Aprende a posar Plank mientras continúa nuestra serie Fundamentos del yoga. Esta postura está en la serie tradicional de Saludo al Sol y es común en una clase activa de Hatha Yoga. Adriene lo desglosa para que pueda encontrar la alineación adecuada y cumplir con la postura con integridad y facilidad. ¡Con práctica, crecerás esta postura de una manera fuerte y consciente! Incluso podrías llegar a amarlo;)
Plank es un fortalecedor de todo el cuerpo y una gran pose de yoga para apoyar la columna vertebral y mejorar la postura.
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shivakumar mj

Adriene you have a magical smile. I like it.

Jay-Ram Rajendra

👋 Foundation class! How I've missed you. I realized that my elbows needed to come into my side more than I initially thought; it felt awkward for me to go from D-Dog to Plank because my elbows were still out, but now the transition is a lot better and I'm sure my practice overall will be better. Many thanks 🙏


I am super elated to have been able to struggle through this. It is a challenge getting back to fitness and wellness after surgeries in my case but also a joy seeing how well I have healed and that I am able TO get back in the swing of things. I am not where I was before my surgeries, definitely better since I have healed, but most definitely not where I was before practicing yoga at all. So great news all around as far as I am concerned. This sent fire from my head to my toes, I still feel… Read more »

Deep Garbyal


Rio Mae Blanco

Plank is awesome 🤩 I totally agree! Namaste 🙏🏻


My husband was listening while I did another one of the YWA videos, and he commented, "Wow . . . This woman is the Bob Ross of yoga." I also love Bob Ross and find his videos soothing, so I have to agree. 😁


Thank you! I've been doing planks regularly, and this was very helpful to me!

Yusef Endure

THANK YOU!! This is one of the best videos on how to correctly execute the plank. Namaste!

Nicole Mostofa

i am strong 🙂

hanover fist



all is great! wash your feet, it's disgusting. thanks!

Diana Drobnica

I am just learning this and really appreciate all of your information. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!


I struggle with plank type poses. I can do a little bit of work that hangs on my wrist but it’s hard to sustain for a long time without wrist pain. Any tips?

Johan Andersson

I'm having trouble finding my long beautiful neck during plank. Any tips?


Adriene, I have to say: you're the best! don't mean to be rude with the other channels but your channel just bring me back to life, always love yoga but there's something about your way to teach that capts me, I'm glad that I'm here and I never feel judged here because of this atmosphere of acceptance that you bring. been doing yoga with the help of vids since january but started to do with you about 2/3 months and I'm really much interested on this practice that I ever was before, never commented and I'm pretty sure you're not… Read more »

Always in the shadow

Hi adriene thanks a lot for the video , I was wondering what's that sign you did with your fingers at the end ?



Sarah Weissman

ah, i needed this variation on the knees so much!

Susan E. George

Hello, Adriene. Thank you for making yoga accessible to so many of us that Would otherwise be denied it's benefits. Would a half plank (on the knees) AND on the elbows be a HEALTHY variation or is it "too much" of a variation and would somehow compromise the body over time OR not give the FULL benefits of plank? Thank you in advance for your response and again, thank you for sharing your practice.

Colleen S

This video is a real arm strength builder! Don't know if you still do foundations videos, but I would love to see one for Upward Facing Dog!

Pepe Moreno

😂😂 when you said " no Bueno" I know you @ I ♥️ you.

Monique Boughtwood

You always make me laugh! Thanks 🙂

Brian Heise

This video should be moved in the playlist so that it comes after extended child's pose and downward dog.

Amina Koroma

Hi Adriene, I feel that the weight at the front is being supported by the base of my hands, how do I spread the weight throughout my hands. Thank you very much, really getting into it. I'm glad I'm starting off on the foundations playlist.

RD Mac

I find my wrists are really hurting me when I do this pose, any suggestions for how to strengthen the wrists perhaps?


hello! she talks a lot about the pose because its F O U N D A T I O N S. She is basically teaching you the pose in its entirety. I am all about form in all my workouts. so these are great. thank you adriene.


Ty adriedne, why so much talk for a ten second pose?

Rose Oxlade

Can you gain flexibility with yoga? I'm pretty flexible, but more couldn't hurt

Moon Faerie

I have this awkward pain in where my palm and wrist meet under my thumb as if it needs to be popped. How can I work this out?


too much talking just for 3 poses

Sean Vigue Fitness

Great! I look forward to receiving it 🙂

Yoga With Adriene

Thankee! I'm going to message you SOON!