El enfoque Boho Beautiful Vegan Food and Diet. Nuestra experiencia de ser Raw Vegan en Costa Rica.

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Este fue mi viaje tratando de vivir Raw Vegan durante 7 días. Es importante desafiar a su cuerpo de vez en cuando para permitirse comprender lo que su cuerpo necesita para prosperar en su mejor momento. Es difícil decir que un tipo de hábito alimentario funcionará para todos, ya que todos nuestros cuerpos funcionan de diferentes maneras. Mientras nuestras elecciones no dañen nuestro planeta y / o quiten la libertad y la paz de los seres sintientes, creo que es importante intentar y experimentar diferentes formas de nutrirnos para comprender la mejor manera en que individualmente podemos prosperar.

Mezclas de yoga y música espiritual de DJ Hawk:

Estas son algunas de mis recetas de batidos y tazones de batidos:

Tazón de batido de banana y superalimento


Plátanos Congelados
Corazones de cáñamo
Agua de coco
1 cucharadita de Green Superfood Mix (espirulina, chlorella, hierba de trigo)
1 cucharadita de aceite de coco


Frutas pasionales
Fragmentos de cacao
Corazones de cáñamo

Batido de menta y sandía:


Sandía picada
3-4 hojas de menta fresca

Batido de papaya y plátano


Plátanos Congelados
Fragmentos de cacao
Almendra / Leche De Coco

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Lovely Untamed

My dumb ass went from carnivore to raw vegan and it was not a good reaction lol. I wish I could go vegan but I have thyroid issues, so I follow AIP diet, which basically is vegan but meat is included…. there's emphasis on veggies and fruits, no dairy or eggs….

How long did u guys stay in Costa Rica?

Ms. Carlson

Yeah. I can relate. I started eating a very nutrient dense organic baby spinach salad which was very large with olive oil , coconut vinegar, lemon dressing and blueberries , chopped avocado is also great and had a sun warrior smoothie as well and then I got really tired and could not do anything or did not feel like doing anything – I felt so unmotivated – I was detoxing and a long time ago I was eating sprout salad – mung beans and pea sprouts I think – I sprouted them in a mesh basket and made a sprout… Read more »

Boho Beautiful

If you are interested in the way we stay healthy and fit, check out our new program Detoxify. It includes a meal plan of how we eat and is filled with nourishing, easy recipes to make you shine from inside out. Learn more: https://bohobeautiful.life/detoxify/

Ronnie & Minh

Totally raw for 20 years and at 70 I feel great! Your problem is that you are eating a junk raw diet. If you had eaten a proper raw diet you would have felt fantastic.

Wayne Campbell

You look unhealthy. For real

Fredrik Svärd

This is the whitest thing i've seen since van halen

Julia Metcalf

Those "meals" sure are full of sugar…..will steal your energy + does not age well …

Susana Mora

thank you beautiful for sharing your experience but, just know that you are doing things different so you will feel uncomfortable n different and always, always listen to your spirit! OK… love you! light n love your way!


Wow I had the opposite experience with energy. I did raw vegan for 6 months and felt amazing and was the most fit I've been in my life. However I went back to regular vegan with majority of meals raw. I just found it difficult to maintain and almost impossible to eat out at restaurants with fully raw.

Becca Skinner

Thank you for being so unique and true to yourself!


H E Y , B E A U T I F U L P E O P L E – 😆😊😗W H A T I S T H E N A M E O F T H E S O N G in 00:18 – 00-29 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

General Lee

you were tired on the all raw because your body was detoxing. Even 1% of cooked food will stop the detox process. Because of chemtrails etc the only people I know that are thriving are raw foodist because their bodies are in a constant state of detox. Raw food is not harder to digest it's the exact opposite


Lol your so uneducated. Why would you juice? Keep learning!!!


I downloade Clue due to your recommendation and told my friends 😊its awesome! Blew my other period tracker out of the water!


I can see you are tricked into vegan diet which started your early aging If you cant eat animals eat eggs and milk products there is nothing wrong with that.1-2 years ago you looked like you are 20 now your face looks like 35

Sarah Solie

You are absolutely wonderful and such an inspiration for me! I was wondering what your opinion of lectins in our food is? Yay or nay?

Blue Lotus

I nearly starved to death in the jungle of Maui in a Nazi raw food community… I'm with you…it didn't work for me either but vegan diet does and has amazing benefits for body, mind, and soul!💫💓🌺

Janice Alderson

Listening to the beginning – perhaps some oil like the ketosource (MCT) oils you can buy would have got you over that – it's paleo and vegan.

Beata Kaminska

ITs nothing wrong that you feelt like that after juice days its normal reaction when toxic staff try to go out from your body …just 2 weeekdn are difficult after everithing its ok i know because I tryed this too

Tuesday Taylor

I would love to see a video on how you supplement for the necessities on a vegan diet. 💕


It's an extreme difference between vegan and raw vegan diet. it's totally different story. We are raw since more than 10y and we are therapists. you shouldn't mix fruit with fat it makes you feel rally bloated… Fat is very slo to digest and fruit very quick, it does not work together 🙂 you also need to eat often rather than huge portions at once.

Jenny Miller

Thank you both for your videos, they are inspirational. Also appreciate your honesty. I’m also a believer that we should eat seasonally. I live in Scotland, and I’m from northern and Eastern European background. Raw salad veggies grown locally are difficult to find in the winter, but root veggies are plentiful – they mainly really need to be cooked to be digestible. Raw parsnip🤔. And also we need the warmth of cooked food in the cold northern countries! I think our genetics also play a part, if my ancestors ate cooked food because of where they lived, and I am… Read more »


Did you drink a gallon of juices a day? Also you do know the amount of eating raw is waaaay more then most realize and eating often through the day is key. Remember detox happens even when we think we eat super clean, we live in s toxic world the water isn’t clean and carries lots of things our bodies don’t need. Yes eating raw is a dedication and amounts are like a pound of food at each meal. 7 days doesn’t seem like a long enough time to truly be able to get the full benefits. I recommend looking… Read more »

Emily Melvin

That’s it I’m going vegan

Trevor Kamplain

You holding those papayas in the thumbnail, thought you had lobster claws.

Mindy Diaz

That's so weird I fast all the time. I never felt weak if I go longer than 5 days I will. But the first day I'm just starving and battling my thoughts of eating. After day one tho it is easy. But I'm also bigger than u. Maybe it's bc my body has more fat to eat 😂 I had to stop fasting I was 160 and went down to 129 in a couple of months my husband was not pleased. Still isn't I still fast once in awhile but can't as much now bc of my hubby I wasn't… Read more »

Lizzy Loves Food

You inspired me to make the Banana Cinnamon Buns. After a couple of tries, they came out great. I posted on my website. I love your videos, you are my favorite yoga teacher. Thank You

Nick Lovejoy

Hi Julianna! Thank you very much for sharing your experience as well as for your precious videos! Speaking about raw vegan diet, I've been eating only raw food for about 6-7 years now. My first impression was very similar to yours, although I felt inside that I'm doing a right thing, so I continued eating only fruit and veggies. I also started to do different cleanses to allow my body to clean itself faster. During next several months I lost lots of pounds and became really-really skinny, but I also started to feel elevated. After a while I gained my… Read more »


I had a very opposite experience. Even though I ate all raw, I ate a lot of it an never felt hungry. I actually had more energy an my body started to physically transform in a good way. I try to eat mostly raw now. When I eat too much cooked food I get bloated and feel gross. Maybe it's age. I'm going to be 42 in May of this year.

Luis Castro

que mona tan mamasita


Raw food is incredibly bloating

Orion 911

Raw Veggies gives you gas but, you get use to it! LOL!