Me encuentro en Nueva York con Tula para celebrar el lanzamiento de mi set Fit + Flawless.

Tula use el código 'WHITNEY' para un 20% de descuento y envío gratis

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¡Estoy usando el nuevo top sin costuras ombre en el outro en un tamaño pequeño! ¡Estos sets se lanzaron hoy! Hice una mini revisión en mi historia de Instagram ayer.

¡MUCHAS GRACIAS a Ashley por sus increíbles habilidades de edición!


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Dina Guy

Why’d this make me cry 😭 what an amazing person Whitney is 🙏🏼♥️

Indi Dely

Whitney is a lefty!!!!! Me too.😘

Mercedes Donham

I just began using Tula two weeks ago, overall I am enjoying the product and how it’s improved my dry/oily combination skin. But I have had new breakouts pop up nearly daily, I was wondering if you experienced a purging phase when you first began using Tula? Or if I should consider changing products?

Maggie Barrett

Just watched this while I was on the stair master and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a lil watery eyed :’) also is this collab package still available?? NEED

Audrey Smith

I cried over that video i would love to meet you. You have influenced me so much and helped me get into working out ive seen changes in my body i follow all your workouts and have my own week schedule and each day i do one of your arm or leg workouts❤️youve made me more positive and changed how i see the world. Just watching your videos i get happy 😊 we all love you so much because your personality brings us all joy and smiles🌸 youve made me confident in my body i love you so much, you… Read more »

نوف العمودي

I love you so much you are amazing 😍

Alyssa Wright

I’m not crying you’re crying……..

M. D.

Is the Fit & Flawless set still available? Promo code ends next week but i don’t see the set anymore 😭


Whitney!! I have never really used much skin care products before but the wedding is coming up and I started following you and you have the most flawless skin! So I tried Tula, and it has completely cleared up my skin! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I had never even heard of them! You’re amazing and love all of the new moves you come up with in your workouts!!

Lesley Cantorna

Your such a beautiful person inside & out!!! Love you!!!

Emily Betts

Is your package going to be sold again? I would love to purchase it but didn't have the chance!


I tried again to get this off the website today (as I was having trouble ordering it last week) and it looks like the kit is no longer available. Is this limited edition or will they bring it back again? Almost at 1 million go girl!!!

Yeini Lopez

Hi Whitney ☺️ I’m trying to buy products from Tula and I’m trying to use the discount code “Whitney” for that 20% off and it’s not working 😩 do you know if that code is still working?

Sofia Gil

love you whit! Anyone know what song this is?

Brie-Anna Hammond

I cried watching this! Truly an amazing soul!

Kayla O'Byrne

this looked like such a beautiful event! I would die if you did one in LA! I wouldn't miss it for the world! <3

Isuzu Jdjxudh

The fit and flawless set isn't available anymore? 🙁

jennifer watkins

I love love this!!!! To see women come together and support each other in their fitness goals is absolutely amazing!

Liya Huang

You're my FAVOURITE fitness youtuber. you're so full of light and down-to-earth. Please don't ever change!

Oana Ciorogar

Hi Whitney! I would like to order clear complexion kit from Tula site, but I saw that they don't delivery in my country, Roumanie (Europe). I tried to order from amazon but thry does not ship to Romania this items. So, I don't know how to proceed to order products from Tula. Please advice. Thank you 😘

Victoria Barnes

I know this video was 5 months ago. But you still continue to inspire my daily Whitney. I love genuine you are. Hot fire flames girl!

Cozette Eastman

You deserve the whole world and more, I love you Whitney!

Brandi Henderson

You seriously rock girl!! Xoxo

Cry Ophelia

Becoming larger in life Whitney! Proud of you!


Girl you got me hooked on Tula!!! Will the fit + flawless set ever make a comeback??? I need it in my liiiiiiife! Thanks bunches! You da best! 🙂

Lauren Mirabella

Thank you for changing my life through your workouts, positivity and your tips. I watch a video of I'm discouraged or in a bad mood and my mood is instantly changed thank you Whitney. I love you so much keep doing what your doing. I appreciate it and you so much.

Brianna Cary

I wish I got my hands on this bag/kit. Any chance they will re-release it?

Miley’sMommy #CDH

Cried through this whole video 😭 you are so inspiring and have truly changed my life

Nicole Markiewicz

What foundation are you wearing in the second half of the video? It looks so natural and beautiful!

Kaytie LaMastus

Omg I cried! I started watching you 6 months after you created your channel. I am so happy for you Whit!! You deserve all this and more, I will meet you one day! ❤️❤️❤️

Amanda LG

The tears! Ahhhhhh love you! The hugs, the love! The music made me cry even more lol, GIRL you have changed SO MANY LIVES! <3 <3

amber mcewan

Beautiful video xxxx

Danielle Emma

Yay congrats!! So well deserved! I live in New York can you please come back to NYC 🙂

Angela Batchelor

Omg this made me cry!! So happy and proud of everything you have accomplished. You truly are inspirational!!
Ps my 3 and 5 yr boys old think you are so pretty. We love you!!


Your family is so beautiful! 😍 You look so phenomenal & happy!! 🦋@whitneysimmons You have some of the best unique fun workouts on YouTube! I can’t wait to try Tula!