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Thank you

Shivesh R
Juici Sushi

Is this what Jim does now ?

feli mart

I hate doing leg workouts but you change my mind i love it

A.S.K tunes

By this we can loss weight

Valerie Pounds

loved this!


jim from the office


I just got done doing this

Angie Schneider


Dillibabu Thulukanam

Useful exercise

Angie Schneider


Angie Schneider


Tiffini Tory

I started doing your workouts at 434 lbs. You two have been a great benefit to my weight loss journey. I'm down over 100 lbs and finally can do some of your other beginner workouts!!! I just finished this one and it was great!!! So appreciate your channel!!!

Ayla Woodford

I'm huge into working out and the moves are fairly easy compared to what I'm used to, but you do a good job! I can't believe how much I sweat especially the second time through!!

CloudAM28 :3

Day 2 finished

R-I-P legs this really works

Landon Harris

Great workout.
Fyi, this routine has WARMUP & COOLDOWN included.


Thank you 🙂

This was my first time ever hearing or doing a tip toe squat. Awesome workout!!!!


Don't forget calves!


finished !!

Felix Felicis


MoneyMan08 15

Hey guys do you get skinny thighs

Kareem Yosef

Is it ok for this workout per day? Or should i practice more?


why does the calorie counter have all those numbers.. does it mean your burning calories between those numbers this – dash


r u floating in mid air😊


is that calorie counter on the right side accurate?

Ameer Williams

What does it mean when your legs start shivering while doing the exercises?

A Georgina

love it, thank you so much




great bid. you guys produce awesome workouts. thanks


this can help burn thigh fat right guys? cause im new to this.