Mis 5 mejores poses para bajar de peso con Lindsey ♥ Desintoxicación, grasa abdominal, lección de yoga para principiantes
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Mis 5 mejores poses para #WeightLoss con Lindsey ♥ Detox, Belly Fat, #Beginners #Yoga Lesson

Aprenda 5 posturas de yoga esenciales que apoyan la digestión, la desintoxicación y pueden ayudarlo a perder peso, especialmente esa grasa obstinada del vientre. Lindsey Samper enseña clases de yoga en Austin, Texas.

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ankurita dey

All i was noticing only that cute kitten


Hopefully this hack isn’t patched

Rajasee Biswas

I m 20 years old nd my weight is 63kg … I want to loose until it is 54 . How long I have to do this ??

Park Elyeol

Most of the Arabs do the Malasana pose in Arabic toilet so it should be easy for them

Shehzad Khan

I am a 13 year old kid. Want get slim for all the bullies in my school so I can finally defend some of my friends that get bullied.
Wish me luck.
1 like= 1 workout

Sabrina Syeda


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Anil Rampersad

What do you have for blood circulation

Learning Attitude

Very good

Jingle Duck

I fell over on the first pose lol

Rocky Dubai

Ur cat is cute❤

Chris Chong

I’m almost dead, but I feel good.

Aziza Khatoon

The cat was a huge distraction its soo cute and it looks like its confused to see a human ball


I'm not going to lie but I feel I happy so I'm going g to tell I lost 10 kg till now, I stared on 20 August and I was 64.8kg when I had started but now I'm 54.5 kg. I have been doing exercises and all but even have my cheat days but yeah…I'm just 14 and I want to look more fit for my age so I will be starting this too 🙂 If u would like to know what all exercises I have been doing check my workout playlist♡Those all have helped me a lot and It… Read more »


How long we got do this for

Namita Yadav

Thank u so much


Om Tat Sat

Yan Ting

I have a white cat too! and she was totally climbing all over me as I tried to get through your video 🙂

Noah Lani

Who else is trying, and failing to do these poses?

Also that cat is very cute

Ugly Turtle

How long do I stay in each position tho?
And can I do only one or 2 of the poses?

Aneesa Shimana

excellent video, thanks

Linh Phạm

Thank you❤️


😍👌👍 effective

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Tejesh Gn

Thnk u sister



Well It’s kind of worth it I’m not sure, I at least lost 6 pounds from this! Thanks Lindsey! ❤️

Archana Kumari

In ur channel how many girls are… yr

Afzal Vali

Your body and eyes are very beautiful

stefano nutini

I have already employed this specific “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) for a few days already as well as the results are astounding. I still have the energy I need without suppressing the desire for foods without having making me feel jittery. I did nothing special on my very own diet program and i also still manage to dropped my weight to 7 pounds. .

Katie Calles

Going to be doing this everyday!