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Psicología del trastorno por adicción a las drogas y abuso de sustancias, causas y soluciones

En este video, el psiquiatra Dr. Colin Ross, M.D., analiza el diagnóstico psiquiátrico del trastorno por abuso de sustancias y sus tratamientos, causas subyacentes y criterios de diagnóstico.

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you can hear it like 5 times so good hahahaha

Knowledge Variable

When he mentioned denial, shivers went down my spine.

am py

1. Addiction/Substance abuse is a mechanism to escape uncomfortable feelings like Anxiety or Hopelessness.
2. But substance only numb these feelings temporarily and uncomfortable feelings come back eventually.
3. First step to recovery is accepting that you have a problem or issue. Then avoid people or places that often attract you towards substance abuse.

Berthir Kureo

This doctor is so good I didn't even check the lady's legs lol


She does not know men. If she did she wouldn't be dressed like that. How is he able to concentrate on the topic. Notice the comments all about her legs. Who can stay on topic?

Fiver Fiver

who is a drug dealer
only me
ok ;-;

Johnny Partain

Cutting is NOT EVEN CLOSE to a heroin high. I used heroin for 8 years, meth for 2, and I used to cut before I started using drugs.


I do drugs because my life sucks I try to be myself around my family and they say they don't want you to act that way. And people and Relationships end when they see you be you.


How can you say AA is a good idea? It's totally harmful in my experience. Many people have problems with AA. Bill Willson himself eventually did and eventually left and began a whole other method of treatment.

ashley sivillo

Why is it wrong for someone to like the way they feel, when they use drugs.


Use this as a symbol of the day you quit your addiction. Decide today, you are the one in control of your life and you have more to live for. I am here to help you. https://www.samuelbowen.com/shop/into-a-new-era-print-8-in-x-12-in

Denton dowd

I know it’s an information show… but you are way to Boring, you talk way to slow and don’t move enough, lol it took everything I had just to pick up what your saying without falling asleep, talking about you chick.. the dude was just laying down facts, man I need a job like yours,basically do nothing.

Molly Jackson

I thought you only did ASMR videos?! I'm so pumped about this because, I, myself am a 26 year old heroin addict with 2 1/2 years clean. Thank you for doing this Corinna, you're literally the best. 🖤🖤🖤

Edit: I didn't realize this was back in 2015 hahaha 🤦

welp… too late

Alice's Husband

Someone is hungry

Ad Pickers

I was going to share this video but those LEGS are just to distracting.
Oh my goodness. Going to watch again.
MAYBE this time I will hear what was being said.
Except when she re-crosses. 😓

Knyfe 5-0 K

It's substance use, not abuse. Nature created mj opium and naturals. Water and food are substances. Consider me addicted. Oh and there's no opioid crisis. It's a SNITCING epidemic. I'd better say no to my bi polar DRUGS too. Oh and I've got buprenorphine for LIFE😆! The cops can't get me! Sobriety sux!

Shimmy H

Looking great Corrina…..hmmm hmmm

Sensai Vers

I can't stand this lady or her moaning. I need a drink now.

Stephy Martinez

I’m an addict

Tony Nugent

Someone needs a snickers bar lol

Jannette Hobbs

Thank you for this! Extremely helpful.

Carolyn Barney

🚂🚂🚂 'a what?… trains…😁☻🧠🤓Why did the 🐓?
Why did the wood chuck 🤮?

shane lauer

I like the possibility of buying a chicks yoga pants while I study about my addiction. The ads right below the video. Addiction or……….yoga pants?

judd brady

She’s fanny farting.

Adam Parker

Nice legs and a Douche Bag

Drex Cote

Spread eagle on the mind 😂😂😂

nivek m

That's a pair of legs let's clean this mess up

Michael Torrey

All's I got from this video is "damn she's sexii, nd those legs" 😂😂💯🤘🏻

azath house

Those legs. Whats the deal

suman2 bairagi

For best treatment in drug rehabilitation call now: +1 (646) 736-28-56

Strange Fruit

I hear nothing – i just see stunning 'Pins' . . . . . sorry, I'm a Man – i'm programmed !

steven roscoe

The struggle looking in her eyes is real.

Hurt Locker

Milf interviewer 👌🏻👈🏻


My drug habits drain an enormous amount of time, energy and money from me. It's just too much. I have spent a horrendous amount of money on substances. Once I am on the substances I am not a better person. In fact I am more reserved, hypervigilant and distrusting of others. My decisions have been a severe drain on my finances, my time, my mental health, and my relationships. It's time to stop chasing this expensive pipe dream so I can start to feel better.

No wankers allowed

I hate drugs use pot is acceptable but heavy narcotics and the prescribed heavy drugs that cause a person to be seriously fucked up with side affects like amnesia.. I have no tolerance for. I HATE drugs dealers they deserve the death penalty for how much they profit from other people's downfalls.. legalised or not I don't see how you can justify doping a person including giving sleeping medication when they have no issues sleeping.. wake up it's time for your sleeping meds… WTF yes personal experience

JL Brady

I like this guy. I teach relapse prevention to ex cons, fresh out of prison. I agree with what he says and how he covers all addictions and reiterates that not 1 thing works for all people. I find that convicts tend to prefer CBT to AA and my guess is that they like feeling in control of their recovery. As well as they already KNOW CBT, they just have to convert it to making lawful decisions. But I'm not an expert by any means.


Why is she so stiff

Amazing sweet

Men can’t really focus on this, her legs is a distraction

Anthoni Lewinson

Sorry… She's beautiful

Sandra Abbott

How unfortunate 🤔😣How dare you use someone's picture.!!! For your benefit!!!

Gretchen H

Thank God! I never tried any thing other than coffee. I completely understand though. People need to escape the pain in their lives. I guess that is how it starts. God will get you through recovery. I had some friends that fully recovered. Support from family and friends is So Important!