VLOGMAS DÍA 19 | ¡Cómo crear una rutina de ejercicios y un horario! Mi entrenamiento actual se dividió. Espero que lo disfrutes, xo.

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Monica K

What do u use to record it’s so clear ! Love it

no just no

Hi! I know im late but could you PLEASE make a "how to create a work out plan" because I really wanna make one 😭. (Like how many reps and sets do do, etc.

Phoenix Jewel

Okay okay does anyone else just love that shirt? Or is it just me?

Miss A

Women typical training split..

Monday: Legs+Cardio
Tuesday Cardio+Abs
Wed: Legs+Cardio
Thurs: Cardio+Legs
Fri: Cardio+Abs
Sat: Legs+Cardio

Then wonders why triceps and back look blah 😂 Need that shoulder boulder 💪🏼


OMG HAHAHHAHAHA 4:50 "I have none of those things"

Priyanka Sharma

OMG!!! I have the same schedule😍🙈😘ly


Your puppy is so cute and looks cozy just laying there on your bed 🐶

Samantha D'Alanno

whittttttney….. can you make another schedule video? my schedule is terrible for working out and I prefer working out in the AM, but id have to get up at like 5:30.. so i try at night… and by the time im done with work im exhausted! also, if i only do about 4 days a week should i do longer full body workouts? AHHH lol i am a very complicated person and i wish you could just create my schedule for me. YOU SHOULD MAKE AN APP!!! ID BUY THAT APP! sorry for the yelling i got excited!l Also, i… Read more »


MON = Legs + hamstrings + butt = deadlifts, sumo squats, hip ups, hip thrusters TUE = Shoulders + Abs WED = Back + tricepts + Abs = lat pull downs, lat complexes THU = Legs + hamstrings + butt + quads = complex movements, keep heart rate up FRI = Shoulders + bicepts SAT = Legs = 1/2 leg workout + chest + tricepts +Abs ADD = 15 minutes cardio 3-4 times per week = HIIT = 30 seconds sprint on treadmill, 30 seconds off *In case anyone was like me and wanted to SEE it written out =)… Read more »

erica dickard

This helped me so much! Thank you


Hi whit, you are lovely. Can you do a video without makeup.plzzzzz

Deena Roberts

Can you please redo this video to reflect your current schedule?? Thanks Whit!

Bunny Tales

How do u always look. Soooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous 😍😍😍

Hara Da,

Your dog is so cute😍

Lamia Sall

What about abs ???

Leshawn La Borde

can you do an updated routine?

Emmjay G.E

I can only workout 3-4 a week I’m a server so I’m always tired 🙁 ughh

Ellery Hope

Whitney can you update this? I'd love your help in terms of what exercises to do, reps and sets, and how often to work each muscle group to achieve my goals!


Btw thank you, for being the only female I can find on here that provides an example of how the muscle groups may be divided by the day


I'm fat, I want to do hiit. But my knee joints and sometimes hip joints and not to mention sciatic pain, just seem to limit me from going as fast as I can or as intense as I can.

Chelsea Baczynski

you should do your gym music playlist!

Manasa Rao

Hi Whitney, great workouts girl!! Can you please suggest how you incorporate Cardio in your schedule?

Elizabeth Ipyana

I need your help miss am 17 years old and am sad about my weight 65kg😥😥😥😥😥

CeCe Trương

Hi Whittt. First off YOU ARE BEAUUUUUTIFUL. 2nd, I have 2 questions:
1. Can I dedicate 1 workout completely for abs and then still throw some in every other day ?
2. How do you warm up for leg day ? Do you go on a treadmill ?

Thank you so muccccchhh, stay gorgeous !! xoxo

Christina Fuller

I know this is a few years old but can you post a video of what exercises you do for each day?

Fernanda Castillo

heyy i was wondering how long are your workouts?

laura silva

Whit can you make a video about proper form for legs hamstrings and Glutes

Moon Moon

Oh, I have a question… If you wanna build legs and butt, you can't do cardio? I mean, it's bad for your gains?

kim janssens

Hi Whitney is there a video of your Saturday chest and leg workout ? I realise I don’t workout my chest enough but boring ! And I like the idea of half and half day? Thanks 😘

Zoe vlogs

What about abs

Rhi J

So should I stop training butt and abs everyday? I don’t go all out on them everyday but I don’t feel as sore as I used to.

Hester Lee

How about abs?

Gail Chancellor

Hey Whit, love your fit tips. I watch all of your workout vids for new ideas and love your must-have product videos.
I have a legitimate question. When picking out makeup and other beauty products, is cruelty-free something you look for? I heard NARS is no longer and it just made me curious if that's something you take into consideration.
It would be so wonderful for someone of your social status, showing earth friendly products.
Anyway, keep rockin'.
P.S. Thanks for the nice shoulder boulders

Ana Rocha

Im binge watching afff

Emily Boucher

do you not do cardio? you have such a low body fat how do you stay so toned…ik you do muscle training but still….

Sea S

So usually how long do you work out!?? 1 hour 2 ? And what kind of protein do you use?


Can you make a video about how you plan out your workouts? like your supersets and how many reps and how many times you repeat them etc? do you plan them that day before you go to the gym or do you plan them like every week or do you just decide when you get to the gym? I hate going to the gym and walking around not knowing what to do but if I went with a plan I think id be more comfortable! love you you're my inspiration!

Quinn Murphy


I feel like no one ever agrees with me

Patty Leake

Definitely changed up my work out routine! Thanks girl! ❤️

Taylor Peedin

Do you provide meal planning/workout planning for people who are wanting to properly get fit and aren’t sure how exactly to do it for their body type? Thanks! Xoxo

Tanya MacConnell

How do i count my macros I was currently carb cycling now i am intermittent fasting 16 he fast 8 he with 2 large meals I'm counting cal ad well at 1500 per day

Brittany Workman

Whitney you are such an inspiration to me!! I love watching your videos! Not only do I laugh every time but I actually feel like I'm getting something out of these videos; and can put workouts together now!<3

Stephanie G

How do you prepare your body before any type of strength training?

Novisha Steyn

you need mental therapy

Brittany rose

This eye color looks so good on you!

Erica Hardesty

What are the best wprkouts to start with as a beginner. I have never worked out in a gym before with actual weights? HELP

Crystal Campos

How much time do you usually spend at the gym?

Natalia Davila

You should try some swimming to grow shoulders it's great!!

Honey Crook

Hi Whitney I know this Is an old video but I am at school every day and am going into year 9 how many times a week do you think i can get to workout I was thinking 3 or 4 as that gives me enough time to get homework done and stuff xx


Makeup on fleek bae 👌🏾💕