Mi nueva serie —– LUZ: 7 días Chakra Ride —– ya está disponible!

¡Pruébalo con una prueba gratuita de 7 días en FWFG Yoga!

¡Aprende High Lunge con Adriene mientras continúa nuestra serie de Fundamentos de Yoga! Esta pose de yoga es ideal para todo el cuerpo: fortalece y equilibra. ¡Aprende esta postura desde cero con un fuerte enfoque en la alineación y la acción para que cuando estés en clase pública estés seguro, con poder y feliz!

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Antony Jojo

What is the difference between warrior one and high lunge ?


I embrace that metaphor, thank you. Have a grand Saturday you and yours and God willing all is well. I will be back for more foundations tomorrow God willing. Jai Namaste 🙏🏽

I'm Batman

That dog made my day😈

Quite nice camera angle but the best was when the dog came!

LOL why u liked it
U gotta like it again I edit it

Rio Mae Blanco

Really a great pose for strengthening and lengthening the whole body ☺️ Thank you Adriene and namaste 🙏🏻


I struggle so hard with this! I fall over every time!

Julian Shaw

Remind me never to do this after an intense bike ride. bahahahahha. #legsdied


You are really beautiful !:)


Nicole Mostofa

i was like "downward dog? what?! oh benji." 😛


God that was so painful the front of my thighs and my feet won't stop cramping! I have the strength of a blobfish!


This and Warrior I have the same video length. I had a moment of "Woah…" lol


Thanks for the smile 🙂 #fwfgNov2017

Heal By Veronica


I'm coming a yoga teacher. So at the end of the last side you come into a downdog not the first side you do correct?



Fardaneh RVZ

I've started to do yoga everyday couple of months ago, so I'm following your videos from the oldest to the newest, they are awesome, thank you!


love how detailed you are adriene!! I just finished school to be a yoga instructor and find it difficult to remember all the key actions but I will keep working on it!

Stephanie Justice

My back ankle hurts during this pose. Am I doing it wrong or is it just weak?


I love it when your dog comes to join!

Kyle S.

So this was an intense 6-minute workout. Whew. Mine's more a Sweating-and-Teetering Lunge, but I'll find some ease eventually. Be a fun one to practice every day.

Balance training forum


Yoga With Adriene

Hi there! Absolutely. Yoga is wonderful because it can bring awareness to every nook and cranny- all aspects of life that connect back to how we feel on a daily basis and how that transmutes and shows up in the body. Practice! Hop on the mat and I will do a thyroid sequence just for you! In the meantime… create your practice! You have already begun!!!


Hey Adriene, I have Hypothyroid and because of that I am gaining weight which is hard to shake off. I tried sweating in the gym, not eating, eating healthy and with my medication nothing helps. Will yoga benefit me?

Yoga With Adriene

Thank YOU for asking and contributing to our YWA community here!

Yoga With Adriene

Awesome! I swear if we just had a little faith! A little stretching goes a LONG LONG LONG way! In the body – in the dang mind! Also- happier backs with those hammies stretches, etc! Its all connected baby! Amirite!??? 😉

Keith Johnson Art

Awesome. You are so kind. I think all the stretching is starting to pay off. My hamstrings are finally getting more flexible. I started holding the stretches longer.

Jasmine Ng

Thank you so much for the advise!

Yoga With Adriene

It does make sense. Start by taking a look at your feet- your base. Make sure you are not standing on a tight rope- but rather give yourself a nice wide base for stability. Then draw energy up from your strong base. Engage the legs but hugging the inner thighs together and lifting up through your pelvic floor- whatever that means for you. Draw your naval in and feel the body become alive with integrity. Don't even worry about the arms. Keep them on your hips for now while we wake up the body!

Yoga With Adriene

You can link your favorite standing poses together from the Foundations series or try the Freedom Flow sequence which is mostly standing and all about finding your own groove. I will do a standing only sequence just for you. Stay tuned!!!

Jasmine Ng

Hi Adirene, i was wondering how you find your balance in this pose? I always feel like im either sinking downwards or over compensating by being too straight with my legs. I hope that makes sense…

Keith Johnson Art

I like standing poses better. Great video. Is there an all standing session?

Yoga With Adriene

Build that warmth from the inside out! Brings a whole other meaning to that phrase 🙂