Principiantes Power Yoga para flexibilidad – Entrenamiento corporal total – Clase de yoga de 45 minutos
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Principiantes Power #Yoga para #Flexibilidad – Total Body #Workout – Clase de yoga de 45 minutos

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En este video, Courtney te ofrece una clase completa de yoga de 45 minutos para flexibilidad y rango de movimiento. Esta rutina de yoga es un entrenamiento de cuerpo completo que aumentará la flexibilidad. Estas posturas de yoga aumentarán tu fuerza y ​​te ayudarán a tonificar tu cuerpo.

Courtney Bell enseña clases en Austin, Texas.

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Parte 2 – Principiantes Power Yoga para bajar de peso – Entrenamiento corporal total – Clase de yoga de 45 minutos

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I guess its ok but if you leave us stretching on each pose for a little bit longer would be better. Also would be nice if you tell everyone to comment at the beginning or the end of the video and not during this one since we are trying to relax. Thanks for a quick workout.

Sherryl Keith

if you want to know more about workouts, just go to Unflexal page, there you'll find your answers 🙂

m i s b e h a v e.

I think, I‘d like to f*** you!

Violet Moscovici

Thank you so much Courtney- your "beginners power yoga" videos are inspiring, I truly enjoy this. I started Yoga back in December for the first time, I liked it, but somehow life happened and I stopped going to the studio. Now, with your video help I added to my daily routine at home, feels great and builds strength, flexibility.

Nicole Alaniz

Tough but beautiful practice

Perfect Imperfections Of a Mom

Just wow! I am starting yoga for fitness purpose.
Growing up I was in gymnastics for the main part of my childhood. This challenged muscles that I thought vanished! I felt a complete flex and balance workout!!!
This not only helped me in my weight lose journey, it opened my eyes to see that gymnast body is hiding underneath, it has never left!. I felt sooo good being able to complete ALL poses till the end.

Poppin Mangal

Great routine 😍 so good for body opening , flexiblity & strength 💪 thanks. I did follow up with you.

Nannette Battista

Hi. If you want to be prepared for this check Unflexal workouts. I know you'll find good solutions for your workouts.

Sofia Karmieh

I really want to get back into doing power yoga but I've had an LCL tear a few weeks ago and I'm not sure if this would be safe to attempt…

Mery Az

Hello,Great video!I can’t put my heel on the floor with the downward dog,there is anything I can do about it?As well in that position I have pain on the right side of my lower back.Thank you.

A M Echeves

i do love shavasana once yoga sesion its over i fell asleep many times on shavasana pose

ali b.

i m now fan of courtney and erica vetra programs <3


Not hard, Courtney! Easy, slow, gentle pace you gave.

A M Echeves

I finally made it to the end but it was hard

Heather LynnNadiaGent

This is my favorite beginner video!! The stretches are immaculant and perfect routine!!! I’ll end up in this for an hour & 1/2 if not more!! Love & thank you to you!!

Marie-Christine Samuel

This practice was perfect! Just enough hard and really fun! A big thank you from Shawinigan, Québec, Canada! 🙂


Courtney Bell is beautiful and sexy

Susan Hines

vey good & liked how you went slow enough to conentrate on the stretch…should tell us when to take deep breaths, hold, & exhale & descibe every thing you do & what we should be feeling so we won't have to constantlly be straining to look. I like tone of your vooive, very soothing. I have arthritis in hips & legt hip impingement so lotus pose and left hip gives me problems…I could have gone a bit longer but give us anple time to change fron pose to pose & get full beneit of breathing oxygen in ") God bless… Read more »

Khajtriana McGirl

This is not beginners, loosing weight is the point yes but those of us who have stomachs we want to loose they get in the way and makes it extremely difficult to bring our legs up like that… This is for skinny folks with maybe 2 extra pounds to loose….