Mountain Pose es una postura básica de pie que es una gran base para muchas asanas. Crea espacio en la columna permitiendo que el cuerpo trabaje más eficientemente y con mayor facilidad. ¡Prueba Tadasana y hazme saber lo que piensas!

Para obtener más información, consulte mi publicación en el blog de Mountain Pose en:

Mantente conectado ~

Para más información sobre la música de Shakey Graves: .

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Desi Hakim

Lol send me a block

Gisele Nascimento

Loving these series of videos… thank you so much 😊

Caroline De Meyer

I have never done Yoga, but with your help I am doing Yoga every day!!! Thx

Kyameshia Joseph


Maryam Fallahnejad

I just can tell that I love you and I love the feeling you're giving me about myself💓💓

Samu Tyrväinen

I also love Titanic.

Jay-Ram Rajendra

👋 Hi! Stopped by for a 2AM Yoga Foundations class and it was the best decision ever. Lol. I kinda want to know the story, but I also feel super weird searching for a blog post article about your toes from 6 (almost 7 now!) years ago. Hahaha. Oh man. Anyways, on certain practice days I started using mountain asana to ground myself before beginning practice and take the extra time helps make practice more connected. I also have a better understanding of standing on the "four corners of the feet" now, so I can practice that more mindfully. Thank… Read more »

kate smith

I've never connected to tadasana like this! I felt the energy building just standing there breathing. I was smiling like a loon and my eyes watered a little 😉 haha amazing! Thank you Adriene!

Dorina Mladonyiczki

Hi, when I am engaging my legs and thighs, they roll forward not backwards. Is it something I should avoid?



McPhee Clan

I never really understood the importance of this pose, but it makes me so much more conscience about my posture. It was so easy to find this pose the way you explained it all. Loved it! Thank you so much for sharing and being so patient in explaining each pose! Namaste 🙏🏻

Kristi Nichols

started with sciatica pain and it eased by the time the video was done!

Earth Monkey

I tried meditating had some weird stuff happen, was told this pose can help thank you and also thanks for mentioning you can do it anywhere no mat required or block/smartphone 🙂

Filip Delac

Thanks Adriene!

Farhana NYC

too much blah blah


I luv, luv, luv this girl.

wall e

I like when you say "TaDaaa"😄 I feel good after doing this.

Yulia Kraleva

Thank you for dedicating 12:30 minutes to this pose. I went through all yoga foundation videos and it helped me A LOT! Now I'm in process of "Dedicate" yoga journey, and foundation series are a solid dase for me. Today I've returned to chek myself. Thank you!


Great stability, thank you. You are so funny 😊🙏🏽😘


have we reached the point yet where i drop you an email and you send me a block?
i lost mine… ㅠㅠ


To help me lift I imagine I am a child trying to grow that couple more inches so that I can ride the bigger roller coaster with the adults 🥰.


Those bangs give me life 🙌🏼

Corinne Hemphill

Thank you. I’m just starting to teach small sections of yoga classes, under guidance of my amazing teacher while studying to be a yoga teacher myself & I’m gaining so much from watching how you teach. Love the friendly way that you clearly explain right back to the basics. Namaste

Alysia Sufrin


R. Montes, M.A.

@YogaWithAdriane Great video, Adriane! Thanks for sharing the wisdom of yoga. I'd like to check about a detail, should the inner edge of the feet be parallel to each other or the outer edge? When I set the outer edge of the feet straight forward, I get more of that thigh inward rotation.

Trav is

I don’t know how to place the feet it burns lol

Melinda Munoz

Yay TX!

Ellen Diane

it's hard when you have no arches;(- started ballet at age 3- but never developed-

Anna Francisco

Thank you so much for this. I've been wanting to try yoga and stumbled upon your channel. Thank you for the playlist. I've only watched 4 but it has helped me be more aware of myself, of my body, the strain I've been putting on it in my everyday life. I know I kept saying thank you already but I'm really grateful to you for jumpstarting my yoga journey. <3

Shashikant Chaudhary

tadasasna is tree pose . Right ?

Mohammad Hafezi

I love this episode! This is my favorite!

Laura Billow

I never knew those things about checking your feet when stretching this way, thanks for the insight!

Sarah Tuhy

Can I have a block please now that you’re famous 😉

She did it totally wrong

Leroy Yoann

Let's go for a few more Yoga videos. Namaste.

Seru Rock

love you

Sachin Kapoor

अतिउत्तम :

Tanya Francis

I died this one again today standing against a wall with the block between my thighs — WOW!! Loved it!! I am amazed at how much I can FEEL in yoga poses. Especially ones that seem so "simple". Yoga is one of the best things I have EVER discovered. I am grateful. Love you, Adriene!!!!!

Lisa Soehn

I love the attention you give to details. Great pose for the feet as well as stress and sciatica. It wakes me up too!

Eloquent Blogger

In most of Hindi and sanskrit words if they are written in english they put "A" in the end which should not be pronounced. So Tadasana is pronounced tud-aa-sun. Same as Rama is pronounced Raam.


Great video.

Rio Mae Blanco

Tada…sana!!! 😁 Namaste 🙏🏻

Camila Castaño

Blocks for everyone !! Well… at least for me. Greetings from Colombia 🇨🇴


By the way I noticed your oldschool nature…looka t the typewriter and the telephone and furniture….all vintage 😍😍👌👍


Your videos are not like the typical yoga videos on youtube qhere they just tell you how to physically "do" a posture…but you express a lot of knowledge about the more significant inner body and unseen mental aspects of the posture…your video of tadasan is 12mins long and still is not boring at all and has alot to say….deep knowledge is always welcomed. ..thanks Adrien😘

Damani Jones

I kind of miss this raw Adriene…

Sakina Laxmidhar

I love you my dear teacher 🙏🙏🙏 thank you from the bottom of my 💓. I searched your old video, and I got usual very nice explanation of tadasan. you r truly 👼 God bless you 🤗 always.

Rebecca Hurford

I'm loving checking in with baby Adriene to get a wider perspective on what should be going on behind my poses in other routines!