¡Aprende la postura del personal mientras continúa nuestra serie Fundamentos del yoga! La postura del personal (o Stick Pose) es una excelente postura para controlar la alineación de la columna vertebral y el centro del cuerpo. Definitivamente hay más que se ve a simple vista en esta postura y siempre hay espacio para crecer, aunque al principio no lo parezca. Mejora tu postura, dale amor a esos isquiotibiales y ayuda a aliviar el dolor de espalda. Esta versión es ideal para principiantes con los dedos hacia arriba. ¡Visita mi blog para modificaciones y otras variaciones junto con más videos y palabras sobre el estilo de vida de Yoga Wellness! www.yogawithadriene.com

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Jake Dragonfruit

Thanks Adriene. This pose is really yummy. Good for breathing

Jay-Ram Rajendra

Lol, so random (and maybe fun fact): When I learned the name from you of this asana from for the first time, I was like…why is there an asana called "punishment pose?" And then when I did it, it really felt punishing all up in the back (also, I was trying to crank my poses like Soulja Boy back then too). I was like..this doesn't make any sense..why would yoga have a pose named like this?!! But later when you explained this was "stick pose" I was like (to myself) ohhh, "danda" not "dand", the latter meaning punishment or chastise.… Read more »


What to do if I can't do by straighting both legs and spine? I can straight any one at a time. What to do? And my spine is not straight. It is tilted slightly. Any help or suggestions?

SM Clark

Allo Adriene, and thank you SO very much for sharing these videos with us!! I am a total newbie and really enjoy learning and practicing with your calm, gentle, informative guidance (I'm working my way through the Foundations series.). I cannot straighten my legs and keep my back straight, so I appreciate you mentioning the bent-knee modification. Do you have any recommendations for increasing leg flexibility?? ( I realize I'm posting a question on a much older video, but I'm hopeful you can help!)

Nathan Remington

I really struggled to get my back straight with my legs not bent! Not so easy!

Esperanza de la Paz

Felt it wonderfully on my back. Thank you.

Cordelia Fitzgerald

this killed my thighs 🙂


Fantastic!!! That is a perfect visualization with the stick holding up the spine. 🙏🏽


Loved the video :)…easy postures are the most difficult if you think about it…because they force you think what else yoga can mean to you apart from mastering poses and showing off to your friends…lmao!
They also teach us that we need not to always go so hard on ourselves and our lives in order to bring joy in our lives 🙂

Rio Mae Blanco

Keep connecting ☺️ Namaste 🙏🏻


Waow, way harder that it seems. I HURT!


bhawan kishore

Love u Adrienne you are a good teacher , loving your videos

Félix Francotte

Hi Adriene ! Just wanted to say thank you ! I'm trying to do yoga on a more regular basis and your videos really help. A foundation video + sun salutations every morning is what gets me going so far ! Thank you 🙂

Express Destiny

Thank You you have changed my life

Rebecca Hurford

Yoga is a really interesting way to learn what muscles you use regularly. I work in a stock room, so forward fold is no problem. But this is harder than downward dog for me! I think I've found my next challenge of a pose to focus on here…

Hailey Jackson

Omg that was a lot harder then it looks


Hi Adriene. I'm happy to learn the basic pose like Dandasana from you. Also I understand that the basic is too important.And Shiva Rae, She is wonderful. Thank you.

Nick Cellucci

Hey Adrienne – staff tends to be one of the most difficult poses for me – it’s hard to keep my back straight and my legs tend to tingle as if they’re falling asleep! I have equal difficult with a seated forward fold, during which I can’t seem to fold at all – are these sensations all simply due to being a novice yogi, or would you recommend backing off a bit when limbs begin to tingle?

Nicole Mostofa

stick with it!

Yoga Guru



Oh my goodness this engages muscles I didn't even know I had

Thank you! 💗

Svetlana Babushkina

Thanks a lot for your videos! Have a question about this pose: it’s hard to press down with heels and lift up from the low back upwards at the same time. My legs start to shake a lot, strong vibration. And the breath is not so smooth because of it. Do you have a recommendation?

Christi Jean

Thank you Adriene! I have struggled with this pose for many, many, many years. Your instructions really helped me to FINALLY EXECUTE THIS POSE. For this, I am forever grateful to you.This morning, I finally did my first staff pose. What a blessed gift!

Cavin G.

Trying to do this then forward fold, especially wide-legged, I just can't seem to keep my back straight. One day I really worked to do that and ended up waking up the next day with a bad back. With a block it's a little easier but I just continue to feel my lower back bending forward. Not sure how to improve this. I'm guessing it's a core strength thing.

Huang Yizhou

Thank you Adriene. I love you and I love the foundations of yoga. Namaste! 🙂