¡Es una rutina de yoga matutina rápida y fácil que puedes hacer en cualquier lugar, incluso en la cama! Es la manera perfecta de comenzar el día. Esta secuencia de 5 minutos hará que su sangre bombee, despertará su sistema nervioso y lo ayudará a levantarse de la cama con facilidad y alegría. Incluso atrapo a mi novio jugando al hockey haciéndolo algunas mañanas, y el único yogui que conoce es el oso yogui.

Así que levántate y brilla el oso dormido, comencemos hoy con la pata derecha …

besos y abrazos

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Producción de video: Mark Spicoluk.

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Boho Beautiful

Hope this quick little yoga sequence brings you a beautiful day! <3

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Love & Light*
… Juliana & Mark*

She’s ridiculously hot


one of the fakest people on all of youtube. get a real job

Changiz A. M.p.

Nice ok very good thank u

Sukanya Suwantha

You are such an amazing teacher! You also live what you teach. Such a good model you are!


First gratitude towards ancient Indians to give yoga to mankind..

Nico H.

Was für eine schöne Frau!!

H8BingLied2 Greg



Where is spiritual touch in it.. Huh.
Then it's just a stretching.. Which called stretching only…. It's not yoga

Kristýna Kos

I will do this one next.

Lou Bruno

A good warm up or cool down.

Felicity Engel

Thanks for giving me the option to do this in my bed😅 Although the music wasnt my favorite, I love the video, thank you!

David Quinn

What you offer is simply amazing. My wife and me used the Sleepy Bear yoga routine every morning before we went hiking on a remote island in Greece. Great to alleviate the stiffness and get ready for another day, even in a small B & B. We are not spring chickens…in our 50s, and benefit from so many of your videos. Thank you so much.

Mumtaz Ahmad

Please advise me the yoga for above 60, to keep fit.

Nikitha Dinesh

This is one of my favourite videos of all time! This quick yoga flow is amazing to start your day and leaves you feeling ready☺️ Thank you for your work💖


This is amazing! The 5 minute morning and evening routines work wonders! Thank you for all you do!!:)



Eighty Elle

I have been returning to this mini sequence for idk how long now. You have such a quiet grace about your practice and way of being that instantly makes me feel at home. You're inspiring. As always, staying tuned. Hugs to you and yours

Mik Kurzhal

Just read the description and it said her bf played hockey and knew nothing of yoga. Was this before she met Mark, or was Mark just super basic before?

Veronica Hecker

This yoga guide “Yοmzοzο Kena” (Google it) together with cardiovascular exercise and light weight training, has made my core stronger, much more versatile, and lose fat. It`s simple and easy to realize and enlightening. Yoga is not about positions only however it is a way of life also. The drawings and illustrations are detailed making the poses very easy to follow. .

Nathalie Arag

Hi, I love Boho videos a lot!!
Thanks for sharing!
(Am I the only one who found the cute faces and the cute poses annoying and unecessary?)

Dalia Laslo


DIY keili R

You can't find yoga with some relaxing music in YouTube.
Thank you for the good session and good music 🙏

Yoga With Kalidasa

Thanks for the wake up

Kristina Karalyte

all you do is so bright and positive. sending you peace, love and harmony <3 <3 <3

Olaide Steele

That was so relaxing! Thank you 🙂

Isabel in Wonderland

Make more short morning yoga video! Please! ✨

B Bacc Soon

Perfect start to the day for a busy schedule!

Michelle M

I really felt my muscles relax after this routine. Thanks.

NACHO re unbox

Just 10 subscribers and then you will have million subscribers

Linda DeBellis

This is a great way to start your morning. I've been doing this 5 min.video mostly every morning for years. If I have time,I extend my yoga practice with one of Julianna's gentle yoga video. Love all her videos!

Heather McRae

You are so utterly awesome! Thank you so much for this video!

Anna Imran Yousaf

Love u ,u are best


I'm almost always waking up feeling so tired and want to back to sleep but since make this into routine it's getting easier to just wake up and move from my bed. Thank you.


In th e past I've spent a lot of money,wast e of money, in gym memberships and pay on the day classes and sessions which haven't always had nice people teachinh, but despite yhe so far harsh reality of my life, i decided to try this little routine out tiday, and whatever synchronicity of God's plan happens today which I've realised the hard way is not in my control regardless of visualisation , to do lists, and many other efforts, at least I can say I've meditated and done a form of simple yoga before 5am and now before I… Read more »

Kourt Easterling

Thank you so much for making this! I’m just getting started on my yoga journey again so this was nice to get the juices flowing 🙌🏾

Debra Freeland

Love the little stretch. Thanks

mukesh rathee

Nice please reply


As much as i love most of your flows, this one is still my fave! I can fit it in as soon as i wake up, no excuses! And it helps me get ready for the rest of my day.

ATV Action

Thank you for theese yoga

Ksenia K

thank you so much for yoga ))))

Edie H
simangele maphindy

Queen of Yoga.. am addicted to your videos. Much love 😘

Sandra Van Den Driesen

Beautiful strecthes. Short and sweet! Thanks!