¡Un recorrido completo, repaso y prueba la nueva ropa de entrenamiento! ¡Revisión de los nuevos conjuntos Gymshark vital seamless, energy seamless y flex! http://gym.sh/Shop-Whitney-Simmons

♡ Merch: https://whitneyysimmons.com/
♡ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whitneysimmonsfitness/?ref=settings
♡ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whitneyysimmons/?hl=en

Lápiz labial: sombra chica desnuda https://rstyle.me/~aCTIV

Collar: esta es una pieza creada del anillo de compromiso de mi madre que me regaló. Jamie de J. Brooks Jewelers lo diseñó para mí. https://jbrooksjewelers.com/



25 de octubre
2PM EST | 1PM CT | 12 p.m. MST | 11 a.m. PT

TIENDA: http://gym.sh/Shop-Whitney-Simmons

Gracias por comprar a través de mi enlace y apoyarme, Navaroo e Indigooooo. TE AMAMOS

Altura: 5'6 "
Cintura: 27 "
Caderas: 35 "

Este video no está patrocinado: estoy afiliado a Gymshark y he recibido la ropa en este video de forma gratuita. No me pidieron que revisara el producto. Todas las opiniones son mías | Los enlaces Gymshark, Amazon y Reward Style son enlaces afiliados. Tula es un código de comisión. Gracias por apoyarme en este canal y ayudarme a seguir creando contenido para usted ♡.

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Daniela Amaral

What happened to the dusky pink color in the vital seamless collection? I can only find the leggins on the gymshark website. I can't find the long sleeve crop top, the t-shirt, the vest, neither the sports bra. What happened? I only see the pink ones, but not the dusky pink..

John Pittman

You got to be the hottest girl on youtube..😉

Noah H

All this girl has going for her is her looks…it’s sad

Sofia Cipolla

Oh my God I could listen to you all day you make me happy 😂

Monica & Kim

My new all time favorite collection ☺️

Lia Longtime

Whit….I regret not picking up your palette do you have any to sell?

Lina Lataoui

Dude ur soo pretty 💕

Savannah Piggott

What size were all the clothes in?


Die Frau würde ich den ganzen Tag knuddeln Top Figur Hot Girl einfach klasse super Figur

jordan lott

Girl you are literally one of the work out gurus that is motivating me this week! I used your gym shark code and can’t wait for this black out to use your code!!! Please do another video letting us know what’s happening in the sale!!! It’s a beautiful day to be alive! ❤️❤️


😝🤘💯😌 Glamorous

Hannah Onderdonk

I’m a medium— Thank you so so so soo much for showing the difference so I know if they fit! Thanks!

Jasmine Narvaez

Are the indigo leggings still available?

Elliotte Horton

You are so incredibly gorgeous and your body is Greek goddess like


Your shape is insane! bet you'd look so good in some cute booty leggings.

Elizabeth Roberts

Almost a year later and I need all the help I can get figuring out the difference between the gymshark leggings, PRAISE WHIT for being my guide in this confusing world

Gabriel Sanchez Gusman

Saludos para una muñequita que kiero para mí solito mmmmmmmmm mamasita

Eleanna Davos

What size do you normally wear in the viral seamless ?!!

Emerson morais

Irresistível 💐🥰🤩🤩🤩


I love your makeup her!! Your skin looks so bright and glowy!! Love your glow, tan look too. But your skin looks so youthful and bright here in this video❤❤❤❤❤luv u girl!!

Brittaney Walsh

I ordered some gymshark workout gear for the first time last week and I'M SO EXCITED!!!

Aurimar Molina

Hiii Whitney! I don't really leave comments on youtube but I had to let you know you really motivate me to become the best version of myself! Last night I was like nooo I can't make it to the gym, no I can't go for a run either, I can't do anything but to stay in bed :)! Then, I watched some of your videos saying "do what you love" and "motivation comes and goes". So, I got dressed and dragged myself to a little trail around my place and ended up going up and down the stairs 20 times… Read more »

Lilybeth Maldonado

I want all of the gym shark outfits!!!😣

Caleb & Key

I LOVE Gymshark so much! The cutest workout clothes, colors, and such great quality pieces! I do wish it was less expensive, but I'll keep buying it. lol All the hearts eyes!

xyz xyz

Ur gorgeous bbe

Sylvia Thompson

will we be seeing a new gym shark clothes haul soon?

Cassandra Parker

I love when you heckinbob whisper 😭😭

rubi T

What size do you wear leggings?


I ordered a small in the Seamless leggings from gym shark. They fit pretty good around the waist and legs, but the crotch tends to get a little baggy. Should I go down a size…?

Georgia Dix

I just recently bought a pair of vital seamless black leggings and I'm struggling a little with camel toe and I haven't noticed this with any of my other leggings of different fabrics – I was wondering what underwear you normally wear with the vital seamless because I really want to feel comfortable wearing these awesome tights but feel so self-conscious 😂