Una clase milagrosa de cinco minutos diseñada para tonificar y definir brazos sexys como una supermodelo.

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado, "¿Cómo tonificar mis brazos sin pesas?" o "¿Cómo me deshago de la flacidez o la grasa del brazo?" o "¿Cómo defino mis brazos sin volverme voluminoso por demasiado músculo?". Bueno, esta clase de tonificación de brazos de 5 minutos te ayudará a obtener brazos de supermodelo sexy sin siquiera levantarte del sofá.

Usando su propia fuerza, tonificará los músculos pequeños de los hombros y los brazos y comenzará a acercarse a perder esa flacidez del brazo y a tensarse en general. Brazos sexy en 5 min. ¿Puedes creerlo? Y no hay que preocuparse por perder su aspecto femenino, porque no estamos desarrollando músculo, solo apoyándonos y fortaleciéndonos.

Haga esto todos los días y confíe en mí, comenzará a ver cómo está obteniendo esa definición de brazo que siempre ha deseado. Pero asegúrese de combinar todo su ejercicio con la dieta limpia adecuada. ¡Tus resultados se triplicarán si comes bien y trabajas duro!

¡Compártelo si te gusta!
¡Déjame saber tus pensamientos y envíame tus resultados!
Tus brazos se sentirán como espagueti después de este video de ejercicios, ¡así que prueba mi video Sunset Yoga después!


Disparo en la Villa Xanadu en Cap Estate, Santa Lucía.
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Shot In Beautiful Santa Lucía

Canción: Parametaphoriquement ft. Morusque
Artista: GMZ

Producción de video: Mark Spicoluk.

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Boho Beautiful

Breathe through the burn!! 😉 Thank you for all the amazing support and love. You are the reason for everything we create here. Love you guys and thank you so much for your support!! <3
Stay connected with us and check out our DVD program http://www.bohobeautiful.life.

Love and Light*

Juliana and Mark

Red Velvet


Tina Roach

This video was absolutely great for my arthritis thanks so much for taking the time out to help me I struggled a little 😒but I made it all the way through😌💞😘

Mujtaba abdulhaye

What is written in your left head?

Elizabeth Brown

God bless you 🙏🎵

Mary Theodorou

You are so incredibly thin, you need to put some weight on or build more muscle.

My Life in Planners

Love this – I’ve started doing this three days a week – MWF



Yama Samba

This is the best arm workout I can feel the burn. Thanks for the video


My arms are a little bit complicated, they have muscles, cellulite / fat. So I’m doing this twice a day, and massage. I’ll first try for a week, then I’ll come back ^^


Love the Sky behind U as well as your demonstration …Sincere greeting from Taiwan ~🍀🌷😉😉😉

she finally

Does she not know counting or is she doing it in purpose to make us do more?

Sophia Otto

omg im doing it for four days and I already see a difference❤️

Paloma Villa

Did this with 2lbs weight in each arm ,did this twice it definitely works


Been doing it for 2 months and I can see fantastic results my arms have become slimmer and tightened up considerably, TY!

Albina Istomin MD

I just can't thank you enough. It is quick and easy ( if you breathe properly). My arms are not sexy yet, but to be honest I don't do it everyday. But the best part it helps tremendously with pain in my upper right arm. Helps to stretch so my arm nerve not that squeezed between muscles. Blessings

Anna-Maria Vornicu

Your butt its not proportional with your breast ! Grow that up a lil bit

Sofija Samar

Am i the only one who isn’t feeling anything? Am i doing them wrong? I am usually dead after a holly dolke arm workout but i don’t feel a thing with this. Am i the problem? 💀

Dear Mam,
All this while I had been a homemaker caring for my kid and family 24/7 until I came up on your videos. I just started doing your exercises and they are definitely helping me tone up my arms…I have become more conscious about how I look and being in good health too.. thank you so much for the inspirational video. love from India.. !

Shirley Honding

Me encantato gracias desde Costa Rica

Panatda Shanads

Thank u beautiful

Fabiana Fabiagna

per me se vuoi tonificare occorrono i pesi… non credo proprio che con questi esercizi liberi si ottengano dei risultati effettivi

narancha aon


Sofia Templos

i did it with weights. i now know real pain.


Hii you're good…may I know what diet one should do to avoid all these fats to accumulate to parts where we dp t want to..please guide

Good Morning

This workout is amazing and it's over befor you know it.

Good Morning

For some reason this caused my right arm to die but my left arm has become invincible. 😆

Shiro Blake

Does this build strength?

Jaaa Luna

My arms dont feel burn, they just cramp 😆

Melissa Florencé

Perking up the ladies


Every morning for two weeks I’ve been doing this workout and I’m shocked about how toned my shoulders were. I didn’t loose any fat, but my shoulders were gorgeous. Thanks you!!!

Tamika Belton -Wahl

I try to do this every night before going to bed.