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Mr Persevere

No kids??


You’re so cute together 😍

Cristiely De Almeida

OMG I’m so happy that you are back!! May the Lord bless you. Thank you for all of your workout 🏋️‍♂️

بدر جمعه

اللي جاي من طرف نورس لايك😘

Marie Metivier

Thank you to you!! I've been working out with you for several years and after a several months break, I'm back on track, with you. Excited to see the new videos!

Zelina Howell

Glad you guys are back!!! Love using you guys whenever im not feeling the gym and wan to stay in! Thanks and God Bless! Earned my “workout complete”

Sairis Campos

HIIT workout are the best.!! I prefer these videos vs the gym.

Staceycoha C

So happy for you both! This is a gift! We missed you all.

Tracy George

i'm fairly to new FB. what was the year break about? they mentioned chronic pain — i have chronic low back pain. what can i do to help it? thanks FB!

Laura Neaves

I use the calendared workouts every day !

Genevieve Bristol

Yuuus! So psyched you guys are back <3

Holly Jarvis

Which is the best program to lose stubborn fat but maintain muscle or gain muscle?


I'm coming off of the 21 Day Fix DVD's. Does anyone know if the FB30's are too hard or will I fit right in. I'm switching all over to FB b/c I have loved their videos so much more. Just need a detailed plan.

Dustin Hooton

Hello Kelli and Daniel. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the videos over the years. I am very grateful to you both. One thing I don't talk a out very often but would like you to know is not only have you helped me loose over 20lbs but have helped tremendously with my epilepsy. Although I suffer from a condition that is not controlled well by meds and exersize is definetly not a cure, your exersizes have helped me keep a very clear mind. After doing my fitness Blender I feel much more clear headed,… Read more »

Fernanda Garcia

Yeeeiiii so happy i just purchased the 4 week workout, so exiting to start tomorrow!!! 😍💪🏼🔥


Do you have any advice for people who do want to get good results but are limited to low impact exercises? I tried a multi-week exercise hiit program that I had started seeing results with, but only a few weeks in had to stop following the exercises for because an old accident from a few years ago that left me with a bad knee made the higher-impact nature of their exercises a bit risky because I gambled on my knee not giving out or cracking painfully and making exercising all-but impossible for almost a full day afterwards, even with a… Read more »

Tiffany Lyman-Olszewski

Aw, you guys rock. Your videos have been an integral part of my life for the past 6-ish years. I started doing your core/Pilates/weights workouts when I was suffering from a very bad foot injury that led to two surgeries in the past few years. I learned to cross-train properly and realize that even if I could not use my foot/run/etc., I could STILL remain fit, combat the depression I was dealing with due to chronic pain, and look toward the future with a sense of positivity! I've now been running again for the past few years, but am still… Read more »

Lina Snow

Loved the pinkie hold at the beginning, the love between Kelly and Daniel is always so transparent and fills me with joy and warmth ^_^ Lovely! And so happy for all the events (Kelly is back, a new program, the clothing line). Congrats! 🙂

Marisa Sanabria


Jinan Mohammed

Hallo, Sehr schön 😊👍❤