No estoy inventando esto. ¡Esta postura de Fundamentos del yoga tiene muchos beneficios y se puede practicar en la comodidad de su hogar! Masajea los órganos internos, conéctate a tu centro y estíralo. ¡Un poco de yoga hace mucho! Escucha a tu cuerpo y súbete un pedo con este episodio de Fundamentos del yoga. Conéctate y déjalo ir. #findwhatfeeslgood
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Instagram: @adrienelouise

Música de introducción de Shakey Graves. Míralo aquí: .

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Pamla Carter

No it doesn't feel good. I have gas..and didn't loose but one tiny fart. I am talking serious gas.

Kozukenma 1


Maya Ash

Just watching the video was good enough for me

Deadteam Jako

5:27 wouldn't mind helping you release some pressure!!

Jonathan Kelley

Well. The damn drs didnt do "shit" for me. So I'm here now. And added to the hole in the ozone layer

Sadistic Sittings

Why am i here

Katherine Elliott

This didn’t work for me and was really uncomfortable did I do it wrong

The Peters Family


Ross Pimental

She’s sexy.

Jonathan Ganesh

Can you do that in an elevator? Lol.

Scamp Thelazycat

I don't need yoga poses to fart like a mule

Nick W

@5:53 breathe into the butthole, how many times she had to repeat this exercise… 🙂

Ever After

I gotta shit now….

Ever After

I can imagine someone farting loudly then freaking out and running to the bathroom.

Miri W

Drunkenly doing fart yoga cause my ibs can't handle beer, grateful for this part of the internet x

Fara Hana 工作室

Thank God, finally I release the hidden gas since yesterday in which it makes lots of discomfort in my stomach.

Buchaphobia x Lilim

Thank you so much! Really helpful

Nick The Music Snob

I had trapped gas this really helped

Jacob Sarcringieuos

Instantly let out a fart so big, I almost you know what myself. Thanks ❤

Chengfu Saechao

I'm very disappointed..
I didn't hear you

Jessica Main

She's so cute haha


You saved me XD


Who else is just watching this to see if she actually farts

Asherton Johnson

did anyone notice that she actually didn't fart!

VaRee' Batyah

I had to stop watching long enough to tell you that the intro is really great LOL

Mike Oscmal

Why didn't she fart if it works so good?

Erin Bee

Adriene, I suffer from debilitating digestive issues causing severe pain and sometimes vomiting. I am cooking thanksgiving dinner for my family this year and as I was prepping this morning I felt an attack coming on. This video helped me stop it in its tracks!! I am so grateful for you. Thanks for sharing your heart and soul so openly with us. Happy thanksgiving to you and everyone else 🙏🏼❤️

Cameron James

It worked



Stacey Lee


this comment section smells
bad bad really bad

Evelyn Plays

Hysterical posts aside (very hysterical) this was very helpful. I have a digestive disorder that makes me break down food a bit slower than most folks so fruit and veg almost ferment in my gut. I get balloon gut, which is very very uncomfortable. This pose really helped relieve the painful pressure (no farts, hopefully later) and the sharp pains. Thanks so much A! ✌🏼

layla king

Lmao “findwhatfeelsgoodl

j ong8

Dealing with ovulation-caused gassy, bloated tummy. This worked really well for me. Thank you

Deklan Warren

She’s hot

Sharlene Cassius

Who else was waiting to hear her fart? I mean, that was the point right?



Lies. Girls don't fart.

will childs

1 out 5 needs more farts


Had two bean burritos from Taco Bell then tried this here at work in an empty conference room. Sounds occurred. Stuff. The fire alarm went off

mamta sharma

i was bloating and i found this site. it worked for me. thank you..please also put video for constpation

Phantasma Monkey

I need to stop reading the comments before attempting this stuff because I end up laughing too hard and then I can't relax but I have to read the comments because I have to know if it worked for others.

Michelle Scherer

This did not work for me

Lauryn Elizabeth

it would’ve been better if she farted sigh

lock it

I'm on that side of YouTube again

Triple Chocolate

I actually did fart. Thank you! Such a relief after being awake at 2am because of stomach pain. Search on youtube for reliefs and came across here. 😊😊

Fran C.

I had a stomach cramp and a gas bubble was stuck so I tried the position on your thumbnail and it worked thanks 👍 now my gut cramp is gone. Now I can sleep. Lol