¡Aprende la postura de la paloma (o una paloma con patas) como parte de la serie The Foundations Of Yoga! Este abridor de cadera feliz es terapéutico y no debe ser apresurado. ¡Tómese su tiempo mientras respira en esa cadera y estira los muslos, el abdomen y abre su corazón! Este tiene muchos beneficios y, una vez más, no debe apresurarse. Tome su tiempo. Disfruta el viaje. Encuentre soporte y modifíquelo según sea necesario. Para obtener más información sobre esta postura de yoga, más videos y el blog de bienestar Yoga visite www.yogawithadriene.com.

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Mark Clarito

Thank you for this! Yummy😁

Francesca Simonato

Oh my God Adriene!!! 🤩😍 I've always felt a little bit uncomfortable during pigeon pose and the muscles of my legs would hurt every time. This guided practice is perfect!


7:22 ohhhh, cuteness overdose :з

Kin Ska

I was in a lot of pain as my hip really needed to pop, google said to try a pigeon pose, which I had no idea what that was. As soon as I let my foot slide back I felt instant relief..thank you 😭

Aria Falco

Thank you!!! That was awesome

Rebekah Matchett

You’re amazing I’m trying yoga and you made it so mych less intimidating


Te amo gracias mil

Avery Gambrell

Thank you, that was very helpful.

Katie Little

Thank you!! I hope you know how much good you’re doing with these videos!!!


Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, LOLOLOLOLOLOL-I had to because I luv ya so darn much!!! My first 30 Day was Dedicate and You are so lovely! You and Benji keep up the awesome work we need you~ ❤🙏👍💖

Jay-Ram Rajendra

🐦 This pose is seriously so amazing. I remember the first time doing this for 30 Days Of Yoga, all these seemingly random emotions came out at once and there were tears. So many drastic life changes happened to me in a couple of years, that I guess all the fear, stress and pain stored into my hips and hamstrings. I'm letting my front thigh roll out too much, so I'll work on that during practice tomorrow. Either way it will be great. 🙏 Also, the song you recommend by Tennis was so chill and great, thank you for sharing… Read more »

Paramita Pal

Thank you, Adriene for this simplified and kind demonstration, I think you have explained in the best way, if we need to add some extra we need to follow the basics, before this I feel that I have never come across such detailed demo.

Paramita Pal

Thank you, darling Adriene for this co-operation.

Ramesh Singh

Well explainef. Thsnks a lot..

Solar D

perfect tutorial

Chloe Coenen

Adriene i love you so much, I relate to you and all your lil funny faces!! Thank you for making practice welcoming and easy, Namaste

I so need to learn how to do this one. I always struggle with it. Thank you for this video.

Andrea Mountfort

Simply the best method of demonstrating this pose! Thank you, I stupidly tried to watch another person and I could not follow. Thank you for showing patience even though you can't see what we are doing.


I end foundations with this pose knowing of course that I can go to any videos you offer here at any time and look forward to October's Explore. I love you so much, your karma is so generous, embracing, loving, and inspiring. This youtube channel means so much to me especially since I am not in a position financially to partake otherwise how I would like to. May God grant us all ease, peace, success, safety, and joy today and this upcoming week. Jai Namaste 🙏🏽😘💖🤗💎💐

Deadly Graves FM

You should teach Hatha Yoga and Meditation to school kids onwards spread peace and love. Literally vibrate the sinners out of town! God bless, luv Jay

Cora McHugh

I've thought I wasn't doing pigeon pose correctly for awhile now and finally checked this out! It feels so much better now after viewing this and tweaking my bod. Thankful for this helpful, foundation video! From another OG Tennis lover :o)


watched this just after the 8th day of 30 days, because i was wondering about the part where you lift your foot up to touch it with your hand. does it count if i have to move my knee a bit towards the side of the mat? it feels like cheating! but if i have my leg parallel to the mat it feels like i cant bend my knee at all. or does it only work once my whole thigh is down on the mat? coo

Sassy Virgo

Looking for a sciatic lower back pain relieve pose and read that this was the pose for that problem. Would you agree?


That was solid help, Thanks
Any chance you would do a yoga routine for people with anterior pelvic tilt?

Daisy Reyes

Thank you for pointing out a common error/what it shouldn’t look like. That was helpful.


Feels so great on the glutes 😀

Deepak Chhettri

Nice tutorial

Stephen Hughes

Great introduction to Pigeon Pose – ever since I over stretched during a evening race this video has been viewed by me a hundred times thats Adrienne – and the many positions laid flat is my favourite

Chitra Salazar

You have the best videos on all and any kind of yoga poses. You explain the poses really well with your calm voice, non-intimidating language, and amazing modeling. It really, really boosts my confidence. Thanks!!

Dub Siren

Adriene is super yummy ……………….. thank you very much for this Adriene, I learned a lot from this video.

Thank You✨
A person with more weight how does it work out for them???

Vasuneet Arya

thanks for this amazing training video. Is this help to get hip opening to 180 degree.

Gregorio Muñoz

Gracias andriane por todos tus vídeos guays