of brands makes you lose all credibility …

Patty Leake

I just purchased so much…fabletics, Amazon. Yikes! I’m so excited though! Thank you for helping with my work outs and gear. Love YOU so much!

Angie Felber

Where is the purple long sleeve that you are wearing from? Love your videos!

diana yakimenko

So This was the first video I watched from your channel. And believe it or not . Been clicking my way through all your videos . And tbh I can't watch other YouTuber's cuz girl your vibe> everyone else's. Literally can't stand anyone else's videos rn I'm shook! Your amazing 💘 all love

Katherine Matthews

I totally wasn't paying attention to when you said 'Mute me for five seconds' and my Dad 'camel toe' and ran away 😓😓

RChhell _fit

Nooooo. I searched sooooo long for a cheaper crop top like that, and now I see they don't ship them to my adress 😱😥
Do you have an idea how I still can get them?
Loooove your video's 😘

Andy Tapia

Roselets got some great leggings and they dont break your purse like fabletics, just saying

Vom Mond

fabletics ist scheiße!

Natale Cristofani

Are the Lisette leggings squat proof?? Thanks girl😘

Cathy Campos

what shirt are you wearing im in love

Danielle Charlene

So obsessed with your videos I've been binge watching your videos lol 😭❤️

Shelly Nork

How to find your closet on poshmark


Can you do a video on workout clothes you get from Amazon?

Naila Iqbal

I have watched this same video atleeast 3 times. so cute.

Gracyn Haks

Becoming sooo obsessed with ur vids. I just started my fitness journey and I feel like u give me some motivation. Haha. 😘

Obsessed Fangirl

i always love your makeup so much, you should totally do makeup tutorial videos 😛


Don't order from fabletics! They make you sign up for a VIP membership without you knowing and being very unclear about it and then they charge you £44 a month!! I had no knowledge of this till I checked my bank account, and I am still waiting for my refund – they website is such a scam for people who have never used it before

Isabella Binion

Omg who else got the ad that was telling you to skip this video and shop somewhere else? Creeped me out


I kept thinking my smoke alarm was low on batteries but that's yours beeping haha.


You're so cute ! I love your videos !!! lol I'm so watching your vids in the gym

barbara long

so now that you've had them for a while, how do you feel about the burgundy pants?

Courtney Christine

Guess who works at fabletics… this girl right here!😆

Meg Mon

Yes, more unboxing!


Omg, I don't know how I found your channel, But I love it 😁

Katie Johnson

You are so cute and funny! I loved your description of the membership, I work at a fabletics store and when some people describe it,it makes me cringe so hard lol! Because they typically talk about it in an off putting way, when it's an AMAZING deal and easy way to get awesome clothes!


I love you so much !


I wasn't sure about the fabletics at first buuut I got time 💁🏻👌🏻

Xoxo Fayee

You are soooo beautiful !!! 💕 love your videos!

hannah hannah

i love you videos!!!!

Kellyann Geary

I need help with sizing


Omg you're so beautiful 😍👅💦

Jennifer Salinas

Could you make a video explaining your supplements or what you drink before and after a workout or what you recommend to not be so sore after the first couple times you go to the gym? Also any protein drinks

Courtney M.

omggggggg that long sleeve olive green shirt is everything!!!!

Kara Marie

Haha is it just me or does it seem like you're yelling the whole time? Anyway I love all your stuff!

Lissett Quispe


Celine Lambrecht

thank you for getting me addicted to fabletics