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Vivir el estilo de vida nómada digital tiene sus altibajos, sin embargo, cuando nos instalamos en un lugar por un tiempo, tendemos a crear una rutina matutina que nos inspira a tener un día exitoso. Las primeras horas de la mañana es lo que establece el tono para el resto de su día, por lo que tenemos nuestros rituales. Algunos son más extraños que otros, pero hacemos lo que podemos para asegurarnos de que siempre estemos enfocados y listos para grabar los mejores videos de yoga en línea, dirigir nuestro negocio y ganar el día.

Luz de amor…
Juliana y Mark *

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Boho Beautiful
3 months ago

Tonight is the autumn equinox and as we sit together and receive all the positive light you have each taken upon yourselves to send back to us, we feel the energy resonating deep within… we are forever grateful to you all. You help us continue find the confidence to fly further than we ever dreamed. Thank you. <3

Tamara Mraffkova
3 months ago

Whats your God?

3 months ago

If you’re worried about not getting nutrients with veganism, why stay vegan? You have to help yourself before you can help anyone else.

Elenna Baron
3 months ago


3 months ago

you are my inspiration…. <3 🙂

3 months ago

new hippy are like old yuppie…

John p amick
3 months ago

You guys are absolutely in love with each other, Pardon the upfront question but when do you make love?

Anna V
3 months ago

what does sage burning do? can i use other plants?

Katja S
3 months ago


Sofia Forsberg
3 months ago

I love everything that you do! 🌞🌞☀️

Rufus Cusack
3 months ago

Love u both & how u live! U r inspiring 2 us all!

dedemushi | SpicyFangirl9

5:43 O HI MARK

Tiny Wagner
3 months ago

Can you please make longer yoga practice videos? Would be great:))

Gwen Hinnen
3 months ago

Is there a european version of this "takecareof" ?

Hada Foxer
3 months ago

That's just amazing💕😍… Good luck and thanks for the videos…. 👏🌹💪

3 months ago

A fabulous reminder and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your morning map to success! Win the morning, win the day!

Clarence Clayden
3 months ago

yes as a feegaan your not getting enough b twelvez in your diet…..amongst other things

Sarah Knödgen
3 months ago

Please help me i was startet Yoga when i saw Youre Videos but i dont have a Yoga Math because there are so many difrents and i dont know which Yoga Math i should buy. So Where did you buy yours?😊👋

Margaret Dost
3 months ago

You two just inspire me so much, I have a lot of lazy days lately. Feeling down and overwhelmed with life and as soon as I see any of your videos I'm back on my mat. Gratitude for being and sharing 🙏

3 months ago

They started with tip reputation thing in 1885. Indian national congress. Later went insane from 1897-1909.

grace cvin
3 months ago

That dog,Prince,knows he is very much loved😊

Laura Guimaraes
3 months ago

LOADS of rubbish coming from those individual packs of vitamins hey. Disappointed in you guys 👎

3 months ago

I find it so peaceful every work morning to sit on my train and read the Bible.
Amazing how God speaks to me through His word. Ahh…so refreshing.

He orders my steps and establishes my way for each day. Soho Beautiful!!

3 months ago

Lovely couple

Catherine Balazic
3 months ago

Thank you for sharing so much love and light to the world . Everytime I watch a video I am left inspired to be better, do better or just be . It's amazing to connect to both of you and your goals and view on life or family or just being. I am so grateful for finding your work .I just want you both to know that you touch people's hearts and spirits. I am deeply grateful.I feel hope everytime when I connect to a meditation or video you send out .It's so positive and filled with love it instills… Read more »

Familia Motarica
3 months ago

Waking Up with an alarm is not healthy or what? …

Anna Roberts
3 months ago

Love your videos guys, so inspiring at the start of each day. One questions, part of your morning routine…do you eat breakfast ? I find if I skip it I’m so tired. What’s the first thing/time you eat if not ? Thanks so much. Much love from Wales xxx

3 months ago

That was amazing , thanks for sharing what you do in your day . Love your motto ~ " If you win the morning you win the day " gonna remember that one . 🙂 Thanks ! I hadn't seen your videos in a while , you popped up unexpectly and I said " Hey its the Boho couple ! 🙂 Many blessing , Love and Light ~ Maryann 4rm Zero

Kelly X.
3 months ago

i kinda love you guys <3333

Tintin Milou
3 months ago

Great actors

3 months ago

Thanks nice to see you still doing videos !

goo bummo
3 months ago

This kind of couple is actually what i pursue for my individual being or perhaps if i am lucky enuf to have a girl who pursue the same path as i. Anyway thank you i watch you guys yoga instruction everyday for a morning practicr

3 months ago

This is awesome, guys! Good routines are the key to success and you laid out the intention and reasoning behind all of your choices – super helpful! Stoked to work in some of your advice (yoga before an hour-long meditation sit sounds good to me)! Always love seeing your dog, too!

3 months ago

Great video I have a lot to learn from a morning routine such as this. I was kinda waiting for jp spears to jump out with some ultra spiritual comedy;) alas two kids is a-little more hectic. Looks amazing though. Inspirational ✨

Himi chan
3 months ago

I'm gonna try out that pepper and lemon water <333

Jennifer Farley
3 months ago

your dog just made me cry Bahahahahahahahaha! oh my word my emotions must be outta wack today. it just filled me with so much joy to see him so happy lol

3 months ago

Beautiful people. I’ve been doing yoga for 11 years, it’s a very important part of my life. I wish my boyfriend would wake up early with me to do yoga, he isn’t nearly as advanced as me and he wakes up late but I’m trying to get him into it. He wants to get into it too but i wish we could just do it together lol :/

Strtupmaoro Strtupmaori

Omg that's me, I'm a make my bed first thing person too. I impose this on my kids too. It makes me feel accomplished. Crack me up that I'm not the only one that does this lol

Hin Tung Chan
3 months ago

Such a cute couple♥️I love you guys. You are always inspiring. Your videos give me strength and faith🌸 thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏻

Rachel Moore
3 months ago

You 2 are awesome. Thanks for shearing your journey and knowledge. You are appriciated. Much blessings and love from Amsterdam